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07 July 2014

||before i forget, hope all my american readers had a great fourth of july!||

 Last time.....

 Bingo! In the far corner a young woman sat with her phone pressed to her ear. I wondered how I would get close enough to eavesdrop without making myself seen.  Then an idea came to me. If I would purchase a small snack and walk to one of the side booths at the back of the room, and if I could get one close to her perhaps I could hear her, yet she wouldn’t see me because my back would be turned to her. Maybe, just maybe... I mused silently. 

Then, finally I worked up my courage and strode confidently over to the clerk.

 “Excuse me, ma’am?” I asked.

 “Oh, hey. What’cha want?” 

  “Um,” Taken aback by her brisk and nonchalant attitude, I was at a loss for words for a second.  “Have anything that’s really easy to eat?” 

 She looked at me as if I were crazy, and then muttered, “What is this world coming to?” She turned around to go.

 “No, please,” I frantically scanned the menu at the top of the counter. When I get nervous, it seems as if nothing makes sense anymore. “Umm, well, do you have cookies?” I managed to sputter out. 

 “Uh-huh, we have chocolate chip or raisin. Which one do you want?”
 “I’ll take raisin.” I answered.

 “OK,” She rung up the total amount and I thanked her before slinking away to the back of the store.  A small cushioned booth seemed to be calling out my name. It was the perfect location for me to sit at, but just then two boys grabbed the seat. 

 “Sorry, seat taken!” They sneered.                                             

 I huffed loudly and looked around, hoping for another good seat. My eyes quickly found one in front of her. Well, it wouldn’t be as good, but it would work. I set my cookies on the table and began chewing on one. As I bit into it, I was surprised to say the least. The cookie was delicious, but I mentally reproved myself, a     cookie was the least of my worries. Or at least it should be.                                     

 “Yeah, can you cut the chit-chat? Where do you want to meet?”  The Asian woman’s voice jerked me back to reality quickly. Leaning back as far as she could against the plush bench, I strained to listen to the woman. I really want to know what her name is at least, I thought. 

 “OK, I’ll be there at 1’ o clock sharp. You had better be there, or this may be another waste of my time. Uh-huh, yeah... wait what?”                                                                          
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (via pinterest. The restaurant)

 Startled at the surprise in her voice, I gave a quick start. 

 “Wait, that description sounds awfully familiar. You saw she was wearing a floral snapback? And distressed skinny jeans? Did she look poor? Kind of looked like a hippie? Yeah, she was with a guy and they were talking to the police about them.” 

 I almost spewed my cookie all over the bench. She was talking about us. I had to get out of here and warn Jake so we could track the woman. We were probably in danger. And who was them? My heart was beating so fast I thought everyone in the restaurant could hear it. 

  Just as I got up to leave I turned around to throw one last glance at the woman, but to my utter shock she had risen up too and we were face to face. We both gasped simultaneously.  I gulped. Note to Self: Never, ever, look back. 

So how did you guys like this? Leave me your thoughts in the comments for a possible shoutout in one of the chapters :) Anyways, I was thinking, and if any of you guys would like to guest post, just comment and we can talk about it. I guess that's about it. All right, ciao for now :) 
Yeah, for some reason I feel weird =)  

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  1. Wow that was pretty cool! You are good at writing!

  2. Like it! It's very interesting and high tension. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great story line. I don't find anything wrong with it! Your imagery is awesome! It wold be nice to post on your blog!

    1. Wow! Thank you! Okay, you can write a post on whatever you would like (G-rated) and e-mail to: :)


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