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29 July 2014

Hey everyone :) You know a couple posts ago when I said I was canning with my friends a lot recently? Yeah, well, earlier this week I took some pictures of some of the things we canned. So today I'm going to post those pictures plus a whole bunch of others I took. So I guess this post just sums up a few days this week, enjoy!

 Zucchini relish + Baked black beans

 Broth, pizza sauce, zucchini relish.

 I touched on the borsch this post. Borsch + beans and broth


 7 Day Sweet Pickles

Later that day I made brine for the banana pickles.. ^^^ that is the brine...

 ^^^ these are the pickles. Hehe, do any of you guys like pickles? Do any of you hate them? I HATE PICKLES. PERIOD. Yes, I do hate them with a passion. And my friend's brother loves pickles. He gobbled down like half a jar. Me: *gulp* Him: What? We had a friendly disagreement on pickles. Yes, friendly... not?

And this is my garden! Here are some of the tomatoes.

 I've wanted to show you guys pictures of my garden for a LONG time so today I decided to post a few pictures I took of it. More tomatoes. I keep them in cages if you didn't see. 

 Basil and some for other plant with petunias in the background.

Would you call these petunias pink or purple? They're kind of a mix if you ask me...

 These aren't mine, but aren't they drop-down gorgeous? I mean, I'm not a big flower fan, so if these are pretty, they must be pretty :)  Jussttt kidding!

 Not my flowers either, but they're cute, right?
*shrugs in indifference*


Later that evening, I made some cheeseburger potato soup and my mom made this blueberry cobbler.



 The next day before I left, I took a picture of the sunrise. I loove taking nature pictures!

 Later that day, I felt kind of discouraged, so I made the picture/quote thingy. It was pretty easy to draw, and I think it got pretty well. What do you think?

 Be who you are not who others make you out to be.

And to wrap this post up, some pictures of some flowers I took.

I hope you guys liked this post! Talk to you next time and God bless :)
♥ Autumn 


  1. That food looks so good! And the pic you made is awesome! I love all of 'em!

    1. It is! Thank you! Aww... I'm so glad <3

  2. I love your pictures! You're great at photography :)

  3. The blueberry cobbler looks scrumptious! Also admire your work in canning the vegetables; they will be super good this winter! Loved the poppies!

    1. It was! I sure hope so, all the time and effort better pay off :) Me too!

  4. Your pictures are beautiful! I especially love the sunset one and the last poster pic. :)

    1. Thanks! Me too, they were some of my faves :)

  5. Anonymous7/30/2014

    I'd say they look like purple petunias. Though you're right that they're a little pinky purpley :P
    Nice pictures, the one you drew is a good reminder!

    1. Yeah, OK, they're purple... I was a bit confused on that :) Thank you! Yeah, it inspires me a lot. Like when something discouraging happens or I'm trying to be someone I'm not, I say this quote over and over again silently, it really helps <3

  6. That's a lot of preserved and pickled jars, I'm very impressed!! and then I love your little garden, it just makes me happy.

    1. That's so sweet! Thank you! Aww, me too. I love just sitting there and staring into space <3


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