03 October 2015

heyy guys :) today i thought i would just write up a post on things that i've been up to recently (accompanied by a gajillion random pictures) since, literally, it's the perfect weather right now.  this whole past week the sun literally hasn't broken through once, and it's just been cold, wet, rainy, and windy weather basically this whole week.  not the most fun, i mean really, like a glimpse of the sun might've been nice, but yeah well.

today was no exception, i mean, the wind's been howling all morning, i baked some chocolate chip cookies and used brown sugar to see if they would get chewy, and lazed around watching Kitchen Conundrums by Thomas Joseph.  Oh yeah, and i got a copy of The Book Thief from the library.  So, not a whole lot of interesting things, but, some post is better than no post. =)

school-wise, we have a science fair coming up eventually, and we have to start preparing for that with investigation plans and the whatnot, so that's pretty stressful.   i'm also working on a research paper about the foundation of photography, so, those are the long term assignments i have, but we still have smaller deadlines, so with those and regular school work, it's works me out.  but, in a way, that's okay i guess.  this post by olivia really inspired me; you should really read it if you haven't. ^_^ at school, in one of my classes, we have this really awesome teacher who's really into having discussions with us and stuff, and it's really great.   but a couple times, we'd talk about school, and there's this one girl who's quite emphatic about her opinions, and she's just there like, "I hate school."  That got me thinking.
I mean, think about it.  Sure, school's a real pain sometimes and more often than not, I'm sitting in class daydreaming about anything except what i should be focused on.  but in reality, school is actually a privilege that i have the honor of having.  like, dude, that's pretty amazing. education is something that other parts of the world don't have as freely as i do right now.  i should be thankful, but quite honestly, that's one of the hardest things for me to do sometimes.

another thing i've been doing recently before going to bed is listening to a sermon or two joel osteen.  his messages are like really, really positive and uplifting, and they really encourage me for the next day.  what i love about his messages is that they are inspirational, but he also talks about God and how through HIM we can have peace and joy and happiness. on our own, it's not something we can have naturally, but because of Who is on the throne, we can live life happy and positive.

ugh, it's still raining outside.  i really should just make some popcorn and watch a movie or something.   yesterday i was at school till like 8 o clock since we had a fundraiser and i had to help.  and i got sick in the process of this week.  *drops shoulders*
honestly, i'm not quite sure what this post is going to be like.  probably very jumbled and all over the place.  well, sorry in advance.

 these brownies were a batch i made when i was really craving some brownies.  i just wanted a batch of perfect, delicious brownies, yanno? every girl needs some.  so i googled "best brownie recipe", and found a recipe and made it.  they turned out OK, but really cakey.  Not my favorite, I much more prefer a fudgy and dense brownie, so these weren't my faves, but yeah well.

so yeah.  i don't know. i made pumpkin cake yesterday at my friend's house.  and then i had to go to school, so i don't know how they turned out.  hehe :) 
anyways, so i think i'm rambling.  if you even read this far, props to you ^_^ 
thanks for reading and have a great week ♥ life is beautiful, you just have to find the beauty.


  1. I love this post! :)

    Allie D.

  2. Preach, girl! School is a privilege and should be appreciated as such. Of course sometimes it's hard and painful, but at the end of the day, no matter what you may think, I think you'd be happier with than without it.
    Oooooh browwwwwwwniesss. I LOVE brownies. Yours look super good, although I agree, I do prefer the ones that are fudgier. Otherwise it's just like eating chocolate cake. I also really love ones that have chocolate chips baked into them. Mmmm.
    Also, I adore all these photos! Especially the first and last ones.

    1. yes. yes. yes. honestly, school really does stink sometimes, okay a lot, but in the end i think it'll be worth it.
      haha, brownie enthusiast right here. BROWNIES FOREVERRRR <3 yeah, they weren't too bad, i mean, i ate them. but yeah, you're right. i'd rather eat a chocolate cake than just eat a cakey brownie.
      Thank you!

  3. Wow you photos are gorgeous, especially that last one! Keep up the good work. :)

  4. Lovely pictures!

    I used to think of school as a pain too. I would barely study and rush through my work, but this year something *clicked* and now I spend hours every night doing homework to make sure it's perfect. So far it's been paying off...

    It's been raining everyday since last Saturday, Today was the first sunny day in a week. I didn't get to do photography because my camera wasn't working >.<


    I've been baking too. Recently I made vanilla cupcakes with strawberries and a strawberry reduction filling and cream cheese buttercream frosting. I also made pumpkin bread with a cream cheese filling (thank you pinterest)

    1. Thank you! long comments make my day so much ^_^
      i know right? in the end, it really really does pay off. though, i do think that school shouldn't become so important that it becomes like an idol or your life (like your life is controlled by it). school, in the right perspective, is actually something i am happy that i have.
      aww, that's too bad. hopefully you can get it up and running soon!
      MMMM....that sounds so good! cream cheese/buttercream frosting is so delicious and so amazingly simple to make. pumpkin bread sounds amazing <3

  5. Amazing pictures Autumn! I used to have a similar outlook on school, and it's still sometimes is a struggle for me to appreciate it. I do my best though :)
    That's too bad you've had such bad weather. The weather has been decent here, I just need to get used to the cold. Today was so warm though! It's currently about 80 degrees and I love it hehe.

    I know how you feel about the brownies. When brownies are too cakey, I just can't think of them as...brownies. I made these http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2014/04/30/chewy-fudgy-homemade-brownies/ , without the frosting, and they came out.....well let's just say they convinced my family that it's totally ok to have brownies for breakfast ;) You should deffinately try them next time you have a craving. I've also been doing a ton of baking myself, and last weekend I made cookies, two kinds of cookie bars, and a pie...#bakerprobs

    Love these kinds of posts tbh :)

    1. Thanks, Nat! I'm going to get on your design soon as possible :)
      That's what counts, i'm sure. doing your best is what counts, what others think doesn't count. oooh, that would be amazing to have warm temperatures here...but it's coming to fall/winter here, so...yeah.
      I know right? brownies SHOULD be fudgey and dense. i'd rather have a slab of cake if that's what i wanted. i'll check that out, thanks for the link") oh, i know alll about that ^_^ #bakerprobs

      aww, thanks!

  6. I totally get where you're coming from with school. Sometimes I complain about how much my tuition is or how much reading I have to do, but I have to stop and remind myself that going to school is a privilege and a blessing from God.

    Great post! Hope Oct. is amazing for you:)

    1. Yeah, you're right. A lot of times you probably can hear me moaning and groaning about school, and even though sometimes I feel like there's nothing right about it, in 10 years when I look back on this, I'll be grateful.
      Thanks, Sunny! (by the way, your name is like total awesomeness) Hope it goes wonderful for you too!

  7. You're killin' me with dat food doe. <3
    Wonderful post, as always!

    1. man, i am so not sorry ^_^
      thanks, jordy! <3

  8. YOU HAVE THE BOOK THIEF?!?!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay *breathe* alksdfjlsdkfjl gooo read ittttttttt. I actually wrote about it in one of my blog posts recently [ http://summerof1999.blogspot.com/2015/09/day-14-5-books-that-have-impacted-me.html ] also these pictures are perffff. i've been thinking about school a lot lately too. it's hard, but i'm so thankful to be able to learn so much. also brownies and chocolate chip cookies are everything. and you're fantastic. i love your posts.
    i love this jumbled, rambly, lovely post. it reminds me of me:)

    1. *breathes* YESSIRREE I DO AND IT'S LIKE SO CRAZY. oh yes. the book thief. ah....
      awww thanks soo much <33 yes, you're totally right. aww thank you i'm melting into a pile of butter.
      okay autumn stop it.
      haha, really? we must be a lot alike. YESSS.

  9. Good luck with school! It's driving me crazy but yeah, I'm starting to realize that it's such a privilege to be able to do it in the first place. I've started doing classes at a private school this year and it's been a blessing in a strange way even when homework is killing me. xD

    1. Haha, same to you! Oh yeah, private schools are the best, if you ask me. But yeah, it is a blessing, if you look for the blessing, but other than that, THE HOMEWORK IS LIKE UGHGGG.

  10. Great post! The photos are cool. I really like your take on school It really is a privilege that many in the world do not have and some are not allowed to have.

    1. Hey, thanks Melody! Yeah, I realized that and thought it should be addressed. When someone takes it for granted so much they spite on it, to me that's just wrong.

  11. This post really made me think. You are right, I moan EVERY morning about school, but actually think how lucky we are to have that.

    I love brownies!!!!!!!!!! #BROWNIESARELIFE Here's a good recipe http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/6023/quick-and-easy-brownies.aspx


    In short: amazing post, as ever Autumn!

    - www.whatlexieloves.blogspot.com

    1. You are on point :)
      #YESTOBROWNIES Aww, thank you so much for that recipe. I'm not kidding, I just went and checked it out. I might have to figure out the measurements in metric, but I am SOOO making that next time I want brownies. Thank you so so so much!

      thanks, lexie!


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