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26 November 2014

 Hey everyone :) So, obviously tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which is so awesome, and kind of scary.  I mean, Thanksgiving is the second to last big holiday before Christmas, and after Christmas is New Years, and we'll be in 2015. Woah - what?  Can't believe this year flew by so fast.  Seems like yesterday I was thinking about March and how amazing it would be to have all the snow melt and we would be in summer.  Unbelievable. But this is one of the most exciting times of the year too, so that's pretty cool too.  Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.  :)

  One of my friends actually raises turkeys and sells them at Thanksgiving, which is pretty awesome.  A couple days ago they started butchering the turkeys and one of her customers came in to get the turkey. It was actually pretty funny, because when they were butchering one of the turkeys it flapped its wings so hard that one of them fell off.  Well, it was hanging on by a piece of skin, so basically it was off.  So they told the customer that they could give her the turkey that flapped its wings off for a discount. She went in, took one look, and started shrieking "Oh my goodness!" Yeah, kind of funny. lol. 

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  But yeah, what do you guys usually do for Thanksgiving? I don't really do that much, it's basically a kick back and relax day, but we'll see about this year. Oh yeah, and when do you guys get vacation? I get off today, so yesssss! Anyways, today for this week's post, in honor of Thanksgiving (is that, like an actual expression? Do people say "In honor of Thanksgiving"? No? OK. *awkward silence*) I decided to do a post where I list fifty things I'm grateful for.  Basically ever since I was little, I've noticed that people like to make each other say stuff they're thankful for around Thanksgiving. Yeah, I guess it makes sense, but it's always kind of hard to think of things you're "thankful" for, so I decided to put my great brain (nope, not being "uppity" there... just finished reading the book The Great Brain.... so that's probably why my mind is kind of...well...being the way it is....) to work and make a list of things I'm happy for. Yeah, some of them are kind of cheesy and said by everyone, but it really does mean something to me, so rest assured I won't be putting something down just for name sake. So basically that's what this post is going to be about and, let's get on with it :) 

  1.  My friends. Both online and in real life. Without them, life would be pretty boring.
  2. Life. Every day is a new day from Jesus and I feel privileged to have the honor of being allowed to live. 
  3. Jesus Christ. He's my Lord and Savior, and I already said that without friends, life would be pretty boring, but without Jesus, life would be hopeless and not just boring, it would be  horrible.
  4. Blogger. Basically if I hadn't started blogging, I probably wouldn't have some of this boldness that I possess today.  When I started I was so freaking shy and I still am pretty timid, actually I'm still very people-conscious, but I'm not as shy, and part of that reason is because people online actually listened to my ramblings and gave their thoughts without criticizing unnecessarily. :D 
  5. Food. Man am I happy for this stuff. 
  6. Friendship. Kinda goes along with the whole friend thing. But I'm happy this exists. 
  7. Bible.  Without this, well, who knows where I'd be? This is where I go to every single day for encouragement. For the stuff I need to survive.  It's God's Holy Word, and this is what my life is based on. 
  8. Pinterest. I've been finding new photo sites, but Pinterest is very helpful. Very often. Pinterest has great inspirational quotes and they always cheer me up, plus, can we talk about all the other amazing pics?
  9. Internet.  Let's not even talk about this. It's an amazing blessing. 
  10. Fuzzy socks. They're super uper warm and I really like them. 
  11. Writing. God has given me the gift of writing, and I'm really happy about that. I write 'cuz I love it, and I really do love it. Writing is a way to express myself in a way that I couldn't in any other way. I love writing and I'm very thankful for it. 
  12. Music. Please. Let's not even get started. It's such a awesome blessing. It's a way to connect with God, and it's also such an encouragement. Recently I just found the playlist for the movie God's Not Dead, and it's been playing non-stop on Spotify. Really loving those songs. 
  13. Cameras. I love taking pictures (like you all would know :) and cameras are so freaking amazing. Whoever invented them I would like to know. They must have been some kind of genius. 
  14. Christmas. It's coming up and whenever it's the holiday season, I get all excited. Can't wait for it!
  15. For time. And in this case, I need to hurry up because I'm only at #15 and I have 45 reasons left to go. 
  16. Family. Love my family so much <3
  17. For pretty fonts. If I'm designing a header or something, these are really amazing. 
  18. Volleyball. I love love this sport so much. It's my sport and even though I'm not professional at it or anything, it's still pretty amazing. 
  19. Computers. They're a really amazing invention, I gotta say.
  20. The mall. I'm gonna face it, I really do like the mall. It's such a nice  place to be, plus if you're smart, you can have a really good time without spending too much money. (*snorts* Right........please note sarcasm)
  21. Violins. I play violin, so I'm glad they made it.
  22. Sunshine. It makes me happy. 
  23. Snow. I like talking about weather apparently..... But I do love freshly fallen snow, it's so awesome :) Probably one of the best aspects of winter.
  24. YouTube. I think we all spend too much time on this website. Huh? Yeah..... But it's a very nice website in all honesty.... (ranking next to Blogger of course:) 
  25. Happiness. Mainly right now because I'm halfway done with this oh-so-FREAKING-long list. But being happy is such a wonderful feeling. Btw, I did a post on it too, if you want to check it out?? :) here  
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26. GIF's. Those little pictures with moving objects in them? You know what I mean? They are literally so hilarious.
27. Weekends. I'm all for the weekend, guys. Mondays are bleh.
28. Summer. Summer is literally the best season. Hands down.
29. Chocolate. Mmm, the delightful sensation of it sliding down your throat. Love it<3
30. The human brain. It's so complicated and awe-striking. It's only the Lord  Jesus Christ who could've ever made something like it. 
31. Sleep. Such a wonderful, beautiful thing that we all adore.
32. Inspiration. I don't know what category this would fall under, but it's such a wonderful feeling when you get a sudden flicker of inspiration that grows and grows till you have a wonderful idea. (basically talking about all of my post ideas here)
33. Nutella. Now I know not everyone can eat this stuff, but it's really sugary and sweet, and even though I know it's not  healthy for me, sometimes I find myself eating it. *guilty face*
34. Pens. I've always loved glittery pens. They're so pretty. And they actually make my handwriting look decent. 
35. Fall. It's the second best season of the year for so many reasons which I'm not going to go into now. 
36. Thanksgiving. It gives one a break from school, which I am all for. Always. 
37. Black Friday. Love this day so much. I don't know, I've always been a night owl and an early bird, so I literally stay awake till 11:59 P.M. and get up 15 minutes later at 12:15 on Black Friday.
38. Good humor. Such a sweet thing when one has it. 
39. Headphones. They make everything sound so much more better and I always feel really secretive wearing them.
40. Subs. Like you know Sub-Way and those little sandwich thingys we call subs? Yeah, they're amazing. Even after you stay awake for five hours making them. Yup. I seriously did guys.
41. Restaurants. I just love going out to eat.
42. Fairy lights. They're super trendy and they're really cute. And I've never owned any of my own.
43. Water. Swimming pools, showers, and the list goes on and on. Plus, water battles. They're one of a kind.
44. Balloons. They make me feel really happy. 
45. Pillows. They're perfect for pillow fights. And that's really random.
46. Life hacks. Like who knew sticking a straw through a strawberry took the little green thingy out! But really, they're pretty amazing. 
47. Shelter. I'm very grateful for this. If I have a roof over my head, I'm so blessed. 
48. . Brownies. Kinda goes along with chocolate, but they're super yummy :)
49. Good conversation. Staying up late with friends and having awesome conversations and being goofy is so awesome. Even otherwise, just talking and being with your besties is so special. 
50. Being thankful. I'm thankful for the ability to be thankful.  


I DID IT!!! Can someone just hand me a container of chewy chocolate chip cookies and pat me on the back?  So there you have it folks - 50 things I'm truly thankful for. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 
Thanks for reading and God bless ♥ 



  1. I love your list! But...I'm sorry, I cannot agree with you on #27. I LOVE Monday's! :D I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow, Autumn. :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'm glad you do though.. I guess they aren't always horrible.. :) Same here, have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving, Julia :D

    2. One thing I like about Monday's is, it is a new week! We have all week to do better with the time that God has given us than we did last week. :) Thanks, Autumn! Are you doing a lot of baking for Thanksgiving?

    3. That's true. That's one of the highlights of Mondays. Every week I hope that I will be able to accomplish more and show more people the love of Christ :) welcome :) Erm, not really.... See, I might make a batch of brownies or something... but usually I do my holiday baking around Christmastime.... How about you? Oh, and btw, what's your favorite kind of cookie? :D

    4. Ah! I like baking during both holidays. :) I tend to make the desserts, mashed potatoes, and breads. But, this time I basically just did the desserts. I made the crusts for the pumpkin pies, a lemon meringue pie, a twist on an apple pie, and jello. I helped out during the actual meal, but everyone had picked what they wanted to make, so I really had nothing else to do. :) So, I ate. ;) Hm...I'm not big on cookies, but I do like a good heath or chocolate chip cookie. We usually don't make cookies around the holidays other than sugar cookies. I'll probably be making those in the near future. :) What kind of cookie/desserts do you like? Haha...sorry for the winded comment. ;) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    5. Wow! You certainly do a lot :) Sounds like a bunch of fun though.... I'm sure you're Thanksgiving meal was delicious! Yes, chocolate chip cookies are definitely my favorite. I also like those peanut butter blossom cookies, they're really good. Basically anything with chocolate ;) I did! Hope you did too :)

  2. Yay! *goes and makes 5 batches of cookies, throws them in the air, and hugs you* I love your list, it makes you think how lucky we are. Have a very very very nice Thanksgiving and have a good break (today was a half day for us, and we go back on Tuesday!)!!
    ~Claire <3

    1. *catches cookies [as best as i can], shares them with you, gobbles them down, and hugs you back* :) It is truly amazing how many things we use in everyday life that if you think about it, is pretty amazing. I hope you have an amazing amazing amazing Thanksgiving and have an awesome break too :D Same here! Well, except that today we had planned to have a half day but they canceled it 'cuz of the snow. So that was pretty amazing :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! In Canada we celebrated last month, so it's always a bit of a "huh?" moment when I see the American posts go up. Haha! :) Eat lots of turkey!

    1. XD. yeah, I can imagine that :) Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you :) I'll try!! :P

  4. Glittery pens!! Yes!!
    We don't do Thanksgiving in NZ :)

    1. Yess! they're so fun to scribble around with, and they make my handwriting look half-decent... (which, let me tell you, is a wonder :)
      Oh, OK, well, I still hope you have a wonderful day :D

    2. I tagged you :)

  5. There really are so many things to be grateful for. I love your list, which goes from the funny quirky little things to the deeper more meaningful ones, which are all meaningful in the end anyway. Here in Australia we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But have a happy one over there!

    The Life of Little Me

    1. That's so true. Every day we go through life with so many things we can be grateful for. :) Aww, thank you so much :D Well, I still hope you have a super happy day over there too :)

  6. What a fabulous list, Autumn. Wow we really have so much to be thankful for! (I can especially empathize with #33...) ;) ;) Happy Thanksgiving girly!!! God is so good to give so many blessings.

    1. Thank you so much, Chloe :) So true... lol :) Yes, Nutella is quite good. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! He is certainly very wonderful :D

  7. Hi Autumn... I accidentally deleted your comment.. I was trying to publish them, but I moved my mouse a little too close to the delete button. Haha...so embarrassing. So, if you could comment it back again? I luckily had gotten an email notification of your email, so I still have it! :D Sorry...

    Happy Thanksgiving too ♥ Well, usually we just sit back and relax (whilst I scribble [well, literally I type but scribble sounds more poetic] away trying to get somewhere on my latest novel. But today we went and visited some church friends and had one yummy Thanksgiving meal and lots of fun. What do you do for Thanksgiving? :D

    1. Lol, that's completely fine. (Is it OK if I smiled?) I'll re-comment it!

    2. Oh yeah, totally! I knew you would smile the second after I published the comment. ;)

    3. lol. OK, now I'm laughing :)

    4. Hahaa, well perfect! A good smile is always followed by a laugh. :)

  8. Chocolate chip cookies go to Autumn! Those are all great reasons to be thankful. It's really amazing how alike we actually are. I play the violin, volleyball, love photography, and I love food! And many more long lists of things that I can relate to. :) I mean, who doesn't love food?? I wonder if God has a perfect place in heaven for those who just love food so much they could live and breathe food in their own little area? I bet he does. :)

    1. Yess :) Chocolate chip cookies = perfection in a cookie format ;P
      That's so awesome :)
      yeah, I'm pretty sure a LOT of people love food :)
      LOL, yeah :))


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