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22 February 2017

Going to be totally honest with you all, this week wasn't the greatest.  I broke my glasses (#1), and I can see pretty fine without them too, so that's what I went around doing.  Not wearing them.  But it wasn't the easiest, and I think it just added a lot of stress to le life.  Added to that the regular busy-ness of life (YO SCHOOL) and like 100000x other things--let's just say it's been pretty crazzzy lately.
I didn't even know what post I was going to post today....and if we're going to be completely honest, I wrote the first three sentences of this post this morning and I'm currently trying to finish it at almost 9 in the evening.  SUCH IS LIFE.  (Also I'm so tired right now too *yawn*)

Reading- So I was doing a fair amount of reading last week and before that, to be honest.  But really recently I haven't even had the time to read.  (WHICH IS REALLY SAD.) Like to be honest, all the reading I've really been doing recently is English literature and the Bible.  *cries* Revelation is amazing and so like BOOM IN YOUR FACE.  Guys. 

Writing- Wellllll, I suppose "my novel" should be the correct answer here right now,  Haha.  Haha.  Haha.  I did get some progress on my novel this month overall, but I'm not quite finished with it (have a littttttle more to do).  Will I get it finished by the end of this month? Who knows.  Other than that, I've been doing more journal entries? Trying to record the feelings of life as they happen.  Honestly, writing has kind of taken a seat on the back burner and I need to write some more.  SOON.  *falls over*

Cooking- Actually, I've been doing a pretty good amount of this.  (When do I not?????????????) Yesterday I made chocolate zucchini bread (yeah.  it was awesome.  Like, guys, if you ever try chocolate zucchini bread, slather peanut butter on top of it.  IT'S LIT.) And last weekend I made tacos because tacos.  They're amazing.  End of story.  


Feeling- Well, stressed comes to mind!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh.  In science, our teacher asked us if we play instruments to bring them in and give a demonstration ("it doesn't have to be a concert" AHAHAHAHA OKAY YOU WISH BRO).  Apparently it has something to do with sound waves and jazzy stuff like that.  I'm not sure if all of you know,  but I play the violin?! So I guess I have to take it in and play it? Like...that's a thing? And I'm not okay with it? xD I just get kind of nervous/excited and yeah.  It's frustrating and stressful and I just want to get it over with.  *cries*

And I've found that car rides are pretty much my favorite thing ever.  There is honestly nothing more enjoyable than watching the sun set and and listening to your favorite music and realizing that Jesus is everything.  OH MAN. 

Eating- Ummmm.  Food.  I don't know.  Chocolate zucchini bread? Sorry guys, I'm tired.  :P 

Wishing- That things would be different.  But I also want to be able to not let the circumstances dictate me and to look only to God.  But it's hard, yo.  

Also I'm really wishing for free time because like um that would be sincerely amazing thanks.

Skating- A lot more! I honestly love doing it so much, and now I'm on to the next level so I'm still very much a beginner but it's fun.  I went to a public skate on Monday, and for the first time ever, a girl a little younger than me stopped to talk to me?!? Like WHAT? Can we restore our faith in humanity again? (lol totally kidding.  not.)  But I thought it was a really nice thing to do and it made me happy.  SO yeah.  Also watching figure skating videos on YouTube is the bomb.  (HAVE YOU SEEN YUNA KIM?) 

Deciding- That better vision doesn't come by sitting around and wishing.  I haven't really talked about this on the blog a lot, but a holistic approach to healing/restoring eye vision is something I've always been into. Like I mentioned somewhere up there ^^^ I wear glasses sometimes, and they broke last week (WHYY), and it's really made me think.  To be completely honest, getting your vision back isn't easy and it takes time and dedication.  DEDICATION IS VERY DIFFICULT.  But yesss....this is something I've been working on.

Needing- To go to Hobby Lobby and the flower shop soon.  I want to decorate my room a little bit, because I haven't done basically anything to it since we painted it and I moved into it, and it's really drab.  Actually, I did set up a clock, but I don't think that counts.

Listening-  A lot of instrumental the Piano Guys.  

Wanting- To get more sleep.  Less school.  More time to do important things.  *screams* You ever feel like you don't know what to do because everything is so crazy and busy and WHAT EVEN because same. 

Also tea.

Realizing- That I have a lot of hobbies xD BUT WHAT CAN I SAY.  They're all good.  Right now, (I almost wrote "write now".  I really need to go sleep.) I'm trying to mainly focus on my violin (I have to play it in front of human beings.  Y'ALL.), writing, and um...trying to live decently? Also above all I just want to remain close to God because I know that when I do everything else kind of falls into place. YES.

Also I just realized that once I get done with this post I'll have gotten everything crossed off my list for today.  THANK YOU JESUS.

Smiling- About the fact that I just got a new skating jacket.  And that I don't need to worry about what other people think about me because fear of God > fear of man.  (These things >< remind me so much of algebra right now.  So not smiling about that !!!!)  Also I saw the most beautiful sunset this evening.  The whole sky was so pink and pretty.  AND GUYS THE WEATHER RECENTLY.  It feels like spring in February?? This is awesome.  It's supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow.  YESS. 

Thinking- That I need to start taking more photos that I can use on the blog.  All the pictures I've taken probably in the last month have all just been food pictures, not even kidding. 

Planning- For a garden this upcoming summer.  We bought a whole bunch of seeds that need planted in little things ("little things" SEE PEOPLE I AM SUCH A GOOD GARDENER.) so they can grow a little before we actually plant them in the ground.  FUN. 

Drawing- I've been trying to do different calligraphy and fancy writing styles because there's a poster contest coming up where we have to write a inspirational quote/Bible verse in like...calligraphy style? So I've just been practicing that lately.

Figuring- that I might have forgotten a decent amount of other things I could've included in this post, but I'm signing off for now and I'll try to include them in next week's post.  :D 

What's new with you all? 


p.s. I'm going to get caught up on all of your lovely blogs as soon as possible!! I WILL DO IT.


  1. Wow, that first photo is amazing - the colours of the sunset, and the icicles.. And you make your own doughnuts?! They look so good. I've tried making doughnuts before, but I prefer not to use yeast, and it kind of doesn't work without it. :(

    Yes, I agree with you, car trips can be so good. It's the perfect place for contemplating life, and having deep thoughts or discussions, and taking in the view, and pushing pause on stress.. I'm glad we live out of town, so we have to drive to get anywhere.

    Wow, so you've been trying to restore your vision? I've heard about natural ways to improve vision (I need to wear glasses to do anything), but I can't say I've known anyone who actually used them. So, tell me more! Is there a particular method you use? Do you notice a difference?

    And I know what you mean - I get nervous about playing violin in front of people too - even more so if it's a just-play-us-something situation, rather than a performance that I can prepare for. Anyway, I'm sure you'll do well! And I'd better stop before this comment gets any longer, but yes, it was great to catch up with what's happening for you! I hope things get less stressful for you this week. Keep finding your strength in God! I really like how you just bring Him into your everyday happenings in posts like this too. xx

    1. EEEEP THANK YOU JESSICA!! Welll, actually, that was the first time I ever made them myself, but I know of quite a few people that do! Haha, that's true. But I'm sure there would be a recipe online without yeast? ACTUALLY, if you'd make baked donuts that wouldn't call for yeast =)

      THEY ARE AREN'T THEY. "Pushing pause on stress" <---- WELL AMEN AND AMEN. I love listening to music in the car too. I think it relaxes me xD OOH YES. That sounds absolutely lovely!

      YEP I have been trying to! I'm in almost the same position as you. I wear glasses for most things, but I've been trying to take them off whenever I don't need them. (Mostly around the house) WELL METHODS WOW THERE ARE A LOT. Have you heard of palming? It's basically applying pressure to the outside of your eyes with your palms to relax them. There is so much I could get into honestly haha I'd love if you'd shoot me an email sometime =) And yes, I have noticed differences!

      TRUE TRUE TRUE. I feel like people are like "You play violin? How cool! Play us Handel's Messiah, if you will." And I don't want to disappoint them? XD It went pretty well actually! EEEP THANK YOU JESS THAT IS HONESTLY THE BEST COMPLIMENT I COULD EVER RECEIVE FROM BLOGGING.

  2. *all the hugs* Sorry it's been a crazy week! I feel ya. <3 <3 <3

    (To the Barricade!)

    1. AIMEE <33 Thank you so much! YOU'RE THE SWEETEST.

  3. chocolate zucchini bread WITH PEANUT BUTTER!? I need this in my life. RIGHT NOW. Haha I mean I guess you could play the violin? I guess... I love your debate about this. I need more photos too! BUT I have no clue of what... A fun post to read!

    1. YEP IT'S PRETTY MUCH BLISS. You do!! It's so good. xD Thanks :) I debate so much in my mind haha THANK YOU for reading <3


    How did you make doughnuts??? Was it hard?? I want to do that lol.

    More sleep is the dream tbh.

    And I have such a love/hate relationship with the car. Rehearsals are like, 25 minutes away so I spend a decent amount of time in the car, and I both love it and hate it ahahaha.


      xD Yeah? Kind of...I mean it took a while. BUT IT'S WORTH IT. It's not super easy, but if you have lots of people to do it with, it's great.

      yeahhhh preach.

      OOH I see. Haha, you'd definitely get a decent amount of time in the car then.

  5. Sounds like you've been busy! I hope that life gets less stressful/crazy for you soon, hang in there! <3
    Also... you made doughnuts. They look amazing. Teach me your ways!!
    (Oh, and I play violin too!)

    1. AWW THANK YOU <33 You are so kind!!
      Haha, they were pretty good :) BUT THE WORK WAS WORTH IT.

      Ahh! That's so cool. What level are you in?

  6. you know why you have a lot of hobbies right? cuz you're an ENFP legit xD My older sister is the same way!! LOL also wow sorry about the glasses bro uhg :P

    1. BOOM. You know me so good. And yeahhh that's what I say too. I JUST LIKE THINGS K.

      thankss <3

  7. I'm always so hungry after reading your blog posts :-) Chocolate zucchini bread sound amazing.
    That first photograph was really pretty! And the food photographs are really cool too, I love seeing them <3

    1. haha, DUDE. Thank you! That is one of the best compliments I've ever received. xD FOOD IS GOOD.

      Thank you for reading, Jollygirl <3

  8. Ugh stress is the legit worst. I feel you, girl!! But tea does help x) Also, CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI BREAD WITH PEANUT BUTTER HOLY COW

    1. IT IS AIN'T IT. True that! Tea is so good.


  9. you are so precious. lol. aww. Im sorry things have been so stressful for you. Im praying things will get better for you.
    hang in there love <3

    1. haha thank you <33 this comment is so sweet. thank YOU for commenting, faith =)

  10. Aw, sorry about your glasses. :( When are you gonna get a new pair?
    Oh man you can play the violin?? I've always kinda wanted to play the violin. Is it hard to learn?
    YAAASSS THE WEATHER!!! I'm totally loving it!! It's funny cuz the other day I was teasing my dad about it. At the beginning of winter he bought a new, super fancy snowblower, because he was expecting we were gonna get a lot of snow this year, just like last year. Yeah, well.. that didn't happen. In fact it's been like the warmest winter ever. My dad always tells us that when it comes to natural disasters and the like, if you prepare for it, it won't happen. So I'm like, "Dad you should buy a new snowblower every year!"

    1. Hopefully soon!
      THANK YOU <33 It's so gorgeous, right?
      Haha, THEY ARE SO GOOD. Donuts are the bomb.
      Well, yeah, I mean it's not the easiest instrument around, but it's so worth it :) If you're willing to practice a lot, you can!

      The weather has been great! But I think it's supposed to cool down a little in early March. OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS SO FUNNY :-D Haha, hey, it keeps the snow away all right! Last year was so wintry, so I expected this year to be like that too...but it kind of turned out to be the opposite.

  11. MORE SLEEP. I am with you. I just lie down in bed at night and my mind instantly starts planning the next ten years of my live xD I've found that writing a list of what I need to do over the next few days helps calm me down.

    CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI BREAD. I. Want. Some. It's so cool that you cook and take pictures and write and skate (and probably a bunch of other things I missed). Having lots of talents and hobbies is awesome!!!


    audrey caylin


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