5 Pros and Cons of Writer's Conference

03 April 2016

i know, i know.
how on earth can there be cons to a writer's conference?
well, there isn't any real con CONS to it, just things that for next year, i'll keep in mind.  =)

so HEY guys!  how are you all doing? i'm doing prettttyyy fantastic, *ahem*, yeah.  so, if you read any of my recent posts, you may or may not have noticed that i ranted for like a whole paragraph on each about this Writer's and Artists' Conference that i was going to go to.

so for a part of last week, i was at a freaking writer's conference.
*coughs violently* yeah.
so that happened.
and it was pretty awesome.

it was an incredible experience.  personally i love traveling and meeting new people and having new adventures, and even though i was pretty scared at the beginning, by the end of the time there, my mind was stock full of INSPIRATION.
the feeling is pretty amazing, guys. not even kidding.

ANYWAY.  so...., typical me, i could probably go on for like three years on how incredible and awful and amazing and terrible it was, so i'm just going to hop into this and give you guys some pros and cons of of Writer's and Artists' Conference.

let's get into this.

GOOD FOOD.  no kidding guys, i'm sure that that's got to be one of the best parts.  food is good.

> writing inspiration overload.  it was so great, guys.  like by the end of the conference, i felt so much more confident and just ready to go write a best-seller.   plus the workshops that i attended (*ahem* except the one which i slept through.) were really helpful and meeting real-life authors was like BOOM.

catching up on sleep.  that one workshop was very, very, very boring, i'm so sorry.  i just really don't care to know Christopher Columbus' life story.  and i'm currently not rewriting Moses' life.  PEOPLE SERIOUSLY.  i get how that could possibly be helpful for some people... but definitely not me.  but give me credit, i didn't actually sleep.

> meeting other awesome homo sapiens.  most of the people i met there were really friendly once i got to know them.  it was really uplifting to meet other kindred spirits and to share writing advice and other fun stuff like that.

> traveling.  just the overall experience of meeting new people and adventuring in new places was pretty great.  plus i got to eat at mcdonald's.  come on guys.  that's the best.  lovin' it. ♥ ;)

> meeting new people.  so, yes, this is not a bad BAD thing.  in fact, it's a pretty freaking good thing.  but it still was a bit nerve-wracking at the beginning when we first arrived there and there were just people and people and more people everywhere.  eventually i got to know some of the people there and it was all good in the end ;) my solution to this is to next year take a friend along. xD i know, i know, it's a brilliant solution; don't faint over the brilliance.

>  not enough time.  haha, this one's just the way it is.  at the end of the conference, i literally felt like i could stay there for like two more days.  but oh well, it's all good.

...and i can't think of any more.  so you don't get five cons.  that's a good thing, guys.

 + + +


so just saying, you guys are probably all experts at writing conferences and the like.  this is just my take on it, and i'm just sort of picking from my experience. Writer's conferences are the bomb, and you guys should definitely go. (DO.)  it's a wonderful experience, and you'll never regret  it =)

so have any of you guys ever been to one? what's your take on it? are you ever planning on going to one?

have a wonderful week and stay smiling ♥


  1. Haha! This was really nice to read, Autumn. Thanks for sharing. I've never attended any sort of writing conference, but I've been told by a couple of other bloggers who have that I should try one out sometime. It can be so hard to get yourself to actually *go*, though lol. The thoughts of having to interact with new people, and all of that. *shiver*

    Someday I will. I don't even know what kind of conferences are in my area.. I'll have to look at that sometime..

    Also, if you don't mind me asking, how do you change the styling of your headers in your post (e.g. "Pros" and "Cons")? Or are they just images? Either way, love what you did with them. :)

  2. It sounds like you had a brilliant time! I've never been (or actually even heard of) a writer's conference but I will definitely need to keep my eye out for one in my area!
    -Em (destinationblissblog.blogspot.com)

  3. it sounds like you had a lot of fun!!

  4. Anonymous4/03/2016

    So fun to read! I wish I could go to a writers conference. It sounds so inspiring and like such a great learning experience! You should totally post some of your writing up on your blog sometime! *highfives*
    Great post, girl!

  5. I went to a writing camp once that was kind of like a conference; there were different workshops and I traveled halfway across the state. I'm glad you enjoyed yours!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  6. This sounds so cool! I've never been to a writer's conference, but I'd love to go sometime!!

  7. I'm going to my first writing conference this June and I am SO EXCITED, oh my goodness. So this is good to know! I'm sure I'll have a blast.

  8. i just went for a writers' conference a few weeks ago with a couple of friends and it was pretty neat! thanks for sharing your experiences hahaha <3

  9. That sounds so amazing! Some of my friends and I would like to attend the Association of Writers and Writing Programs next spring; is that the one you attended? :)

    Aliah | Indigo Ink


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