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18 February 2014

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 Roxy drew a deep breath as she gazed around at the buildings towering over her. She tried to keep her heart from pounding, but it was pounding so hard she was afraid any passerby could hear it. Why? She cried. Roxy patted her hair once more to make sure it was right. Her heels kept timing to the rhythm of her heart and she was sure she looked like a pigeon in a pen of chickens. Why was she so scared of going into the city? It was a weird phobia, but it was truth. Roxy had a dreadful fear of cities. She dreaded the city and everything about it. Whenever she had to run an errand or go into the city, she always would nearly throw a fit (although she was nearly 20). The city smells were horrifying, and the bustle of people, honking of horns, and people shouting was enough to make Roxy run home.

 It had been realized when she was fifteen. Her father had promised to take her to a science center in the city, and Roxy, a lover of all things scientific, had been so excited. Her birthday had rolled around, and her father was taking her in the car. Roxy had her face pressed to the window, watching everything with her eyes open wide. The she had saw something sickening. She had no idea what it had been or what it was, but all she remembered was that it was horrifying. She had turned her head away and pleaded with her father to take her home.
"Please, Dad. Please."
 Her father had firmly refused and had taken her straight away to the science center. Roxy couldn't get the image out of her mind and had no way of enjoying herself. Eating at the cafe had only eased some of the phobia. Since then she had always been very scared of cities and any reference to them.

 Today she had to meet with her boss in the heart of New York City, New York. Roxy was frightened beyond words. When she had presently arrived at the large, grey building which was threatening to overpower her, she heard a cheerful voice say to her, "Hello! Are you Roxy Dunn?"
  Roxy turned around and felt her fear ease away. A kind, plump man in his late fifties stood there, clutching a small duffel bag. His twinkling, blue eyes sparkled at her. "Yes. I am she. Are you by any chance- Mr. Howell?"
 "Yes, I see I've found my new client?"
 "Huh?" Roxy was intrigued. All she knew was that she was meeting with her boss to confirm that she was allowed to take the job that would allow her to work in the country.
 "I suppose my new secretary has been too busy she forgot to tell you."
 "Tell me what?"
  "Um," Mr. Howell's face blanched.
 Roxy sighed. "It's about my job right? I have to work in the city, right?"
  "Sadly, yes. I know about your fear of the city. Perhaps," He stuttered for the right words. "You'll want to-to- quit?"
 Roxy felt her world collapse at her feet. No job. What would she do? But on the other hand, her heart was urging her to quit. Roxy knew there was no way she would be able to work in the city. On an impulse, she grabbed Mr. Howell's hand, vigorously shook it, and said:
"I quit."

 Dear Diary,

 This is what happened to me a long time ago. I didn't have a diary, but if I had one, it would have been down that night. The reason I'm doing it today is, well, because, this took place one year ago on this day. And I'll never get over it....

    Run. Run. Run.

 Those were the only words that ran through my head that night. My mind was like a blank wall. There was nothing I could do from shrieking and running. I was like a mad person. I remember grabbing my jacket and racing out the door. I was gone for over a month. But wait, let me start from the beginning.

 Ring! The telephone in the hall rang as I sat in my room, parked in front of my laptop, chatting with my friends from school.
"Mom? You gonna get that?" I yelled, my eyes focused only on the screen.
 "Yeah." She replied and I heard her running to the hall. Probably doing wash, I told myself. Advertisements flickered across the screen.
 Then I heard the front door open and bang shut. This got my attention. Dad didn't usually get home till around 5:00 P.M. I quickly said I had to go to my friends and ran out the door.
 We had a spiral staircase from the downstairs to the upstairs. I'm so thankful we had that, otherwise, I might not be here. I was running downstairs, when I heard my mum shriek. My blood ran cold. My heart hammered violently. Finally after what seemed like a eternity, I got the courage to peek around the corner of the staircase, and what I saw changed my life forever.

 Up until this point, I'll say I had a good life. Fifteen years of age, great parents, friends, [not] socially awkward, and yes, I did say I wasn't. I don't know, but that day turned my life upside down. 
 There were people in our living room, or to be exact, our hallway. My mom, she was-was-was lying in a pool of blood.

 These people now weren't ordinary, and I knew what had happened to my mom. These men were fully dressed in black. And that's when my hours-of-reading-mystery-books-instincts kicked in. I ran back upstairs, my eyes misting over. But even till this day, I still say that I wasn't scared. I think I was in a shock. My mom was dead. My dad would be their next target, or me. I quickly went to my room and grabbed my emergency backpack that my mom had made me pack  when I was three. The very day she had known that her husband-my dad- was an agent for the government. A detective-kind.

 I grabbed a jacket and inhaled. This would be my moment. I ran down the stairs and breathed a prayer. And then I ran for all I was worth. Past the men, past the door and sailing down the street. I could hear voices behind me and knew the men were chasing me. I thought fast. Those men could surely overtake me. I had to hide. I looked around frantically as I ran. And then I remember a hideout that me and my friend Brianna had made. It was nearby and I knew it would be perfect. I ran to it and collapsed within it's safety. A smile crept to my forlorn face as they ran past me. And then I took off in the opposite direction.

And ran. And ran. And ran.

Oooh, those were weird. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed these stories :)


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