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25 January 2016

So around the end of November of let's see, erm, TWO years ago, I was awarded the Winter Wasteland Tag by the amazing Julia over at The Barefoot Gal.   

hold on, let me go check. yep. November 20, 2014. Wow, i'm totally not a procrastinator.  not at all.  nope. what are you looking at?


i know i've been awarded a few other tags and awards since then, that i haven't done, and literally i have this big long list of stuff that i've been awarded/tagged that i've like, never done.  (except for the liebster and sunflower awards.... i did those like 3 times.  wow, autumn.  you are something else.)  but yeah, the main reason i thought i'd just sit up and do this post, is because i had started this when she first tagged me (therefore, i DID get started.  that counts for brownie points.) and i literally never finished it.  i was getting a little headway on it last winter, then forgot again.  and now, this winter, i'm not forgetting.  rather, i'm getting to it and posting it.  how's that for a change? :D

oh yeah, not to mention, it's now officially winter!!!! yay!!! thumbs up for a huge snowstorm on saturday leaving me with no school today!!! yay!!!! wee!!! it doesn't matter that i just had to go and shovel a path so i could leave the confines of my house and even attempt to go to civilization!!! yipee!!! 

okayyyyyyyy.  1) i never use exclamation least not like that 2) i probably sound really ungrateful.  I'M NOT. i was complaining of no snow, and now i have it.  in a big dose.  fun. serious.  now i can go skiing.  dude, i love snow.  3) surprisingly, i'm sort of wishing that i did have school today.  it's okay if you're totally confused on how my brain works.  even my friends don't get how on earth to please me.  BUT the reason i did want school on monday is 'cuz i'd like to meet some human beings.  if only to stare at them.  you know?  after the weekend, i'm always like half excited and half not excited....because being around people is actually sort of nice.  4) this is completely, totally irrelevant.  sorry. 

SO I thought it would be fun to the Winter Wasteland Tag today, and include a lot of (snow) pictures with.  Basically the tag was created to help you fight winter boredom, which I personally think is in amazing idea.  So let's just hop in, shall we?

R U L E S 

So I guess there are no specific list of 'rules' for this tag.  In the official tag post Julia had said you should list 5-15 things you enjoy doing to beat winter boredom and tag 5-10 people to do this. 


1.  Bake cookies 

Umm, yes.  so, like, if you're new, hey there my online name is autumn and i have a baking addiction.  no kidding.  SO.  i love baking, and it's awesome.  therefore.  in the winter when there's a nice little blizzard going on, step inside your cozy little kitchen and bake cookies, mkay?  cookies are just like the standard, but bake anything you want.  a cake would be good too.  or brownies.  OR DONUTS. 

forgive the quality of the photo.  here's a lesson: never make donuts with those little Wilton donut pans unless you have a foolproof recipe.  my "donuts" turned out to be spherical cakes.  not fun.  also chocolate ganache is a bad idea for a glaze.  it'll never harden, and makes a awful, sticky mess when you try to eat the sphere-shaped cakes.  ^_^ that's just my take on it.

2.  Read a book

Yeah, none of you guys have ever thought of this idea before, i'm sure.  actually you all are amazing smart human beings and you've already thought of it, no duh. SO. yes. reading.  FUN. i don't exactly know what to put read a book. once you've finished reading this post. 


So, depending were you live, the climate, and weather conditions, there are a variety of things you could be doing.  if you're not sure what the weather's like, go to  it's usually about right.  (haha, last week before we were hit with the storm, in class we were discussing the topics of snow and shoveling.  my teacher was telling us about this joke about a guy who was late to work and when his boss asked him why he was late he's like, "i was just shoveling 12 inches of mostly cloudy off of my driveway."  dude...that's smart.) ANYWAYS.  back to my lecture.

if where you are living it is rather nice and mild and sunny, go outside and do something.  you could observe the pattern of how grass grows, or you could take pictures, or you could do anything your heart desires.  being outside just makes you (well, for me anyway) feel more alive and i don't know, happy.  HOWEVER, if it is cold and zero degrees, you don't have to go outside.  go and read a book. 
ACTUALLY.  if it's super cold and no snow and it's been consistently cold for the past 1.5 weeks, go SKATING.  some of my friends have a pond, and we like to go skating ("we" meaning i stand at the house and watch while they go skating... but that will change, i'm telling you.) but if you have icy cold weather, take advantage of it and go skating. it's so worth it. (you could always just go to a rink, but i prefer skating on ponds like 100 times more.  after it's checked to be safe, of course .;) 

and to finish, if you have SNOW.  um.  um. go shovel it? haha, jk.  you could go throw snowballs at your friends, OR if it's too dry, definitely go boarding/skiing.  i want to go soon, now that snow has arrived.  it's pretty scary at first, but guys, nothing beats experience :) 

4.  Curl up in front of the fire with a cuppa hot cocoa

mmmmm....yes. this is so delightful.  and i can speak from personal experience, because that's what i've been doing a lot this weekend.  reading a good book or watching that movie you've wanted to see is always a good idea for this.  it's so perfect, and makes a nice picture for instagram or pinterest.  also, it's just so beautifully poetic and lovely ♥ or you could always just curl up and work on homework; that's probably a superb idea too.  just relax. that's a good thing.

5.  Go Shovel Snow.

Granted, you have snow, and it needs shoveled and it's your job.  i know how much we all love shoveling snow.  

it's purely up to you.
personally, i think it's fun once a winter, but no more.

Well, i guess that wraps it up :) now onto the nominees. 

n o m i n e e s


and you guys don't have to do it at all if you don't want's totally up to you :) and if ANY of you guys would love to do this tag pleeeease do it.  i'd love to see your take on this tag!

okayy well....yeah. have an incredible day and i'll talk to ya next time ♥



  1. Love this tag! And those cookies look TOO YUMMY. One of my favorite kinds <3
    Ohhhh yesss reading. I've just started Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick, although it's a fairly short read so I'll probably be finished by tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping to go to Barnes and Nobles later this evening to catch the next book in the Vampire Chronicles series, and maybe a couple others. :)

    - Ellie

    1. yayyy! i'm so happy that you liked it. OOOH YESS. i love pb blossoms. they are the bomb.

      oh man, you're doing good! those sound like interesting books for sure. GAH I LOOVE Barnes & Nobles. That store is definitely one of my faves. it's just so lovely and poetic and bookwormy <3

  2. Um, can I come live with you for the winter?


    1. um, of course. is that a question. ^_^

      hehe ♥

  3. Anonymous1/25/2016

    I love your photos! Those cookies look AMAZING!!! *drools frantically* And those donuts!! *dies*

    1. Thanks, Clara! They were mucho delicioso. haha, i love trying out spanish on blogger. the donuts were pretty good, although, i want to try a yeast-based, no-knead method that i found on YT. i think that will yield a better donut :)

  4. HAHAH. Oh Autumn, that food looks deliciously scrumptious. Coming over for a snack by the fire would be a dream. <3 the pictures in this post are superb and oh man...lately i've wrapped myself up in books (after I've finished school, of course) and it's been good. it snowed a little today, but i'm sure by tomorrow it'll all be melted (Colorado weather, girl. One day it snows, the next the sun melts it all).

    as for the tag, i don't think i could think up 5 things to do in the winter. seriously. i just either read a book or watch a movie and spend my days basically doing nothing. *laughs* but it's a good life.

    1. YEEEP. mmm...yes. food is just amazing. <3 i agree, that would just be so perfect. literally perfect.

      aw, thanks so much. i didn't think that the pics were that great, but i'm glad ya think so <3

      ahh, that's GOOD. good stuff. reading is an amazing thing. a really amazing thing. ♥ haha, you have no idea how much i'd love to live in colorado. at least you're never bored with one thing if the weather keeps changing, aye? colorado's just so beautiful <3 gahhh.

      okay, that's totally okay :) i literally do the same thing. well, on the days that i'm not cramming all my work because i procrastinated. like. too much. haha. <3 but you're absolutely right, it's a beautiful life.

  5. wooah! When I saw this post title in my blogger dashboard I was like "gosh.. I didn't realize it would LAST!". Thanks so much for being a procrastinator and carrying it on. :D :D lol! Glad you got a snow day - we actually just had rain come and melt all the snow we had. YES!! ;)

    1. YESSS. i guess in a way since i'm doing it soo late it seems sorta new now :P haha... you're welcome, i guess? ^_^ AWW, no fair! i was at the bank today and they were talking about all the snow and we're just like "it's definitely not gonna melt for a while." UGH. well, i'm glad for it while it lasts, i guess <3

  6. Love your tag and the pictures! My favorite is the one with the donuts. For some reason I think it looks really artsy!

    1. EEP <3 i love it when new people comment. thanks for stopping by, anna! i'm glad you like that picture, personally, i think it doesn't look too good because it almost sorta looks like the light's glaring off the glaze? but you're right, it does look pretty artsy too. <3 mm. DONUTSSSS.

  7. hey. you've been nominated for an award on my blog, sincerely allie. (

    Allie D.

    1. yay :) thank you very much, dear allie. i'll be sure to check it out <3

  8. Baking is a great thing to do in Winter :) And going outside to enjoy the frost (or snow) is also awesome :)

    1. amen, sista. baking is the best thing to do all year (for me, anyways. i'm a food geek anyways.) YESSSS. i love the beauty of winter, although, for some VERY strange reason i tend to find more ways to appreciate summer more. not sure why, have any thoughts? haha, JK. summer is definitely the BEST, but you're right, winter is pretty cool (no pun intended) too :D

  9. What's happened to your blog? It looks incredible. :)
    Also, pleeaaase stop with the food pictures, it's making me crave sweet things! (Only joking, don't ever stop!)

    1. hmm...i'm thinking. :) hehe, i'm so glad you noticed!
      YES MA'M. haha, i personally LOVE taking food pictures....i mean, jo, seriously, i'm on pinterest so often just scrolling through food pics it's not even right. :) so i figured i ought to put some of my own on this blog. ;D

  10. Mmmmmm those donuts look AMAZING. <3

  11. HAAAHA no actually I know what you mean by wanting to do something but not wanting to do it at the same time (in reference to school but also other things for me and just UGH THIS IS HOW MY BRAIN WORKS HELP.) So fear not I understand you. UGH AUTUMN I NEED YOU TO COME AND BAKE FOR ME. or if that's too much to ask I just need those cookies and doughnuts to enter my face mkay? cool. XD those are definitely a good distraction. AS IS GOING OUTSIDE. Like literally I DO NOT DO THAT ENOUGH AND IT'S A PROBLEM. My mom always tells me that I really ought to get fresh air and stuff...and I the summer. XD

    SKATINGGG. Dude hopefully I'm going skating tomorrow. But not all festive-y and on a pond (although we live on a lake?? ugh shoveling sucks and it's not smooth and TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED omw like an indoor rink is xD) yeah I am SO pampered it's not even funny anymore. But yes. I love love love skating. A lot. So you should definitely try it some more! Because I think you'd like it too. AAAAAH I JUST GOT STUCK ON PINTEREST FOR LIKE 20 MINUTES BECAUSE OF THAT LINK. daaaang. xD But now I'm following you there so that makes everything okay. EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE OKAY.


    1. YAYYY LONG COMMENT ohhhh this is gonna be good <3 YES, IKR??? i know all these things that need to be done (surprisingly though, for me, it's more of a weekend thing...cuz legit weekday nights i'm up late just working away at things i procrastinated and i feel working hard and yadda yadda. on the weekends though i'm just like, "i'm not getting out of bed.") and i don't do them. UGH >_< OKAY ABBIEE I'M COMING TO BAKE YOU LOADS OF YUMMY AND HEALTHY TREATS. dude, you have nooo idea how much i'd love to share the stuff i bake with all of my awesome blogger friends. WHY CAN'T GOOGLE DO THAT? girl, i get you on that. my main problem is that i have nothing to do outside when i DO go outside. i'm like an outdoor human from the inside out, and being outside is just in me, regardless of the season. (although, face it, summer is just a good time to be outside. no question.) xD

      YASSSSS. aww, i hope you do! that would be so fun. wait you have a temp. controlled lake? but i agree with ya, shoveling SUCKS. gahhhh. that's so cool. the last time i went skating was like literally SO long ago. my friend's have an awesome pond that they dug out and made all fancy like, and they went skating a couple times, but it was usually when i was at school or the weather just hasn't been cold enough. this has been like a warm winter.... EEP! following ya too :)

      TRUTH. everything will turn out okay. <3


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