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03 May 2017

ANOTHER MONTH GONE BY.  I was actually sick at the beginning of this month (it still is the beginning of the month.  I mean technically...like May 1st ;), so I was home all day which was super annoying.  But guys, I HAD A REVELATION.

In one month, it's going to be JUNE, and obviously we can't go back in time (ugh >_<), but one month ago, it was just APRIL.  Like WhAT?!! Where does the time go????

Also I'm pretty sure that's going to like become a standard phrase in these posts.  WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? The question of the century, yo.

April whirred by so fast, so here's the recap :)
+ I drank a Starbucks frappuccino.  Obviously this is very important.  Because I don't really go to Starbucks a lot and it was free and pretty amazin'.  IT GETS A MENTION HERE OKAY.

+ I like....made a black forest cake.  YEAH.  The wholeeeee nine yards.  It was FOUR layers, y'all.  AND like, not even going to lie, it was actually pretty decent tasting.  The only other cake I've really ever made was this one, and it *smirks* wasn't honestly the best.  But this cake was actually good xD I'll let you judge.  Even though you really can't because you can't actually like...eat it.  SADLY.  I know it's not PERFECT (I messed up on the frosting :P), but practice makes perfect, right? 
+ It finally feels like a real spring. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this past month and GAHH I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER.  And PSST I actually have some more photos down below.  This is definitely a photo-filled post xD Get ready for alllll the pictures this summer, guys :)

+ I grew a lot closer to God.  This honestly has to be put on here.  This month went through some real swings, with a lot of things not working out, family members in the hospital, and stuff that's sad and depressing.  But you know what? Through it all, God is good.  And I learned that.  It may be hard, but yeah.  God is good.  Also I found this new song and it is loveeeee.

+ I made overnight cinnamon roll casserole.  Which led me to discover the beauty that is CHALLAH BREAD.  I'm honestly not sure how I even was before I knew about this stuff?! It is so cute and good.  I followed this recipe for the casserole, AND IT IS GOOD STUFF.  I made it for Easter, which made it even more special :)

+ Have a good time at the writer's conference.  OH YES.  This definitely happened this past month.  The writer's conference was amazing, filled with good food and making new writing friends.  IT WAS GREAT.  And I actually talked about it in my last post more so definitely check that out if you haven't already :P

+ Enjoy the SPRING WEATHER.  WOW I like actually got my goals done this month xD (But maybe that's why I made them so easy haha) But this one was a really easy goal to do and IT WAS AMAZING.  I even took some pictures (!!!!) This month we brought out the lawn mowers and started weeding the flowerbeds, so it is officially SPRING, Y'ALL.
+ Just freaking write already. UM?!?!?!?!!?! Kind of? Haha, I don't know exactly what to say about this, but I did write some shorter stories, which is also important for what I do with my writing.  But at the same time, my novel kind of got overlooked because of that.  Not to mention that my computer with my novel on kind of, stopped. working. properly.  WHICH IS ANNOYING AND NOT HELPFUL.  AT ALL.  I'm kind of very frustrated about that.  So, we'll see how May goes with that :D Though I am expecting it to be a busy month, so we'll see haha

+ Read three books.  WAIT This was a goal? WOAH.  I literally forgot all about this one.  Whoops xD UM let me think though...I think I read one? That I finished on the last day of April? OH I NEED To WORK ON THIS.


+ Read four books.  And who knows? Maybe I'll write this on a piece of paper and tack it to my forehead so I don't forget.  Plus, I'm getting out on vacation this month (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), so this should definitely happen.

+ Finish the school year with a bang.  Because life is good, God is good.  He's the purpose for life.  Plus, there's a million things that need to be finished before I can finish the year, so, yeah.  Here's to that.

+ Master the Swallowtail Jig on the violin.  I only just came across the fiddle tune, and I'M NOT SURE HOW I DIDN'T BEFORE.  It is absolutely amaaazing and so beautiful GAH! I found a few tutorials online so I want to add alllll the ornamentation and variations and make it #lit.   Or something xD I found this version on YouTube and it is SO PRETTY.

 + Slow down.  Trust God.  Enjoy life.  That about sums it up.


SOOO that was my month! How was your month? Tell me about it! Was it a good month?  What are you looking forward to in May? I will not be posting on here the next two weeks, just because it's May, and my schedule is absolutely a crazy mess, but I'll be here in two weeks!

LET'S TALK! Any tips on baking a better cake? Do you think this one was an improvement from the last time I tried baking one? XD ARE YOU FEELING THE SPRING WEATHER??



  1. Oh my, that cake! It looks so delicious. Plus, I was just browsing through dessert recipes last night, and came across a black forest roll, and now this - the inspiration is adding up. And that overnight casserole looks so good too. Let me just say, I appreciate how you always add food and recipes into your monthly wrap ups. They deserve to be talked about! :D

    Wow, that Swallowtail Jig sounds like a great tune - I just watched the video. I'm sure you'll have fun playing it. :)

    That's great you've grown closer to God too, despite (or maybe because of) the hard things you mentioned. Stay strong, girl! Your positive approach to life is inspiring. xx

    1. Aaah, thank you, Jessica! YES YOU MUST MAKE IT. It's sooo good <3 nom nom. WHAT CAN I SAY? :D Food is good :)

      It's such a pretty tune, isn't it? It's harder to play it so fast, but I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end!

      OH WOW JESS THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 Your last phrase made my day. God is good :)

  2. That cake looks so delicious!
    Good luck on your May goals :-)

    1. Thanks for reading, Jollygirl! Have a great month :D

  3. That is one impressive cake. I've never done any baking like that, but then, I'm not sure how much of a fan I am of cake (is that a terrible confession?). I think I've only made gingerbread cake and applesauce spice cake. Those are two very good but pretty simple ones. If I ever put frosting on anything, it'll be penoche frosting. That stuff is so good.
    Ooh, Cinnamon Roll Casserole? That sounds really good, but I'll take Cinnamon Roll anything. Have you ever made bagels? Before I got swallowed up with stuff, I found an awesome recipe and was experimenting with different kinds.

    1. WOW THANKS! Oh, haha, well, I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like cake xD BUT I'M SURE YOU LIKE OTHER DESSERTS? Hopefully haha OOH those cakes sound good though! They sound like they'd be a little healthier too xD I'll have to check that frosting out! I've never heard of it.
      I don't really like bagels (is that a terrible confession? XD). But cinnamon anything is so good.

  4. Anonymous5/04/2017

    OMGOSH THAT CAKE! Can I hire you for my future wedding?! Like, heck, girl, that thing is spectacular!!!
    Ohhhhh and Swallowtail Jig is sooo much fun! My brother plays the violin and I know the chords on the guitar, and we play it together and its just so amazing! You should do a video when you learn it! :)


      Aaah, that is literally so cool! I'm not sure if I'm good enough to post a video, but maybe? idk. I'd love to hear you two playing it! It probably sounds so good with two instruments. Do you play it pretty fast?

  5. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG THAT CAKE LOOKS SOOOOO DELICIOUS! I wish I could make things like that. XD And yay for writer conferences! That's seriously awesome. And I hope you get to read four books this month! :)

    May @ Forever and Everly

    1. YOU CANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Try it sometime :)

      Thanks for reading, May!

  6. That cake actually looks like what dreams are made of.


  7. DAT CAKE THO!!!! *wishes I could taste things through the internet* My sister saw the cake and was like, "It looks kinda scary, like it's bloody..." lol! I seriously want some of it tho...

    "Through it all, God is good." Amen sista! Also, I never heard that song from Tenth Avenue. Thanks for introducing me to a new song!

    HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW ABOUT CHALLAH BREAD???? That stuff is asdfghjkl!!!!!

    1. haha, that was actually a mistake! Some of the cherry juice from the maraschino cherries dripped down the cake and I was like UGH. I have seen some cakes that have a ton of juice dripping down the sides and it is kind of freaky tho xD

      YES HE IS. EEEEP! Yeah, that song is probably one of my favorites about now.

  8. That cake looks so beautiful AND DELICIOUS YUMMMMM!!
    Nice job with completely most of your goals!!

  9. Your photos make me want to sell an arm and a leg for that cake. Did I mention black forest is my favourite? :( Cinnamon roll casserole though?? Someone's been cooking up a storm. :')

    I hope you had a good school year. Ah, I still can't get over how US schools end around this time! Still a long way to go for me...

    1. OMG GIRL THANK YOU <3 I'm literally freaking out over here. *wishes i could send some to you virtually* Yes, that would be me xD

      Aw thanks :) Actually, most of the district schools are still going till next month I think. Mine just lets out early in general :) WHICH IS NICE. You can do it, Jo! BE STRONG.

  10. THAT CAKE THO. wowwww! Yay for spring weather:)


  11. This post was great. That cake looks great. Everything here on your blog is great. Here's to you accomplishing May's goals!



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