June Wrap-Up | July Goals

28 June 2017

yeah okay someone's going to have to explain to me how HALF OF 2017 is GONE already.  BECAUSE THIS IS INSANE OKAY.  How is half of the year gone already? Like, I feel like it just started??? I mean, in a sense, I can see how half of the year is gone already, but still...that's crazy.  WUT. Time to make the most out of every second, right? xD 

June was a very s l o w month, so I don't think this post's going to be too long.  It was kind of a boring month, but hey, that's summer :) I'm excited for July and all that the future holds though.
+ Hit 200 followers!!!!!! June 20th, 2017. Y'ALL THIS IS LITERALLY THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE THING YET.  I'm literally in shock right now and IT IS CRAZY.  I'm so thankful to God and to all of you guys for like...reading these words that I write.  HOW AWESOME ARE YOU ALL?!!!!! This means so much to me and I'm so grateful :))

+ Made watermelon cake.  AND NO it isn't a cake that looks like watermelon, it's a watermelon that looks like a cake.  From the outside.  I saw this idea on Pinterest a long time ago, and I thought of it again recently and made it for Father's Day.  IT'S SO GOOD.  And easy.  So even if you hate cooking, you should definitely give this one a try :)
To be fair, my cake didn't exactly turn out picture perfect or how I had envisioned it to.  The frosting got a little weird, and the watermelon itself was all misshapen and crooked from when I had cut it; but hey, it tasted great xD 

+ Picked strawberries & the weather got REALLY hot which was the bomb, let me tell you. 

+ Went to the zoo.  This was kind of around my birthday, and it wasn't necessarily the most exciting thing in the universe or anything, but it was pretty fun to see all the different animals.  AND GUYS.  We saw these two bears there that were "playing" (or so they say), and it was pretty funny.

Not to mention how fat they were xD

So this thing is a wolf.  A WOLF.  And it is probably the laziest wolf you'll ever see.  It literally just sat there like a rock, occasionally looking at us.  LIKE WUT WHO DO U THINK U R.

+ Spent time with friends I haven't seen in a looong time.  This was honestly one of the best things ever and it made me realize how much I miss being around people a LOT.  Kind of sad, but you know, keeping the eyes set on Jesus :))

+ Got back into making videos? Kind of? I've been feeling really inspired to do it, and I need a good editing software to obviously edit the videos, so I've been looking into Premiere Pro, but I'm going to need a better laptop to handle Premiere, so we'll see what happens with that xD I'd really love to make those cinematic/nature videos because they are straight fire, but we'll see :))

+ Passed all the basic levels in figure skating.  Yeah, I haven't been talking about that a whole lot on the blog, but I'm still skating and now I'm in Pre-Freeskate which is really amazing and I'm so thankful that God has given this gift to me :))

+ Started bullet journaling.  I would definitely not call it bullet journaling.  AT ALL.  But it technically it is, so. Basically this past week I took (omw you know that phrase "bite the bullet"? like "bite the bullet" and bullet journal lol) my planner that I've quit using since school let out and I've been trying to make to-do lists and make them look artsy.  Not exactly working, but y'know xD It's the trying that counts.  So, yeah, I've started bullet journaling a little.  So far I've loved it!

+ Did a lot of little boring things.  I think.  Honestly I can't even remember what all I did this month, and apparently they weren't of that much importance anyways, so. xD Sorry, guys, I think I'm just in a really weird mood right now.
+ Get back into making videos.  Already touched on this, but nope, didn't happen because I need to make Premiere actually work before I can edit.

+ FINALLY WRITE AGAIN.  I mean, I did write, but not on my laptop  and not as much as I should have.  Whoops.


+ DO STUFF OUTSIDE. GO OUTSIDE. BE OUTSIDE.  Yeah, I was outside a decent amount of time this month, so I'll cross it off.  The great outdoors yo ♥
I don't really have anything specific in mind for July, to be honest.  Because every month so far this year I've had a little list here of things I want to accomplish in the next month, and yeah, that's great and lovely and awesome, but right now I'm not...really feeling that? I'm not sure how to exactly describe it, but it's July.  It's summer.  I don't really know what I even do every day (that makes no sense, yes, I know). I'm not sure what exactly God is doing in life, but I know He's in control and that is enough.  So yeah.  I don't know.  In July...I guess I just want to live a life that's good and I want to be in the center of God's will.  'cuz that makes life worth living :) 


So that was June. I feel it's always like "oh here's a new month!" and then BOOM it's gone in a second.  People say that the older you get the faster time goes? I think it's true, though I can't quite figure out the logic behind it.  I guess the older we get, we take everything too seriously and forget to live in the moment a lot.  WELL I'M READY TO LIVE JULY.  How about you? God is good, life is good, and July can sure be good.  

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? I've always been a chocolate fan (I know there are plenty of people that don't like it though xD), but I like cookies and cream too, and there's nothing like butter pecan either.  Eh.  ANYTHING WITH CHOCOLATE FOR ME.  Out of the three months June, July, and August -- which speaks SUMMER most to you? I feel like July/early August does for me, even more so than June.  BUT JUNE IS DEFINITELY SUMMER TOO DON'T GET ME WRONG.  xD



  1. GAH that watermelon cake looks SOOO GOOD. Preskate levels are so hard! That's where I had to stop ice skating since I kept injuring myself terribly. My favorite ice cream flavor will ALWAYS be mint chip, although now that I've been exposed to mango, green tea, and cherry sorbet I'd love to have those (so hard to find the three latter flavors available)! I also really want to spend more time with friends I haven't seen in a long time-- that's what summer is for! The days for summer is definitely the June and July months, but that's probably because we start school in August. *screams at the thought of school* *wails*

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. THANK YOU!! Oh I had no idea you skated! What inspired you to start? Did you pass the basics though? OOH YES so many people's favorite is mint chip haha.


  2. WHOOAAA The watermelon cake tho!! I saw that on pinterest too, yours looks beautiful! Also all the images on your blog never cease to blow me away x)


    1. YEAH IKR?! Awwww thank you <33 WOW I AM FLATTERED BEYOND WORDS

      SAME BRO

  3. Your cake is impressive. I don't think I'll ever even attempt to decorate a cake to that extent, but yours looks awesome! And the idea of watermelon for a cake is unexpected.

    1. Haha, it honestly wasn't that difficult!! But thanks :) I know right? People don't necessarily expect it. Also it's healthier too lol

  4. CONGRATS ON 200 FOLLOWERS!! That must be quite a feeling. xD I remember hitting 100, I couldn't believe it. That's like...everyone in my year group? You absolutely deserve it though, I always love your content! Now if only you could cut that delicious-looking watermelon cake into 201 slices...

    I used to love cookies and cream but sadly I lost my sweet tooth. :( Now I mostly eat vanilla or sorbets, not much chocolate. I love anything strawberry! You should look up Michael Jackson Freakshake. If there was a perfect argument to disprove heaven and hell this is it. Because it's actual heaven on earth. <3

    1. THANK YOU WOOO It's a pretty great feeling, though to be totally honest, the feeling of hitting 100 is different than hitting 200. Maybe it's just because of where I'm at in life, but my reaction was definitely different haha. BUT IT'S STILL AMAZING. You are so sweet gah <3 IF ONLY I COULD I KNOW RIGHT. They make the craziest things but I still can't do that. ugh.

      Oh really? So you don't really like sweets that much anymore? Sorbets are good too though! Haha, tbh I don't really like strawberry that much...I prefer the fruit I guess xD

  5. That watermelon cake looks so good! Honestly, everything you cook looks so good :-)
    My favorite flavor is probably either the classic vanilla, or chocolate!

    1. Welllll I'm not sure if I could say I "cooked" this, but y'know!
      THANK YOU!!!!!!!
      i love ice cream yesss

  6. Your wrap-ups are are always fun to read and somehow meaningful at the same time - that's a hard balance to find, in my opinion, so congratulations. :D

    That watermelon cake is such a good idea! It looks perfect for a summer evening. :) And go you with the ice skating! I've only ice skated once ever I think - but it was good.

    Yes, I know what you mean, this year is evaporating. But anyway, I hope you're July goes really well! Enjoy the summer! :)

    1. Aw that's so kind of you to say, Jessica :) That means so much to me. I just hope I can shine Jesus in whatever I'm doing so. THAT'S THE BEST COMPLIMENT EVER.

      Yes it is! You should try it sometime! Do you enjoy cooking? Ooh, you should try it! Do you have a lot of rinks in Australia?

      Hope everything goes well for you! Keep looking to Christ :)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS ON 200 FOLLOWERS!! That's so exciting!!!

    Okay, this watermelon cake is blowing my mind. Like, how did it taste? And did it get like, crazy soggy? Because it looks amazing but I feel like there are so many ways that I could/would mess that up.


      ok well first you've got to try this! but yeah, it honestly tasted REALLY good. I used whipped cream frosting, and hey I could probably eat that stuff plain, and on the watermelon it was just light and fluffy and sweet. Not that bad. It wasn't too soggy either, because it's really just watermelon. BRO YOU NEED TO DO THIS.

  8. Congratulations on 200 followers. That's a great achievement.

    The watermelon cake looks very tasty. What was the icing? I bet it got a bit strange with all the extra liquid from the melon.

    The zoo looks very familiar!

    Looks like you had a great June! may July be just as nice.

    1. Thank you! I'm so blessed.

      Whipped cream frosting with vanilla :) I find that to be my favorite because it's so light and creamy, yet easy. Eh, not really. I served it right after I made it, and a little bit of juice came out from the bottom of the cake, but not a lot!

      Haha, really? Have you visited it before? We probably live in the same state lol

      You too! Great to see you around :D

    2. The juice of the watermelon could make it tricky. Not one that should sit around hours waiting to be eaten.

      It is quite possible...especially if that is America's oldest zoo. But I won't get any more detailed. :-)

  9. Love the cake! I've been meaning to start bullet journaling as well. Happy July!


    1. THANK YOU! Yayy! Go for it! Just do it how YOU want it and don't worry :)

  10. Congrats on reaching 200 followers (aka friends)! Are you going to do anything to celebrate? :)

    Your watermelon cake looks delicious - I kind of want to try making one of my own. o-o


    Also, isn't bullet journaling the best?

    Favorite ice scream flavor: Raspberry chocolate chip <3


      Ah thanks!! I'm thinking I might redesign my blog, but I couldn't really think of anything else to do xD Maybe I'll come up with something by the time I reach 300 lol

      AWWW YES bullet journaling is awesome!


  11. That watermelon cake looks so cool! I've never heard of that before.
    Your trip to the zoo looks awesome. And that's so neat you were able to see those bears fighting!!! Every time we go the zoo, the animals are all either asleep or hiding behind some rock. -_-

    1. You should try it!

      Haha, I hadn't been to the zoo in a long, long time so it was cool! I actually'd like to go another one near the end of summer. A bunch of the animals were zoned out though...like what do they feed them????

    2. Ikr!! I feel like all the exciting animals are on meds.

  12. Watermelon cake looks pretty amazing, Autumn!
    And that wolf? You know the phrase about the wolf wearing sheep's clothing? That wolf seems to be doing just that, and it's kind of freaky.


    1. Thanks, Sofia!!

      AH yes I do! haha that's so interesting :) You never can tell you know! The Bible verse meant it more for people, but it can definitely parallel in nature xD NATURE EXAMPLES.


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