God gives Hope

08 September 2013

 That one sentence. God gives hope. It can mean so much. When you are in utter despair, God will give you a reason to fight. A hope to hold on to when everything around you is a angry swirling ocean. God is always there, and when you break down, nothing to hold onto, no one to spill your heart out too, nothing to cling to, God will be there. He'll be there helping you along the way, and in those moments you feel discouraged, He'll give you hope.

 Today in the world there are so many young people, especially teens, who have no idea of God. To them, Jesus is just a slang word and hell is one big party. Those people try to fill the empty spot in their lives with something. But does it fill the spot? No. They have no hope for life.We need to reach out to them, to show them there is someone they can confide to. That God will give them hi\ope, if they'll just let Him work in their lives.

How are we responding to this urgent need in the world? Are we taking it for granted that we have a purpose in life and a Comforter when we are sad?

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