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15 February 2017

Y'ALL.  Okay, so a few months ago (I think it was last year), I was able to do a book review for a then-newly released book called Secrets of Royalty.  It was such an incredible experience, and I'm so grateful that Crown of Beauty allowed me to do that! That book is fire, and if you read that book, you'd know it's all about...royalty. After all, that is who we truly are, isn't it? It's pretty mind-blowing.  Today, I have a super exciting guest post by Livy Jarmusch, the author of Secrets of Royalty, and she's going to talk guessed it, being a princess! Most importantly, she's talking about how we can reach out to those who are most in need.  It's amazing.

"She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy."
~Proverbs 31:20

The Proverbs 31 Woman is described as a fearless lady who lives with open hands and an open heart.
She doesn't freak out when trouble comes her way, and she laughs in confidence at the days ahead.
She is a selfless dreamer, who spends all of her energy on blessing someone else.

She is like the ocean, forever giving, giving, giving of herself, and never asking for anything in return.  The Proverbs 31 woman is a beautiful picture of the Princess Bride whom Jesus desires to see blossom in each of us. She displays the stunning beauty of Jesus' selfless heart.

One of my all-time favorite movies is the Princess Diaries.  It's a comical tale about a teenage girl who discovers that her life has the potential to be much more influential than she ever dreamed possible. She discovers that she is a real life princess! Although the movie is only intended to be a whimsical coming of age fairy-tale, I love connecting the dots and drawing the parallels of how Mia's life connects with mine.  Her story of learning to be real life royalty not only makes me laugh, but also inspires me. I love the character growth that happens between the first and second films. In  Princess Diaries 2 my favorite scene is where Princess Mia reaches out to a group of orphans, during the Independence Day Parade.

When she notices these kids, she stops the whole parade and extends her hands to the poor, forgetting what the critics might say. Right in the middle of a parade that was supposed to be all about her, Mia stopped to show love for the forgotten. She humbled herself, and exalted others. This is a moment when Mia's true princess character shines. The world no longer revolves around her. Mia's focus is on those sweet little ones who need her help and encouragement.

And shouldn't the story be the same for us?
Shouldn't we, as God's daughters, spend all our energy on making someone else feel beautiful and loved? Sisters, this is the noble calling which we have received: to live with our hands extended and our hearts wide open.

To say "yes" to the hurting, hug the broken, and spend all our energy and resources on the orphan, the widow, and the outcast.

Proverbs 30:15 says, "The leach has two daughters, 'Give, give!' they cry..."

If you've ever had an encounter with a leach, it is a nasty thing. The blood sucking creatures cling to your skin, and aren't shy about consuming! In a generation that screams, "life is all about me!" we must be so careful that we do not carelessly consume what we've been entrusted with. When our world starts to revolve around our mirrors, our closets, our emotions, and our cravings, something is seriously wrong. We're living like daughters of a leach, instead of daughters of the King!

When the Lord fills me with His waterfalls of endless blessings, I don't want to be a stagnant pond, or a lake without an outlet. I want Him to flow through me like a river, pouring into the lives of those around me. I don't want to be a dead sea, but instead an ocean that gives without regret.

Sisters, let us graciously remove the spotlight from ourselves, stop in the middle of our foolish
parades of selfishness, and go lay our lives down for someone on the sidelines. Let us esteem them greater than ourselves, bestow a crown of beauty upon them, and feel our hearts explode with fireworks of God's love!

It is more blessed to give than to receive. May we give everything we have, in total abandonment and utter joy, to the One who first loved us, and has called us according to this purpose.
In the film, members of parliament were arguing about where they should build Mia's spectacular new summer home. But Mia spoke up, remembering the orphaned children from the parade. She desired to donate her brand new castle to the kiddos, "I don't know why I should live in two homes, when they have none." When they finally cut the ribbon and celebrate the grand opening of this children's home, Mia's heart soars! She finally understands what it means to be a Princess! She has embraced her role of royalty.


So what about you? What is your story? How will you embrace your royal call, and reach out to those who need love the most?

Did you know that there are 25 million orphans in India alone? We are fundraising to build a home for orphaned girls in India! To find out how you can get involved, visit our site: Crown of Beauty Orphanage! 

*claps* THAT WAS AMAZING.  Thank you so much for doing this, Livy!! What did you all think about this post?
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  1. Oh man. "When our world starts to revolve around our mirrors, our closets, our emotions, and our cravings, something is seriously wrong." Holla. Not only when we're lifting ourselves up above God, but when we're saying that we're not enough for him. It's all of it. Oh man man man. This is so good. We are daughters of the King. Do we not know? Should we not live like it then? HAHA. oh. to the heart yo.
    Let's live because of God. amen.
    p.s. loved this post, Livy! WOOO. as if you couldn't tell from my words above. ;)

  2. This is a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. Princess Diaries is a great series - good for acknowledging that sometimes responsibility & duty must come first! Very thoughtful post. :)

  4. Thanks Cally! So excited to hear that this post was an encouragement to you! It's so good when we as sisters in Christ can remind one another of our royal identities! We truly are His princess daughters!


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