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25 October 2017

What prompted this post was a conversation we had last Tuesday in my Bible class.  My teacher was a missionary in central America for four years prior to coming back here, and we were talking about technology and how quickly it's changing and where it could go.  I remember he said: "I remember when we left, hardly anybody had smartphones and they were so few.  But when we got back, almost everybody had one." And that got me thinking, wow. They went on to talk about Instagram and social media (a whole other subject because I quit my Instagram a year ago...long story), but I kept thinking about what he'd said.  The world changes and molds itself to one trend after another...so. flipping. fast.

Our world is continuously changing.  That's why we have history.  We look back on those old times, marvel, and study the heroes of war in history classes.  No generation is the same.  But the strangest thing is, in my opinion, we don't even see it coming. Even the few years that I've been alive, and guess what.  (no that wasn't a question) Things have changed so much from even when I was born.  Looking back in the early 2000s and '90s...man.  What was their style? What was their language? So weird, right? Kids growing up in the twenty-teens.  I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU.  But yet, isn't that what people might have been saying when I was born? The world is changing, and sometimes it's hard to grasp it.  Technology keeps changing, and although it seems like nothing dramatic happens in one year, IT DOES.

I think this quote by C.S. Lewis aptly describes what I'm trying to say.
Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different
Honestly, that quote is life.  That quote pretty much sums up life in a sentence.  (Maybe not quite, but close!)  And to be frank, things are going to continue to change.

Like my teacher was saying, when they got back from central America after being away for only five years, so much change had happened.  And he noticed that only because he'd been AWAY in a place that didn't have all that advancement going on.  Me? Yeah.  Things are definitely different than they were five years ago.  But the changes came so gradually into my life.  I don't realize how much my life changed in the past five years....because it slowly came in.  We don't realize how much things change...until we look back and say, wow.  HOW the freak did all this happen so fast?

And I feel that especially in the 21st century...now...present times.  Technology has changed the world.  Everything is so different than it was 20 years ago.  IT BLOWS MY MIND.  hOW eVeN.  How is the world going to be in another 20 years? I'm telling you, it's going to be a lot more advanced and...probably a lot more crazier.

A group of people brainstorming over a laptop and sheets of paper
And from a Christian viewpoint, "...evil shall wax worse and worse..."  Yeah, it kind of sounds hopeless, but it honestly doesn't have to be.  The world is spiraling downwards, but there's hope.  In Jesus Christ alone.  And for me, that's where I'm putting my hope and confidence.

SO I'm not sure what exactly I want this post to be.  My thoughts.  I want to know what you guys think.  The world has changed and is changing so much, how do we hold on to what's right when everything changes?  How do we stay true to our values and the simple things in life? My accounting teacher was telling us a few weeks back he wants to start another elective in which we just talk about technology and how far it's come and where it's going.  Sounds like a class I'd join xD

And yet in another sense, this brings me a lot of nostalgia.  Times change so flipping fast, the present we have now becomes even more dear.  Guys, this time of your life isn't going to be here forever.  In five years, today, this month, this year will be history and how it's going to be remembered is in how we choose to live every moment we have.  Which is also why we need to LIVE in the now.  Embrace the moment.  (before robots take over everything amirite) 

Times are changing.  They always have been, and they always will.  But I guess the most important thing is how we face that and what we do in light of that.


SO YEAH.  What do you guys think? I wanna know.  Sometimes it's so surreal to step back and look at all the weightier things in life....oh, God, how I need you.  Thoughts? Comments? Discussion? xD 



  1. Oh man yes. This is straight fire on point GIRL <3. I've stayed up more than one night thinking about these things and here you put them all down in one post...

    Despite all our changes we remain humans with all the same emotions, wants, and weaknesses...that has always astounded me for some reason. We gotta embrace the moment though that's so true, today is today and we're never going to see that day...time...even minute again. << Anna rambles xD, Anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH for this Autumn, I love those posts that make you think about life and just sit and muse :") <3

    1. Ahh thank you so much, Anna :) That means a lot!

      That's so true...yes. Human nature has always remained the same throughout everything. I LOVE YOUR WISDOM, GIRL

  2. Preach it! I feel like technology is changing so much and its not for the better. I mean, look at how social media is. I just heard people put signs on chickens now, shaming them for something they did and its popular on instagram. How stupid is that? (Rhetorical.)

    I just don't think all this progression is a good thing. I'm old school and I prefer technology to be kept to a minimum. Phones, computers, tablets, and such are fine. Do we really need self-driving cars (which I wouldn't trust anyway) and other things that make us lazy? Some things are good and have improved the world and how we work in it. Other things almost make me feel like we're becoming a dystopian novel.

    Thank you for this post. I love it!


    1. Wow, yeah, that is crazy. Sometimes, it's like, what's the world coming to even with all these technology advancements.

      YES, idk if I would be comfortable driving a Tesla either :) Some old fashioned values like hard work will never be replaced.

      I loved hearing your thoughts!

  3. AUTUMN THERE ARE TOO MANY THINGS TO SAY ABOUT EVERYTHING. *cue lots of screaming* but the one thing I cling tightly to is that fact that God never changes. He is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. we are fickle humans, always going from one thing to the next. BUT OH THERE'S THAT ONE VERSE THAT TALKS ABOUT hope being an anchor for the soul. *snap snap* so yes. the world is full of change and it's scary and it seems like there's a lot of bad things happening, but He is true and He is steady and that is the thing that stills my beating heart. x
    (so much more to say, but i have school and sleeps to get so keeping it short. all my love).

    1. *cue my happy screaming*
      YES YES PREACH IT, GIRL. God is like, the only anchor in this unstable world. You're so right *laughs* HE IS GOOD. And your wisdom is wonderful too <3 SO WISE YOU ARE.

      haaaaah yes i understand 1000x. school and sleep and important things in life xx

  4. This is a very interesting post. Funny thing. My brother was just talking about how amazing it is that it only took like 58 years between the first airplane flying and the first space shuttle. I've never thought about that in years and in the idea of a person's lifetime. Then you think about all the changes our grandparents have lived through. Everything does go so quickly.

    1. Wow, that is crazy! So much will happen in our lifetimes, I'm sure. WOW.


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