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10 December 2014

      Well, today I'm going to switch things up a bit. Since I had no idea on what to post today, instead of a usual post where I just write on and on about what's been going on, I decided to put in a list form type of thing.  So I hope you all like this post and tell me your thoughts on it <3  what's been going on in your life lately?

Psalm 46:5

Feeling: Sick. I've been suffering from the common cold all week and it has not been fun.

Wishing: For good times with friends and making memories. For grace and strength and to grow close to God. 

Anticipating: Excited for may friend's sister's (she's also my friend if that makes sense) wedding which will be in two weeks.  I have a job there and I'm kind of freaking out. I'm extremely nervous... Which isn't too surprising for me. ugh....

Preparing: For my Christmas program.  It falls on the day right before my friend's wedding, so I have a feeling that that weekend is going to be a tad busy.  Usually on the program night I get home pretty late, and if I have to arrive early at the wedding, I might just be a little tired.  Plus we have church like right after the wedding, so..... Let's just hope I don't get sick. 

Trusting: That the Lord will set all my paths straight.  I tend to get nervous and anxious over really small things, and I am praying that God would give me clear direction and strength. 

Enjoying: Life. I'm riding along this thing I call life, and although sometimes the way is hard, the view is amazing. 

Printing:  I wrote a book a long time ago, and now that I've started to write a little more, I'm testing out the book I wrote a while ago on a few of my friends.  I want to put it in a folder so it's easier to pass around; hence I need to call someone to ask if they can print it out for me.  #printerproblems  

Regretting:  Spending too much time on Google + this morning.  I literally wasted so much time on it, but what can I say?  It's kind of what you call - addictive. ;)

Singing: Remain by Royal Tailor. I just found it like two weeks ago, and it is really catchy. I found one phrase that stood out to me especially - "And when you're walking through fire, I'll take you to streets of gold." 

Smiling: about how some of my friends and me made these doctor papers.  ^^^ Up there I was talking about that wedding? Well, her sister and me made these "doctor papers".  Basically we typed up these official looking papers and changed our names to look like we went through everything and were really important doctors.  We also gave her an illness (I can't really tell you what it was called, but we just combined her soon-to-be last name with love and "itis" and voila!). It was really funny to show it to all our friends and her family :) her brother dubbed it as "stupid"... well.... ;P

Needing:  To get more blogging done.  And to also change the designs on my blogs.  And practice the violin some more. 

Listening:  To Adventures in Odyssey.  It's a daily audio drama hosted by Focus on the Family.  It's for ages 8-12, but it has some great themes and some funny humor.  Definitely recommend it to people :)

Realizing: That 2015 is going to be here in less than a month.  That's too soon.  It's scarily soon.  But then again, I've also been realizing that I can't do this all on my own and that I need God more than ever. 

Choosing: To trust God regardless of whatever comes my way.

Playing:  My violin.  I found these two really awesome songs that sound pretty amazing :)  It's inspiring to find something that spurs me on to practice the violin more.

Remembering:  All the amazing memories I have made this past summer.  It is truly a blessing to have good friends :)

Wanting:  To be on Christmas break and head over to Barnes and Nobles, buy Starbucks, and read a good book.  And to bake lots and lots of Christmas cookies :)

Laughing: At how  I was going to help my friend do something, and we had to go outside, so she got me a coat and a beanie, and the beanie was one of those that cover your whole face except for your eyes and nose and mouth.  As we were walking out, we met up with her brother.  My friend said , " Who do you think it is?" And he guessed.  It was kind of funny - but now  that I write it has no funniness at all. :)

Thanking: God for His wonderful love and guidance.  And I also would like to thank each and every one of you all for being so sweet :)

Thank you for reading and God bless ♥ 


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment! with pleasure we can follow each other via Google friend; did it, your turn ;) Hope to keep in touch!
    Today new post, Customized cape
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

    1. You're welcome :) I have done it. Sure!

  2. Nice post!
    I tag you for The Countdown to 2015 Tag! Check it out here- Thank you. X
    - June

  3. Ohh, I'm so sorry that you have a cold! :P I got one in October..but thankfully I haven't gotten anything since. I also understand printer problems. UCK! Seriously, how can they know exactly when you NEED to use them?! ;) I too cannot wait for Christmas break, but I can't start that until I finish a course that I am taking. I will finish it in about a I'm taking all of Christmas week off. When does your break start? :)

    1. Thank you :) I have definitely gotten a little better, but I'm definitely trying to watch my health :) IKR? It's like they decided, "Oh, OK, she wants to print something? Let me just permanently damage myself so she won't be able to print anything." uck. CHRISTMAS VACATION!!! YAYY! I'm soo excited. Hopefully you'l be able to finish your course soon :) My break starts on Christmas Eve...then I have the next week off too... hopefully I'll be able to get some blogging done then! Have a good week :) (Did I ever mention how much I love reading your comments? <33)

    2. I am so glad that you are feeling better! My crazy cold lasted over two weeks. Yeah..and I got the cold the day after I went to get two teeth out. Realll nice. ;) I know! I am sooo excited for Christmas vacation. :D Since I am the only one in High school in my family right now, I basically make my own school schedule. I may just give myself until New Year off! ;) I am taking a midwifery I am enjoying it. Oh yeah, I love your blog posts!! Aww..really? The same for you! I think we may be the only people who make comments into emails..or novels.. ;) I love all your comments and blog posts as well! Have a great weekEND! :D -Julia ♥

    3. Yikes. Definitely not the best time to get a cold, I'll say. :) Same here! Really? That is soo awesome! Making my own schedule would be like a dream come true ;) Sounds like a fun course :) Thank you!! Same to you. LOL, yes. Probably we are ;P But I mean, who cares? :) You too!! ♥

    4. Hah, you are telling me! ;) But, I got over the tooth removal quickly, for which I was thankful. :) Well, maybe one day you will hate making your own schedule! You never know.. I wonder what people think of us going back and forth through comments? Are they reading them? hahaa, who knows, right?! :D Have a great Sunday!!!

    5. lol :) That's good, yeah, I've never gotten any teeth pulled, but I can imagine it would hurt pretttttyyy bad. Hehe, do you hate it? I think it would be great! (but t hen again, I shouldn't say never :) Haha, I really wonder what they would think. That would be funny if they would read it :D I'll try, and have a good one yourself <3

    6. Really? You are soo blessed! I have had 4 teeth pulled. All of which were baby teeth, but one of them grew into my jaw. realllllllllllyyyyy painful!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes, my jaw is hurting, I need to stop talking about teeth. ;) Um, I really don't hate making my own schedule, but it is quite stressful to be the "ruler" of yourself. But, I get it done. :D I know! We can be quite random can't we? ;) haha!

    7. Ouch! sounds like it would hurt. A LOT. hehe, yeah :) I suppose it would be then.... Hehe, yes, random is the word!

    8. It did..just a bit. ;) Hey, I was wondering, do you have a google+ account? See, random! :D

    9. Yes, very random indeed! Yup, I do. Here's the link ---->

  4. Great list! The end of the year is waaaaay to soon!
    God bless (:

    1. Thank you:) I agree wholeheartedly....
      God bless <3

  5. I followed you now

  6. Lovely post, dear. <3

    xx Nicole Rose

  7. I love this post <3 You have a great blog :)


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