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31 October 2013

Mia lifted her long hair up and then with a sudden sigh let go of it. She relaxed and leaned back in her chair. She was in the library- her dreamland. Usually on weekends she spent hours and hours at the library, doing homework, listening to music, and reading. Reading, reading, reading. That was her world. People called her a bookworm and the name definitely fit. She wouldn't go anywhere in the world without a book practically. Her library- or as she liked to call it hers- was not really popular among the other teenagers of her age. Up till now, no one had really taken an interest in the library. Mia had never known what it would be like to be extremely jealous, but now, in a very unexpected way, she would find out. But how would she deal with it?

 Nearly three weeks before, she had been standing in one of the corridors of her school, chatting with her friend Emily. They had been in a serious debate when the loudspeakers went off above them. Something along the this line was heard : We have a new 'student' with us for this month. Please assemble in the gym. Five minutes please. Hurry. Emily had broke into a run, with Mia at her heels. Who could this 'student' be?
 The school assembled quickly yet efficiently and were done in no less than three minutes. The principal, Mr. Greene, had come up to the podium, followed by a fair-skinned, Chinese girl. Her eyes were narrowed, yet there was a friendly twinkle in them. Her black hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she was wearing a floral T-shirt and jeans. Mr. Greene cleared his throat and announced that this girl, Hǎi Róng, was a foreign exchange student who would be around the school for the next month. Mia felt excitement. Maybe she could be a friend to Hǎi Róng. Perhaps Hǎi Róng had interests as her as well! It would be great fun to show her the library. Mia couldn't wait to talk to Hǎi Róng, maybe she could have a new Chinese friend!

 But now, she felt jealous of Hǎi Róng. In fact, she felt bitter toward her. Emily had told Hǎi Róng about the library. When Mia had gone to tell her about it, Hǎi Róng had looked at her incredulously, then walked off, laughing. From that instant on, Mia had felt strangely bitter toward her. Mia had felt shocked at herself a little, she was supposed to be a Christian. Here she was, not being a good example at all! She felt confused and wasn't sure what the right thing was to do. After a week of struggling, she finally came to Hǎi Róng and told her the blunt truth. I'm sure it may have seemed something like this:
"Hey! Hey! Wait! Hǎi Róng!"
Hǎi Róng turned around sharply. "Yes?"
"Umm," Mia fumbled. "I-I"
Hǎi Róng looked at her. "Yes?"
"I-I" Mia blurted out the truth, "I am jealous of you."
Hǎi Róng looked as if Mia had slapped her. "What?"
Mia looked down. "Yes. I wanted to show you the library. See, I like to read and spend most of my time there. I thought if you liked to read, I would be the one to show the library to you." 
Her long string of English seemed to puzzle Hǎi Róng. "You?" She pointed at Mia, "like to read?"
Mia was glad she caught on, although she wasn't sure if Hǎi Róng could understand that she had been wanting to show her the library. "Yes!" She said enthusiastically.
Hǎi Róng smiled at her. "Good! We go to the book place together?"
Mia smiled at her broken English. "Yes! We go!"
The two girls, hand in hand, walked to the library, with a whole new friendship ahead of them.


  1. Anonymous11/03/2013

    finish it! make it longer! add chapters!
    - Anonymous A.

    1. Nah, it's just a short story :)


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