Last day of 30 Day Writing Challenge!!!! // Night Routine

30 June 2014

YAYYY!! I'm finally going to be done with this challenge!

30. Daily Routine

OK, I honestly don't know what it means by "daily" routine so I'm just going to do a "night" routine. So usually when I come home after a long day, I go and jump in the shower. After that, I usually go find a snack to eat and then sit down at the computer to blog or check my dashboard or something. Then, if I haven't practiced my violin yet, I'll probably do that. If I have, then I'll probably go outside and play practice volleyball for a while. After that, I'm probably hungry again, so I'll go make dinner/supper, which varies a lot. After that, I'll probably go back to my computer and just write or surf the net. Then I usually go to bed. (Well, then my mind is racing so I remember all things I should do so I go and do them ;)  

So that's practically my summer night routine, but it changes a lot. That's just a basic night routine, so every night is not usually like that. But I hope you enjoyed this post! Also, I'm really excited for July because I think it'll be a lot of fun to post different  things, so if any of you have any post ideas, leave them in a comment down below! Also, I'm planning on making like a fourth of July DIY treats video on my YouTube channel, so I'll probably post that video on here too :) 

Anyways, have a great day <3
God Bless,


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