City Girl

06 September 2013

Last time....

Just at that moment, the same fearful neigh I had heard before leaped in the air.

Jake gasped, “Joker!”

“My horse!”
We broke off at a run 

I ran to where the sound came from. We went behind the barn and to my amazement, and I’m sure Jake’s as well, there was Joker. Or the horse I expected to be Joker. It was a beautiful
strawberry roan.  I glanced fearfully at him. I never really had been the one to love horses. 
“So, is this Joker, Jake?” I asked Jake.
“Yeah...” He said in a barely audible voice. He straightened up and went over to the horse.  Deftly gliding his hand over the horse’s withers, he said in a louder tone.  “Nothing physical, and that’s what puzzles me.”
“Well, wouldn’t they want to do something to him?”
“What do you mean, ‘do something?’ I thought you said he ran away.” I asked him.
“He did. But look, he’s tied up. A horse that runs away doesn’t tie itself up. Plus if the people who you say kidnapped your friend Martha, maybe they saw Joker and...”
“...Tied him up so they could take him later but then forgot!” I finished for him.
“Or they left when you came! They were still here when you came, but then left when you were sitting on the hay bales.” Jake explained excitedly.
I grinned at him, but my excitement soon faded. “What are we going to do?” I asked. “Joker’s found, but Martha isn’t. Will you still help me find her?”
“Of course.” Jake answered. “OK, let’s start by seeing if we can find tracks from the pickup.”
 Jake swiftly untied his horse and led her to where he had seen them leave. The ground was hard because the sun had been shining nonstop for the past few days.  I inspected the ground carefully. No signs of any vehicle passed my eyes. I decided to ask Jake what he thought. I looked up to ask him, but changed my mind instantly. He had a faraway look in his eyes as he gazed off into the distance. I wondered what could be bothering him, but decided not to say anything.
 For the first time since we met, I got a good look at his features.  He had deep reddish-blonde hair that fell across his face, and bright hazel eyes that suited him perfectly. His skin was tanned, like he had done hard work in the sun for a while. I wondered more about his background but decided there would be more pleasant time across the adventure we were about to have to ask him. Finally I thought I had given a lot of time to think so I snapped my fingers in front of his face.
“Heloo? Jake?”
He glanced at me suddenly, and said in a strange voice, “It’s you."
I stared at him. "What do you mean?"
"Uh.." He turned beet red. I almost burst out laughing he looked so funny. "You just reminded me of someone." He finally said.
We went back to work, but I still couldn't shake the thought,I reminded him of someone? But who?


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