Push Your Fear Aside

02 November 2013

 I walk to the house, chewing my fingernails anxiously. I am worried. About what? Everything. School, the volleyball team, friends, moving, the social studies project, and everything else in my life. I hold my head up and hear a whinny just then. I change direction and walk to the barn. Then....


 Galloping against the wind. The air stings as it whizzes past me at lightening speed. I bounce along the horse's back. Bareback. I nudge her to go faster. My eyes close, tired of fighting against the wind. Relaxed. Calm. Excited. Silence. All these feelings surge through me at once. This is my life. I give way to a slight smile as I think, "You know what? I'm going to lay my cares at His feet. God will take care of them." We zoom across His land, faster than ever before. 


God's holding your life in His hands. Let Him take your fear away. Be fearless.



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