DIY: Candle Centerpiece!

13 February 2014

Hey everyone! today I have a super quick, fun, and easy tutorial for you to make a pretty centerpiece for your table, dresser, or anything you would place it on!This can be customized for Valentines Day, if you want to. This is probably the easiest, cutest DIY I've ever seen for a centerpiece (well, uh, uh, I actually didn't even know centerpiece was a word until I found this DIY. So, um....) But I hope you enjoy and be sure to comment down below if you're going to make this! 

 OK, maybe it doesn't snow where you live. But if it doesn't, I would gladly give you the snow we're getting here. Snow. Snow. Snow. Ice. Ice Ice. Sleet. Sleet. I'm getting soooooo sick of this stuff.   So boring. boring. maybe I'll change my mind this summer. lol (this was random. I just realized that.) #weird #letsgetstartedwiththediy

Scissors (to cut the ribbon)
A tea candle
Candy, cinnamon sticks, or some other filler
A small jar

 I'm using Sour Patches

 Step 1: Open your jar

Step 2: Fill it.

Step 3: Place your candle in the middle.

 Step 4: Wrap and tie a bow with the ribbon around your jar.
 And you're done!

Are you going to try this?

Psalm 18:28
  You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.


  1. This is so cute! Autumn, do you still do blog designs? If so, could I email you with a design idea I would like for my newest blog? I would send you a few pics for the header, give you a color theme... If you don't do them anymore, that's fine, I just need a cute design and you are great at them!

    1. Thanks! Yes, the page wasn't working, but I still do them! So glad you asked. I'll e-mail you and we can get started!! *happydance*


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