A Picture Story (kind of...)

11 September 2013

  Amber tossed her long brown hair back. She walked calmly out to the window and gazed out. The fresh morning sun shot long streaks across the grass. It was so much more nice out here in the country, Amber decided. Her family had been sick of the rat race in the city and decided to try to make a living in the country. Amber appreciated the decision. It had always been her dream to live out in the country anyways.

 But today was different. Everybody was out doing something. Mom was at the neighbors helping them bake. Dad was at work. Her older brother Ryder was at soccer practice. And her younger brother Liam and her younger sister Carmelita were working in their gardens. What could she do? They were new here, she hardly knew a single person. Nobody would care about her.

 Just then she thought she heard a car drive in the lane. She peered out as far as she could out the window. Then the car stopped. Amber gasped, was somebody actually coming to see her? Yes! Somebody was! She gaped as she quickly adjust her blouse and made sure her hair was right. The she walked to the door and opened it. A blonde girl of about 17 stood there, smiling the most beautiful smile Amber had ever seen. She had sparkling blue eyes that made Amber smile.
"Hi! My name's Kasey Jean, and I'm the preacher's kid. I thought I'd come over and say hi! You're new here, right?"
"Uh...oh, hi! Yeah, I am. We actually moved from the city. We were kind of sick of the city." Amber managed to say.
"Oh cool! Oh, and I didn't catch your name."
"Amber....Amber Kay."
"That's a lovely name...Amber." Kasey mused. "So what do you like to do?"
"Well, I don't know. What's there to do around here?"
"Lot's of stuff! Can I take you for a drive?"
"Uh, sure! Mom's not going to be back before 3 anyways." Amber grabbed her purse and walked to
the car with Kasey. She felt so good. Somebody actually cares! She thought. 


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