September Wrap-Up | October Goals

27 September 2017

+ I had to write down...everything I ate...for a WEEK.  All right, so for my health class, we've been doing some...interesting things.  The way I see it, at least we have a little variety in school.  BUT at the beginning of this month we had to write down everything we put into our mouth (not drinks) for a WEEK.  Oh, man.  You guys, that week was crazy.  Let's just say diet is a little unconventional (i.e. I do not, in fact, eat cereal for breakfast, a hamburger for lunch, and a pizza for dinner, although that would be nice) and so I might've been just a little intimidated at sharing my diet with my teacher??? But I will say, I tried to make that week not look too crazy hahahahahahh

+ We had a bake off.  This was also one of my health class projects.  It's a pretty crazy class, yep.  But basically, we all had to bring in something baked that had less than the amount of sugar the recipe called for.  I don't know why we had to do this, because pretty much everyone already cuts back on sugar in a recipe, as far as I know.  BUT WE DID & it was quite interesting to eat stuff with white flour and white sugar (I told you my diet is unconventional; I don't really eat a lot of foods like that on a normal basis anyways ahaha), even if it was allegedly cut back on.  I COULDN'T REALLY TELL??? It all tasted plenty sweet to me? like, if that had the full amount of sugar, then wOW we'd be off the walls by then.

I made a plate of brownies with *gasp* white sugar.  Yeah.  fun times.

+ Fall..."started"?!!? I write this as  I look back fondly on the last week, in which every single day has been in the freaking 90's. (Fahrenheit, *cough*) I MEAN C'MON.  I bought a bunch of cute fall decor, baked my single serve apple crisp today & had it with vanilla ice cream, and the weather is 90?? I guess this all lines up? Yep.

But, I've got to say, I'm not complaining!!!!! I LOVE WARM WEATHER & THIS IS LOVELY!!!!! Also, yes I realize I chose my online name to be Autumn why even ok let's not talk about this right now

+ Fixer Upper is ending nooo what even SO IF YA DIDN'T HEAR our beloved show (and the only show worth watching on tv in my opinion) is ending after season five.  Like...why, Chip & Joanna??? But, I guess I'm also glad they're doing what's right for them.  All the more reason to love them, right? :D BUT STILL.  This is me after finding out:

+ Edited VIDEO! I actually edited two videos this month, which was LIT.  They're both up on my YouTube channel (and the one was in my last post :), so you should definitely check it out!

+ FOOD.  First things first, I actually went to Dairy Queen (it's basically a ice cream shop) the other day for the first time IN A VERY LONG TIME.  I got a gift card to go there and with the way the weather's been recently, um, yes, ICE CREAM? SIGN ME UP.  It was absolutely lovely, my frens.  

also, i made peanut butter pie.  yes, it was amazing.

I also tried this crescent roll...thing? I kind of put my own twist on it though, because the recipe said to put taco seasoning with the beef, but I added pizza sauce.  So I guess it's Italian? LOL IDK

+ Do fun, fall things.  Umm...I'm not really sure what all I did in September to be honest.  I feel like I did do a bunch of cool things, (maybe xD) but I don't really remember everything and I don't think any of them pertained specifically to fall (other than I wore fluffy pj's again) because the beginning of September felt like fall and the past week has felt like summer sooo.  Um.  Yeah.

+ Feed myself spiritually. When I wrote this goal down last month I was in a place where I needed to revive myself spiritually FOR SURE.  And it's always a progression, but yes, I'm in a better place now than at the end of the last month, thank God.  But like I said, it's still coming :)

Eat healthyYeahh...about this.  I don't think I made very big efforts in this department to be honest =P I didn't trash myself with junk food, but I didn't take a ton of caution either? *cringe* OCTOBER SHALL BE BETTER HOPEFULLY
unedited raw picture because i'm writing this post wayyyy too late :P

+ Work out (at least a little) I'd really love if this finally became at least a half-routine in my life.  I've been jogging recently, so hopefully I keep that up and also maybe incorporate some exercises in there.  WE SHALL SEE.

+ Completely finish my project room.  I'm literally so so close, guys! I might actually finish this month even, I'm not sure yet.  But I hope to have it up, running, and decorated my next month so I can move on to the next thing.  Praying it becomes a reality :))

+ Enjoy every day & live fearlessly.  Yeah, I don't know what all October holds.  Right now, it's not looking like an over-the-top month, but that's the thing with life, you never know.  But God does, so that's good.  Live well, love God :D

So that's it for this post! Talk to me.  How did your September go? CAN YOU BELIEVE THERE'S ONLY 3 MORE MONTHS IN 2017? Wow.  October is soon going to officially here. Eeep, well here's to a good one! Do you have anything exciting going on in October?


  1. That bake off sounds like it was a lot of fun. Tracking what you eat is a whole other story though been there done that. It's not fun. All the food looks so yummy.

  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT SEPTEMBER IS ALMOST OVER!! But I had a GREAT month and it looks like you did too!! And the food you made looks AWESOME!!!

    - Maddy |

  3. OH MY GOSH THAT ALL LOOKS SO GOOD! I actually want to track what I eat I've just never gotten to it mostly because I'm like really lazy. Haha. Cool post. :)

  4. Now I'm hungry. XP (AND I'VE ACTUALLY MADE THAT TACO THING BEFORE. For a church thing. It was really yummy.)

  5. SO MUCH FOOD OH MY GOODNESS. That pie looks amazinggggg. <3

  6. Can we just give it up for the peanut butter pie? That looks phenomenal. Happy Almost October! :) <3

  7. I'm always hungry after going on your blog because the pictures of all this AMAZING LOOKING FOOD HOLY COW!!
    Happy October!!


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