Summer 2016 Goals Wrap-Up

12 September 2016

This year I posted twice on goals that I had for this summer.  I posted my Summer Bucket List  wayyy back in June and last month I posted my August Goals.  Both of them had some things that I really wanted to accomplish this year, and even though I usually forget about any goals that I set (THAT is why i never, ever, ever set those fishy New Year resolutions.  WHO EVEN FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH THEM. huh??), I decided to try to come up with a summer list and see how well I did at following through.

ha. ha..

1.  put mentos in diet coke

HAHAHA so this one I had originally wanted to do way back in that ancient year of 2015, but I didn't do it then, and therefore wanted to do it this summer.

I'm going to let you guys take a guess at whether I did it?


2.  have a perfect garden

Well, I had a garden this year.  I don't know if I would go as far as to call it perfect. We got kind of wrapped up in moving (It didn't happen yet, btw.  #stillpraying) and so I didn't have a lot of time that I just spent outside talking to my tomato plants about life.  Thankfully they still did okay.  And talking to tomato plants about life is just weird, man.

I also took a bunch of pictures with my new camera of my garden before the weeds overtook them :)

3.  sleep out under the stars

So this one I didn't really expect would happen, and it didn't.  I'm not super surprised that it didn't, namely because my family isn't really that type, and we were plenty busy.  SO.  I guess this is where I say "God's will only."

4.  have a photoshoot

This one was actually going to happen, but then the person I wanted to have it with was too busy or something and so it didn't happen.  BUT ONE DAY.

5. try macarons

alright, SO.  A while back, on Instagram, someone told me on there that McDonald's carries macarons.  So, I wanted to find out if only the bigger stores had it, or if alllll the branches of McD's carried it.  Well, my local McDonald's doesn't carry it (AND OH MY GOODNESS THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE ARE FREAKY.  I'm never going there again.  Like seriously you guys.  They were weird.) and we checked another McDonald's that's like half an hour away and they didn't either.  SO I DON'T KNOW, Y'ALL.  Maybe some do? Like maybe the big branches in big cities? Haha, yeah, I don't know.

And in all honesty I'm pretty sure the only time I'm ever going to try macarons is when I go to Paris. Someday.

6. happily survive school + be happy

UM.  I think I'd say that I did pretty good on this one.  I mean, I'm not like INTO school really. (HAHA PEOPLE I AM SO DONE WITH SCHOOL ALREADY.) But I mean it's basically what I expected? It's hard, sure.  It's not fun, sure.  But it's school and this is life.  SO.  YAYYY!!!!!

But in all reality, I'm just trying to keep my priorities straight and not look to the left or right and keep on.


 So that's about it! I'd say that my summer was good.  It was filled with long, carefree days and lots of warm weather and nice cream. (I am so so happy that I found out about that stuff. IT'S SO GOOD.) And while I AM TOTALLY mourning the fact that fall is settling in, I'm also happy.  It was a good summer, and I learned a lot about myself and God.  I can't wait for what this fall brings and I'm just going to come up and say it.  Autumn is hands down the most aesthetic season.  Sweaters, boots (combat boots are life, bro), books, chilly weather, fires, baking, BAKING, uggs, hot chocolate, and just all the awesomeness of it.  Summer will always be my favorite season, and I am really sad that it's leaving  (NONONONO), but fall is so beautiful too.

I mean, it's know? ;)


So let's talk!! Did you get a lot crossed off your summer bucket list? ARE YOU EXCITED FOR AUTUMN? Seriously though, can you believe how fast the time flew? IT'S GOING TO BE 2017 IN A FEW MONTHS.  what.  even.  how is that possible?? Are you going to miss summer? *waves hands frantically* What's your favorite part about fall?



  1. Great post! YES I am excited for Autumn! Oh gosh. I can't believe it's almost 2017... -_-

    1. AAH! I know right? I'm super excited, but I'm also LIKE WAIT WHAT.

  2. autumn. i think you just gave me a mini heart attack.

    2017. IN A FEW MONTHS?!?!?! *gasps for breath* *dies*

    sarah » the introverted extrovert

    1. UM. YEAH.


  3. i'm the kind of person who doesn't remember a goal unless i write it down. i'm like, "I knew I had something important to do, but I can't remember what it was....Oh well." and then move on to new things. so maybe writing down your goals in a place you can see it will help you reach them? i don't know.

    also, your garden is so cute!!! oh my goodness. and did you already put up a post about your new camera? i feel like you did. i think i read it, but i totally forgot. (shame on meeee) what kind of camera do you have now?

    i'm a little sad that autumn has made her way around here, but i am also excited. unfortunately, she showed up today giving me a cold, but outside is cloudy and sweet so i don't mind. i'm excited for the things like the trees changing to the color summer sunsets and surprise visits to friends who live far, far away (who even has a best friend that lives 4 hours away??? this gal. how ridiculous).

    1. CALLY!!! OH MY GOODNESS. Your comment is like the best ever dude *hugs*
      right? that's actually a really good idea...writing them down physically. I always just make blog posts on them, but I think maybe if I write them down in my planner and SEE THEM every day it would help. THANK YOU FOR THAT ILLUMINATING IDEA. I seriously am going to do that now. :)

      thank you! HMMM I think I might've? I think I just included it in a post a while back. Anyway THANK YOU. I have a EOS Rebel T6i. STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT ALL THE BUTTONS MEAN THOUGH.

      yess i am too. Summer will always and forever be my favorite season but....fall is good too. (also you're so poetic in everything HOWWW) <3 OKAY NO NO NO THAT IS SERIOUSLY NOT RIDICULOUS. I have a good friend who lives 3 hours away and I haven't seen her in months. I FINALLY HAVE SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS ME.

  4. Anonymous9/12/2016

    So excited for fall!! Great post, Autumn!!<3

  5. I'm missing summer real bad since school has started and I'm SO overwhelmed with school. But I'm glad that Fall is about to begin - it's my favorite season! Good job on the things you accomplished from your bucket list! Hope you're able to get he other things crossed off at some point!

    1. AWWWW I FEEL YA DUDE. It is a lovely season! Thank you :) I hope so too.

  6. Yay, you got some things crossed off your list! And your garden looks like it grew well. :) I struggle with setting goals and then not achieving them too, but it's always encouraging to look at the things you have done even though they weren't on the list.

    Yes, autumn is a wonderful season. We're coming into spring here though, and it's pretty good too. :) Seeing the first wildflowers, and having warmer days is exciting. Ah, 2017 sounds scary! I have been conveniently ignoring the fact that it's only a few months away.

    1. AAAH THANKS. It actually did! OH YEAH I know right? (Even though it's weird cuz all my bucket list goals were always on my pinterest and now i gave it up so I can't go on there anymore. WHAT.)

      OH YEAH GO YOU!! You're having the opposite season of us...I forget that sometimes :) YES! Spring is the best. Haha, same.


    AUTUMN. Er, fall! I was trying to shout the season, but now it just sounds like I'm shouting your name, and, um... #awkward But I love... fall. :P Combat boots are the best, yo. And sweaters. Preferably both. :P


      AHAHAHAHA oh that's hilarious :) I know right? AUTUMN! Wait not you...I meant the season. haha xD OH YEAH. That's the way we do it.

  8. That's so cool that you have a garden! I think there's something so relaxing and leisurely about just tending to plants and watching them grow. :) <3 Super cool! And I really don't know how it's possible that it's nearly 2017. Time just goes faster and faster, it's kind of alarming. But fall's my favorite season, so I'm stoked!

    1. Haha, it is awesome. Just to see the GREEN.
      Fall is awesome! I'm super excited too.

  9. OK STOP NO I CANNOT HANDLE THE IDEA THAT IT'S GOING TO BE 2017 IN A FEW MONTHS. LIKE....WHAT HAPPENED??? ugh. but my mom said that I should just embrace every season (even if every season is not summer WAAAAA) and that's my goal. Just accept what is right now and try to enjoy it to the best of my ability. *nod nod*

    OMG BUT YES AUTUMN IS VERY in YOU are very aesthetic (that's what we're talking about, right?? YES.) Also I love this header image it is gorgeouusssss. And the pictures of your garden!! SO PRETTY. AND OMG YES TRY MACARONS IN PARIS THAT IS LIKE GOALS RIGHT THERE LITERAL GOALS. I've never tried a macaron before but I just recently saw some at a French bakery so if you ever go to like an authentic French bakery and they have them, that would be another place to get them. <3 I WANT TO SLEEP UNDER THE STARS TOO OMG.


    p.s. Autumn. I want to thank you sososososo much for reading my short story!! EEEEP YOUR COMMENT BRIGHTENED MY DAY. <3 ASDFGHJKL THANK YOU. *hugs you and cries*

    1. I KNOW RIGHT? I cannot believe it. 2016 was supposed to be in the future...HOW IS IT 2017? Dude it's going to be like 2098 before we know it.

      oh wow.

      YOUR MOM SOUNDS WISE. That's true, I want to love each season...and they all are pretty awesome too. (But I'M NOT QUITE SURE ABOUT WINTER)

      lololol AWWWWWW. Me? Aesthetic? Not sure if the two words go in the same sentence together BUTTTTT. IKR CANVA IS THE GREATEST. YES like that is LIFE GOALS. AAAHH I don't think there are any French bakeries around me *sighs* but I WISH. I'll just have to go find one someday. YES SAME.

  10. I'm the LITERAL worst about goals. It's horrible. It makes me cringe.

    I think you can sometimes find macarons at the grocery store? I think I've seen them there before.



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