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03 September 2016

So recently Olivia, the founder of an online Christian magazine for girls called Crown of Beauty Magazine, approached me about the possibility of reviewing a couple chapters from her new book Secrets of Royalty that's coming out this month.  Crown of Beauty has been a huge inspiration of mine, and their magazines and previous book Beauty, Boys, and Ball Gowns are really amazing.  I'd definitely recommend y'all go check that book out after this one! This book is written by Olivia herself and is so SO good.

Secrets of Royalty is a book that I think every Christian girl should read.  It is a thought-provoking, inspiring, and refreshing read.  It gets back to the base of Christianity, and the incredible love and mercy that Jesus, our prince, has shown to us.  The book is split into two parts – one in a story format and the second in a devotional style.  From the chapter excerpts that were sent to me, I can tell that this book really centers around the amazing love of our Heavenly Father and how He sent His Son to die for us while we were still unworthy.  I know that this book is firmly rooted in the Bible and is strong in what it teaches.

Secrets of Royalty starts off as a story, and the story is one that we all have heard since childhood, but here it is told in a fairytale-like manner, captivating the reader’s attention from the start.   It is written in an easily understandable manner. What I really loved about this book is how it really grasped the entire picture of our need for salvation and how we can never attain it on our own. But through Jesus Christ we can be part of the heavenly kingdom.  It really made me think about my spiritual life and how greatly I have been saved.
Another part I really liked was how Olivia’s writing made me feel almost connected to the main character.  This book is relatable for a Christian at any stage of life because it just refreshes your mind to the amazing and loving character of our God and all the tender mercies He has shown for us.  And I also loved how in the story it was explained that when we take our focus off of God, we give room to the enemy and stumble and trip. On our own, we can easily fall to the lies of the devil, believing that we are worthless and ugly, but when we find our value in the Prince, we also find our true identity and worth.  We are not always perfect and we do make mistakes, but we are also reminded in this book that our Father is forgiving and so loving toward us, no matter who we are or what we have done or even when we fall.  He is always waiting with outstretched arms.  His love is so great, and as Olivia puts it in the book: “It was unfathomable.”  This book is so full of lovely reminders of who we truly are in Christ.

From the chapters sent me, I can tell that some of the parts are written in a John Bunyan allegorical style, where characters represent actual morals and meanings.  This is something that I personally loved, and it’s interesting to see how the character responds to each opposing force.  From the outside, it may seem really obvious what they should choose and decide, but when I thought of myself and how in my actual life these situations are there and very real, it made me stop and reconsider.  How much we need to be walking with God daily to avoid the temptations that Satan tries to throw our way!
Overall, Secrets of Royalty is an incredible book with an important message for everyone.   King Jesus has called us all to live a life of royalty with Him, and although it seems impossible, it has been made possible by the simple fact that He decided to surrender Himself to die on two pieces of wood for all of humanity.   And to think that He did that, die a criminal’s death, knowing that so many would reject and turn away from Him is awe inspiring and the best example of true love.  Now, we can live a life of royalty with Him forever.   After reading the excerpt chapters, I walked away feeling refreshed and energized to live a life of victory in knowing who I truly am – a princess of the King of Kings.

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It was so much fun to review the chapters from the book! I can't wait to hear more from it.  Another awesome thing that Crown of Beauty is doing is partnering with Angel House Orphan Rescue and building a home for orphans in India.  I definitely would recommend that you guys at least go check out their page HERE on that project.  It's for a worthy cause, and even if you can't donate to it, you can find out about more ways to get involved HERE

I hope you all liked this post and don't forget to check out Crown of Beauty and their upcoming book Secrets of Royalty

Have an amazing day xx


  1. This sounds like a really cool book!!

  2. Anonymous9/03/2016

    Excited for the book release !

    1. so am I!! be sure to stay tuned on Crown of Beauty's website for the launch.

  3. OOOH THIS LOOKS REALLY GOOD. Also that's a really interesting way to write a book -- having a devotional side-by-side with the story. GAH LOVE IT. <3 great review, Autumn!! :D


    1. AAH IT IS. I know right? It's so creative. Thanks, Abbie :)

  4. Anonymous9/03/2016

    Ohh I love this! Looks like a great book!

  5. This sounds like a really neat book! great review. :)


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