❆ How To Survive A Snow Day ❆

15 March 2017

SO, this was not the original post that was supposed to go up this week, but... what do you do when you wake up Tuesday morning to a world of white and a blizzard blowing in your face? YOU WRITE ABOUT IT OF COURSE.  I'm not even kidding you though....

 Snow. Snow. Snow.  EVERYWHERE.

It only maybe, kind of, just a little, sent me to bliss? I MEAN, IT'S SNOW.  This winter was so incredibly warm (which is kind of um, strange.  Especially for where I live.  LAST WINTER we could skating on the pond almost every day for a week, it was THAT FROZEN.), but this winter we apparently had summer in February?!?! And then we get a blizzard in March.  Cool.  cougcoughcoughcough very cool if you get what i mean 

And what's even more ironic is that we got hit with this blizzard (I AM NOT KIDDING Y'ALL.  It is a WINTER STORM.) two days after Daylight Savings? Spring is next week? It doesn't really look like spring out there, people.  More like...um, middle of January? Yep.

On another note, if you're wondering why I am writing this post (about SNOW) when spring is literally in five days (!!!!!!), it's probably because IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE SPRING FOR ME AND I FEEL LIKE WRITING ABOUT SNOW. *sobs in a corner* Also, for all of you guys who are currently in eighty degree weather, if you could send that my way that would be great thanks.

BUT if you find yourself in a situation like me, with two feet of snow needing to be shoveled off the driveway, let's celebrate and drink hot chocolate, aye?
This one is super important, whether you're outside or inside.  Our house actually has a wood stove (Which is equivalent to THE BEST THING EVER), and I started it up a few hours after I woke up, and Y'ALL.  There's nothing better and more perfect than watching the snow fall and hearing the wind howl and listening to the sound of wood crackling in the stove.  OH MAN.  Just writing that made me shiver.  It's the best.

And it's also really important to stay warm when you're outside too :) I LEARNED THIS YESTERDAY.  Especially if it's still snowing and the wind is blowing, stay w a r m.  Plus, who wants to get sick anyway? 

THIS ONE IS THE BOMB ACTUALLY.  We were talking about in Spanish class on Monday how it's so much more nicer when we know for sure school will be out on a snow day so that we can sleep in.  HOLLA.  I usually get up pretty early in the morning, and I cannot EXPLAIN how amazing it is to be able to sleep in on a school morning like ASDKFJSDL it's perfect okay.  I definitely recommend catching up on sleep if you have a snow day.  It's good for you and who doesn't love more sleep?! 
 DEFINITELY.  Though, I've found it to not-be-the-easiest to take pictures of snow :P Any tips on that? I've tried to capture falling snow as it comes, and I'm kind of getting it, BUT IT COULD BE BETTER. There's nothing better than working on your photography skills on a snow day, right?

Haha, of course, duh. I mean, how much more perfect could your life become?? You know that cookie recipe you've wanted to try for a while? WELL throw aside all your fears and conquer it.  JUST DO IT. *cough* OR if cooking is more your thing you can do that too.  Just...food, people.  It's the best.
BECAUSE IT'S SNOWING AND YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO.  Wow, this is like the picture perfect snow day, honestly.  Grab a book and just read.  It's pretty much the best thing you could do on a snow day.  Plus, it will get your mind going and ready to WRITE.  Which leads me to the next idea....
It needs written, okay.  Those words have to get out out of your head and onto the paper.  It might be hard.  You might not want to do it.  BUT IT'S IN YOU.  Write even when you don't feel like it.  It's what you do, and you can't quit just because you don't feel like it.  THERE'S 2 FEET OF SNOW OUTSIDE, YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.  So just sit down, turn off your wifi, and w r i t e. 
(I also wrote all of that for myself because hahahahaha look who's not meeting her deadlines?!) 
*lets out a huge sigh* MAYBE? JUST MAYBE? I know for me it's the last thing I want to do on a snow day, but sometimes, snow days are actually really great for getting. things. done. It's not always fun, and sometimes you have to really put your mind to it to actually get to work, but it's one of the most rewarding things.  To be able to say at the end of an awesome day off "I accomplished so much today" is hands down such a good feeling. Also seriously that driveway needs shoveled get to it already.


SO.  YEAH.  That happened.  Tell me what the weather's like for you right now!? It's crazy how different it can be in different places.  I know most of you probably aren't crawling out after being buried under an Everest of snow. xD  I'm just grateful that we still have our electricity though.  OUCH. Have you ever seen snow? THERE'S NOT A WHOLE LOT TO IT, TBH.  Or do you normally get a lot of it?  I was looking at GIF's online, and I found these two that I thought pretty much sum up my feeling about snow and winter.

When I see snow at the beginning of winter:

By the end of winter:

XD But do y'all even like snow? I do....IN MODERATION.  But since we didn't really get a ton of it overall this winter, I really don't mind this that much. (But there's still a part of me that's yelling SUMMER right now ugh) #life 

BUT LET'S TALK! What are some of your favorite things to do on snow days? ♥  



  1. help the gifs hurt my soul

  2. eheuehu. laughing at addy + this post.
    SO IT'S BASICALLY SUMMER HERE IN COLORADO???? hahahawf. but i still related to all of this anyway. for taking pictures of snow, try doing it at night time? because the snow is so BRIGHT. so the darkness of the night actually isn't that dark (well, i live in the city so i think light reflecting might have something to do with that XD). lolz. who knows.
    love it while it lasts, autumn girl. and then grasp spring with both hands because YES.

    1. haha CALLLY <3 you're good.
      WHAT HOW CAN THAT BE?! I've always envisioned Colorado to be snowy a lot? BUT OBVS I'M WRONG. That's so awesome though that it's summer there! ENJOY IT, GIRL. OH OK thanks for that tip. I'm so trying it. I don't know if it's going to be snowing anytime soon, but if it does I'll definitely try it. Does it work for snow that's already on the ground too? WHO KNOWS ANYWAY, RIGHT.

      thank you for wise instructions and i will, don't you worry <3 LOVE YOUR SUMMER TOO.

  3. *attempts to send you 80 degree weather* *smiles when it drifts into April*(i.e. it's only 70 degrees here now xD)

    AAAAAAH. LATE SNOW DAYS ARE HORRIBLE. Where I used to live, there was snow until July. Literally. I'm so sorry winter stole your spring :( Buuut I love snowballs and watching fluffy snowflakes fall on snow days.


    audrey caylin

    1. aawwwf! I'm so wishing for that warm weather!! HEY WELL AT LEAST 70 IS BETTER THAN 30.

      They are, aren't they?! OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS? I've never head snow into July...usually by my birthday it's always warm. *GASP* But yes! Watching snowflakes fall is one of the best things to do.

  4. There was literally 0 point of me reading this, but it still was great entertainment. Sadly, It didn't snow in part of England where I live and we had sunshine today!.

    Hope you are staying nice and warm.

    1. HAHA I'M GLAD! That was kind of the point of me writing this anyway. I knew a lot of y'all wouldn't relate, but it was blizzarding here so I was like WHY NOT.

      Enjoy your sunshine!!

  5. Wow... that must be incredible!

    I have literally only experienced snow once. We were on holiday, it was the end of the season, we tried to go sledding and the ice was all slushy. (My boots weren't waterproof and my socks got soaked in snow slush.) Can't imagine what it must be like having a blizzard!


    And Audrey Caylin - 80 degrees?!- oh wait *googles Fahrenheit to Celsius* that's... 27 degrees C? *confused Aussie* Is that hot or cold for you? warm for winter?

    1. It is pretty incredible, Jem!

      AAH I SEE. That sounds less than ideal, to be honest. THAT'S NOT THE REAL DEAL SNOW I'M TALKING ABOUT, DON'T WORRY. Slush isn't that great. And getting your feet soaked is no fun either!! Snow can actually be great :) AND YES IT IS QUITE COLD, but it's worth it! Hopefully someday you can REALLY experience it!

      Well, I'm not Audrey, but for the States, 80 degrees is pretty nice summer weather. AND YES EXTREMELY WARM FOR WINTER (for where I live. Different parts of the country are different too.)

  6. I'm totally feeling that polar bear right now....uhhhhhhhhhhgg.

  7. This post is so cozy! ahem, it makes me wish for that snow I've only seen once at my house.

    *Sending you all the sun and 75 degree weather here*


    1. AWWW I'm so glad you liked it, Katie!! ONLY ONCE?! You've got to experience it sometime :) It's pretty fun!


  8. I feel bad for all of you on the East Coast-- here on the West coast, it's been sunny (kind of)? But that's also because we've had our snow evenly distributed throughout the entire year! Even though I'm on Spring Break and not trapped in snow days, it's been pretty productive and I've done a lot of these, actually! Whoop whoop!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    1. hahahaha yeah the Northeast kind of got pummeled! Well, we have had sun too, it's just that the weather decided to act up a little here in March XD AAH I SEE. Well, for where you live I would think there's pretty much snow most of the time? Correct me if I'm wrong.

      YES GO ABBY!!! (also hey @morningtime4 xD Just had to do that ;D) It's awesome that you're being productive on break! TEACH ME YOUR TIPS.

  9. Snow.

    I hate snow.

    Snow is not my friend. *sighs at Ohio*

    I usually sleep, let's be real. It's the best way of ignoring everything I'm supposed to be doing and also not having to see the snow. Win win win win win.

    - Aimee (To the Barricade!)

    1. SNOW CAN BE A PEST THOUGH I KNOW. Other winters we had so much of it and it was QUIET ANNOYING. Yeahhhh I have a few friends from Ohio and they get a decent amount of snow? *SENDS YOU WARMTH AND SUN*

      also yes to sleep. like hello YES that is the best thing to do. always. WIN WIN YES.

  10. "catch up on sleep" *insert praise hands emoji* seriously, I will use ANYTHING as an excuse to sleep more.

    I also agree with the reading thing (I love excuses to read for hours on end!) and reading almost always jogs my writing bug.

    Dude, after nearly 17 years in the heart of the Midwest, I'm ready to say PEACE to this crazy, unpredictable, and often harsh wintry weather. Recently I've been digging to find ways I can live in places where WINTER NEVER HAPPENS YAYY (I am very anti-winter. I'm considering beginning a campaign and holding organized debates. :P)

    Great post as usual Autumn! :D

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. Haha, RIGHT?!?! Sleeping is SO GOOD. Like actually, it IS GOOD FOR YOU. Win win.

      Ahhh yes <3 Reading is one of my favorite things to do. Although, recently I've been looking for a few more books to read. It definitely helps me write too. OH YES.

      AAH GIRL I FEEL YOU. I've heard lots about the Midwest and the crazy weather there! YOU GOT IT THOUGH. Definitely peace out, snow. xD DUDE ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I'd say Florida isn't too bad haha Winter can be nice for a little (just to do a little bit of allll the winter fun stuff {i.e. holidays and skating and sledding}, but then I'm ready for SUMMER, YO.)

      Thanks for reading, O! I'm so happy you're back :D

  11. um wow that puppy gif is everything i needed in life. thank you.
    and oh wow i hope you survived the blizzard and got some productive things done! snow days are the best when it gives you an excuse to skip school though, right??

  12. Haha, those last two gifs tho! XD
    The weather this year was totally wacked! Spring-like one month, winter-like the next month, and now it feels like fall. Weather?? Are you ok????


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