August || the good + the bad

02 August 2014


//the good//

☺You actually do something with your summer because you're going back to school.
☺ The weather
☺ Back-to-school shopping
☺ Water battles 
☺ Thinking about the good memories in school in order to get prepped for school.
☺ The last precious days of summer

//the bad//

Sooo hot! 
Trying to find the perfect back to school things
☹ That feeling of dread you feel every time you hear August because it inevitably means going to back to the place you hate aka school.  
☹ All the awkward memories from school flood your brain and you're just like "NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO!"
☹ The last precious days of summer  

Hope you enjoyed this very unprecedented post. (Yes, I went and looked up unique in the thesaurus. No, not for you guys but me. Justtt kidding :) But anyways, what does August remind you of? You excited for school? 

If you're a homeschoooler, then, I have only two words. Not. Fair. Yeah well, that's how life is I suppose.

Also, I'm currently sitting here with a very swollen foot because a freaking bee. AAGGGHHHHH.....

God Bless <3


  1. I guess I'm under the No. Fair. column. I know, I'm so blessed! I will pray that the LORD will open up a way for you to be homeschooled as well. <3 I know... I'm not really excited for Summer to end. :(

    1. haha, thank you :) When I was younger, I was homeschooling for two years.. It was pretty great I must say...But, oh well, I guess school is OK too....
      I know :(

  2. Did you get stung by a bee? :o

    We just got back to school in New Zealand as well, and the night before all I was thinking was 'why did I do that last term????? No one is going to ever forget!!'

  3. I got stung on the foot too before. And it wasn't pretty. I homeschool so I don't know anything about going to school. IKR! I always (not in school thought :) regret what I did in the last few months thinking 'why on earth did I do that?'.

    1. Oooh, sorry! Well, I'm happy for you that you didn't have to go to school.I always hate when that happens!


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