Spring, Nice Cream, + Writer's Conference | Life Recap

26 April 2017

HEY!  How are you all doing? So, getting this out there right away, I literally had no idea what to do for this week's post because I kind of forgot about writing the post in advance because this past week has been craayyyyzay and I didn't have a lot of blog inspiration :D But one of my favorite posts to write are just life recaps and what's been going on lately, so that's what I'm doing today. Some people write these amazing blog posts when they're "out of inspiration" and I'm just like, "umm, well i could talk about....life." I feel like I do these posts a lot?  SORRY 'BOUT THAT.  But hopefully you don't mind? I'm going to try to get some better posts up soon, so please bear with me xD


SOOO, first off, the weather has been so freaking lit recently? Like, we have had a few rain showers, but it's been a beautiful month and it almost feels like summer's here.  WOW.  This is amazing.  Asombroso.  (I have a Spanish test next week, so excuse any random Spanish scattered throughout xD) I really want to step up my photography game and start taking more pictures outside, because I am literally so blessed with an amazing camera (also, question for all y'all photographers out there: What kind of lenses do you recommend in general? Like, what is your go-to lens? A good one to invest in?) and the spring weather has been bringing on LIFE.  The trees are exploding with green, flowers are blooming, and the grass is soo green.  So hopefully in monthly wrapup post I'll be able to share some of my photos? Here's one in the meantime xD
ALL RIGHT.  So onto other things.  Basically, April has been an amazing month so far, and I don't really want to get too deep into it right now because next week is the monthly wrap-up, but it was a good month that took a sudden turn at the end.  So thankful that God is a faithful God. 

I made my first nice cream for this year, which is KIND OF A BIG DEAL.  Last year I got absolutely hooked on making nice cream.  I probably ended up making it like...every day.  I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.  My favorite kind is with a little bit of cocoa powder and a dollop of peanut butter.  OH.  WOW.  That is the best ♥ So I actually made it a few weeks back when it was so hot and it brought back allll the memories haha.  We moved since last summer, so this was the first time I made it in our new house.  *tears* SO MANY FIRSTS.  Actually, speaking of nice cream, I did a post last summer when I was on that kick on mint chocolate chip nice cream. 10/10 recommend ;P
Okay, so y'all,  I need your thoughts.  Should I do more recipe posts this upcoming summer? They're honestly some of my favorite to do, because obviously I love making food (FOOD FTW), but is that something YOU would be interested in? Let me know :D 

So another thing that's been going on in my life is softball.  EEEEP! Spring has always been softball season for me because of school, and this year's no different.  And I honestly think from playing it every single year for so many years, I've actually improved a little.  IT CAN BE SUCH A FUN SPORT THOUGH.  Do you all play softball? Do you like it? I honestly think it makes such a big difference on  who you play it with though too haha.  YOU NEED THE GOOD ENERGY.  :P

AND AS YOU MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN, at the beginning of this month I actually went to a WRITER'S CONFERENCE.  WaHt? Like....hahahahahahahaha since when is this a thing? :D It was an incredible experience overall honestly, and I loved it so much.  I went to this same one last year, and I actually did a post about it which you can check out here.
Virginia is such a pretty place.  We were there at the beginning of this month and where I live there wasn't ANY green on the trees at the start of this month, so when we got there I was like WOAH EVERYTHING IS GREEN.  It's kind of cool actually xD I don't really have a lot of pictures from the actual conference, hence the random, unedited pictures you see above :P

The conference was a lot of fun, and I even got a few free writing books which was amaaaazing *sings* I'm not really sure what all to say about it, but God is good and it was a beautiful time and I'm so grateful for it.  The only thing I'd do different if I go next time is to plan an extra day to spend down there and go tour the places because.... make a vacation out of everything, am I right?!! 

Writing-wise, I haven't been doing amazing recently.  (I really love using that word xD)  I did write some short stories, but I didn't get a lot of work done in my novel this month because 1) I was busy, but that's a lame excuse and 2) my computer isn't functioning properly so.....that's my legit excuse.  BUT SERIOUSLY.  It is a problem and I'm really hoping it can get fixed because I actually need to write. =P

SO that was today's jumbled, slightly disorganized post! I just wanted to talk about what's been going on recently in my life and catch up with you guys! What's been going on for you? Any post ideas? For you photographers, what lenses are your favorites? Do you all like recipe posts? IS IT SPRING YET FOR YOU? What's your favorite season? ALLLL THE QUESTIONS, YO.  XD  Let's talk! 



  1. Spring is definitely my favorite Spring. It's so alive. I've been to Virginia in the Spring, and it is really beautiful there! We were up in the Boston area and took the train down. The gradual change was so interesting to watch. From gray and snow to green and blooming trees.
    You should do recipes! Just make sure you post pictures of the things you make 'cause pictures make all the difference.
    As for lenses - I do like taking pictures, but I haven't graduated to that sort of thing yet. Maybe one day.
    Personally, I think random posts are the best ;) At least, I tell myself that as I post randomness all the time...

    1. Haha, spring is a beautiful season <33 I'm actually going back down to Virginia next week, so I'll probably have pictures of that in my wrapup post next month! So cool :)

      Thanks for commenting <3

  2. oohh okay - so you RLY need to get a 50mm lens. https://www.amazon.com/Canon-50mm-1-8-STM-Lens/dp/B00X8MRBCW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493306031&sr=8-1&keywords=canon+50+mm+lens

    ^^ it's SUCH a reasonable price for the amazingness it does. I have this and the kit lens - I mostly use my 50mm tho. so yeah, see my blog and thats pretty much what it does XD it's great for everything pretty much - especially portraits, lifestyle and even good still life. Pretty much anything haha. you can get great blurred and bokeh effects also, better lighting. xD aka YOU MUST GET THIS LENS XD

    1. YESSSS that's honestly the one I'll probably end up with anyway tbh

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT DETAILED DESCRIPTION :) It's practically everything I needed to hear haha FOR REAL THO. Thanks!

  3. My sister started playing softball and in the third game of the season she broke her thumb. Be careful playing!!! Oh my goodness

    I have an obsession with nice cream too. It's so delicious and healthy. I NEED SOME RIGHT NOW. IM MAKING SOME WHEN I GET HOME... nope there aren't frozen bananas in our freezer. Okay, I'll take it tomorrow! please do recipe posts. Those are the best.

    Oh yuppp get the 50mm lens it's a good one. A little awkward at first because everything is so close up and you have to walk to zoom out of the frame or in it buy it's worth it. Glad to hear from you!

    1. OH MY GOODNESS WOW Sounds painful dude xD

      EEEEP #twinning!! Nice cream, ftw :) ALL RIGHT I WILL.

      I'll have to message you soon, girl! Thanks for the comment :)

  4. UM HELLO LIFE RECAPS ARE CLEARLY THE BEST. I love seeing what people get up to in their irl lives; it feels like you're learning about them on a whole different level.

    I always hate spring until it comes, tbh. Colds? No more snow? No thanks. But once it arrives, I'm always swept away by how gorgeous everything is. I especially love the brightness and softness of the grass. It amazes me anew every year <3

    UM YES I WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE RECIPE POSTS. Your food always looks so yummy, and it makes me want to cook. What exactly is nice cream, though?

    Ahhh best of luck with softball! Ever since getting into sports anime (Haikyuu, Yuri on Ice, etc.) and reading Nora Sakavic's amazing All for the Game trilogy, I've been really wishing I continued with sports (mainly soccer) past elementary school. :(

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. GLAD YOU THINK SO. Haha, I love your comments, Ellie <3 You're the sweetest.

      TRUE. That is literally me. It is such a beautiful season :)

      HMMM well it's frozen banana blended into the consistency of a soft serve ice cream, and if you add stuff to make different flavors, it's pretty much the bomb. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY TRY IT OUT. And yes to recipes!!!!

      Soccer is an amazing sport :) You should definitely continue it if you want to!


    Omg yes food food FOOD. HIT US WITH ALL THEM RECIPES. (Although I may or may not be able to make them because of my healthy-ingredient-using mom. XD Which will just make me hungry??? OKAY SO MAYBE NOT. XD)

    Can I get free writing books??? Actually can I just get free books in general. That would make my life so much better, thank and thank.


    May @ Forever and Everly

    1. YES YOU SHOULD!! It's the best :)

      Actually that shouldn't be a problem because I usually try to eat healthy myself and I love when my recipes can help others do that :) HEALTHY EATING IS SO IMPORTANT. You could check out some of my other recipes and see if they're okay?! HAHA YOUR INPUT IS SO GREAT THOUGH.

      ice cream rocks bro <3

  6. YO YO YOOOO. my friend with the supes fancy camera that i use for some of my blog pictures uses the telephoto 50mm F1.4 lens. it's a canon lens. and it is a m a z i n g. WOO.

    i love food. i love you. i love the food you make. all of that to say: recipe posts would be perfect.

    OOOOO SOFTBALL. THAT IS SO COOL. never actually done it. *laughs* it'd be a little too dangerous in my family. but we have used branches and hit balls with that (very poorly).

    i just repainted my room this past week and it has been e x h a u s t i n g. was it like that for you at all after you moved? i've been throwing old things away and getting an entire bag ready to donate to the thrift store. man, i am pooped. thankfully today is friday so i can complete school for the day and then have the next two days to work hard on finishing everything up. bleck. XD

    p.s. could you either post the chocolate nice cream recipe? or email me it toooo. unfortunately we don't have mint leaves on hand so i'll have to do another flavor of your delicious-looking ice cream. :D plus i love chocolate so there's that.

    1. YO YOOOOO DID I EVER MENTION I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS dude seriously? I've actually been looking at that lens xD IT IS AMAZEBALLS. But the only thing is the price so I just might get the F1.8 lens. idk *shrugs*

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah gotcha

      lol THAT LITERALLY MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD. HEY BRO if you can hit balls with branches you should like...be able to win the world series or whatever they do out there. It's a fun sport....pfft. kind of.

      DUDE I FEEL YA. But *hands you victory cookies* THAT IS A BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT SO YOU SHOULD FEEL GOOD. My room wasn't even painted until a few months after we moved, so I had to temporarily sleep in a different room. It was weird. What color did you use? We still need to paint, bro. It's awful. GIRL YOU GOT THIS THO. Sounds like you've been living on the corner of bombdiggity and productive so that's always good.

      YESSS DUDE WILL DO. I might just email it to you? GAH I NEEd TO GET A LIFE AND GET STUFF DONE.

    2. HAHAHAHA. lovees. go for what you can get comfortably - most of the time, the quality of a photo is the photographer rather than the lens. good luck. *finger guns* ALSO HAHAHA oh man. wish i could win the world series (actually not because i'd be too stressed to play with that many people watching *hides*). OHhhh righhtt. I really love my bed so I just slept in my room with my bed in the middle of it while we painted. XD the paint is called CHEESE PUFF???? oh my goodness. and it actually DOES LOOK LIKE ONE??? accidentally choose a super orange color (those little cards make it hard to envision as an entire wall, you know) but it is good. it's bright and better than our old green/blue/white splatter wall from ten years ago. whoops. what color are you going to paint your room(s)?

      THAT SOUNDS GOOD. whenever you have the time. i literally forgot about it until you posted so. XD candencedeclan@gmail.com should work. *grins*

  7. SPRING *tries to grab it* I'm on vacation right now, and it's FREEZING and back home it's like summer. WHERE DID SPRING GO?!? (for some reason, I always comment about the weather on your blog? xD)

    Omg that nice cream looks SO GOOD. It makes me hungry right now and reminds me that I need to start baking/making food/stuff like that.

    <3 audrey caylin

    1. DUDE that's gotta be so annoying! Being on vacation and freezing? UGH. lol HEY in real life when I don't know what to talk about I always bring up the weather soooo


  8. Posts like these make me so happy :)

  9. Hehe, NO we don't get tired of life posts and YES you should do recipe posts! Honestly girl, if you're excited to post about something, that will show through in your writing, and then we'll become excited about it. :D So yeah, BRING ON THE RECIPES!!!!


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