SUMMER THROWBACK: ft. new philadelpha pictures

04 March 2018

HELLO & HAPPY MARCH, FRENS!! I hope you're doing well on this sunny afternoon ( at least it's sunny here).  Today I flipped through my pictures to some ones that I never got around to sharing from last summer. It's so cold outside, so I thought I'd try to bring some summer cheer back, if only through pictures :)

I actually filmed a little when I went on this trip and made a short video, if you want to check that out HINTHINT XD.  Pretty sure that I did post it on the blog, but if you didn't watch it before I'll just link it here.

I'll probably be doing a life update-y post soon because I haven't done of those in so, so long.  And I'm also hoping to do a review this month as well, so watch out for that!

Have an amazing week and keep shining bright xx


  1. Flamingos!! Also I love zoos <3<3

  2. All those pics look so cool!!

  3. I love the pictures! Zoos are such pretty places to take pictures in, it's almost like a little garden in and of itself within a city.


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