09 May 2018

Well, I guess first of all, lately I've been trying to do all my post titles in ALL CAPS.  Aesthetic? Eh...idk.  Just trying to change things up I suppose :)

BUT hello y'all! How are you doing? ARE YOU EXCITED FOR SUMMER? Lately the weather has been turning so warm and, guys, spring has SPRUNG.  It's insane how one day everything changes and all the leaves have green and it's so different and you literally have to get used to it it's so DIFFERENT.  But it's a good different.  And honestly, spring is so colorful and smells really beautiful and is like a herald of summer so it's all good.  I'M SO HAPPY. 

Today I just thought I'd do a little life recap of some stuff that's been going on lately and what's been on my mind as of late :)

So, first of all, I get out of school literally next WEEK.  It's insane to think that after this I have one more year of high school left.  I've always kind of been a really sentimental person when it comes to school/end of school.  Why ??? I'm not sure.  I remember in 8th grade I even shed a few tears after coming home after the last day of school bc SENTIMENTAL FEELS YO.  It's tough xD I think it's mainly because I just feel things very deeply (#enfp), but surprisingly this year I'm not as 'sad' or anything.  It's kind of nice, and I think I'm really just ready to get out of school.  Obviously I'm definitely trying to enjoy the last few days of school and being a junior and all of that, but I'm also stoked to be out! of! school! I feel like in the summer or really just being out of school gives you a lot more time, therefore allowing you more time to work towards those dreams.  Education is so important and I definitely stand with that, but yeah...I'm just ready to be done with this school year.  Also my school's getting remodeled so we're actually getting out a little earlier and going back a little later....basically longer summer break !!! yay !! 

A couple posts back I talked about how I'm kind of lost and confused...especially concerning the future and all that, and the fact that this chapter of life will soon be coming to an end.  And truth is, I'm still kind of really lost.  Life has definitely not been easy for most of 2018 for me, and it's a struggle.  I realized last week that I desperately need a Healer and a Guider...names that refer to God.  Meaning...I need God's lead in my life.

Stuff like this is definitely not an easy thing to go through...and yeah, I know that everyone goes through tough times and everybody struggles with knowing what to do with their life and all that, but that still doesn't really change the fact that it's tough.  Uncertainty can become a cloud that hangs over every aspect of your life and just ruin it.  Living with that cloud is downright difficult. The "pieces of advice/encouragement" that you hear from everyone and even know to be true almost become cliché. want to experience it for yourself.  To know that God still works in personal ways.  So yeah, life hasn't become much easier in that aspect.  But I was thinking about it last night, and y'know, every day we wake up.  We have 12 hours in the day.  What else to do but 1) follow God and 2) work hard.  Everything else falls in between, and yes, sometimes it's crazy hard and unmanageable, but you have to have faith.  Even when you feel like you can't.  

*ahem* SO next month I might be going on a vacation? I'm not totally sure yet, but if it does happen I WILL BE STOKED.  I'll definitely keep you updated on that (I mean, there will be 1343423521 pictures obviously).  And I was also thinking that sometime this summer it might be fun to do a Q&A? It's been an idea I've rolled around for years, but never actually done.  Like an actual filmed Q&A with yours truly.  What do you think? 

Also, there's this restaurant called Popeyes that literally just opened up in town last week (quite a shocker because my town badly needs more newer, better stores *AHEM*), and I'm planning on going there next week with one of my friends (another shocker....i know i know) after school lets out, so vERY excited about that.  Have you ever been to a Popeyes before? WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED ON THAT AS WELL.  (i'll probably just do another life recap post at this rate woo)

AND guys this is probably the biggest announcement yet.  I've been working on a very special project for the past few weeks, and I can't quite reveal it YET, but it's pretty epic.  It's something I've thought about and always had the inkling for, but never actually did.  So that will be coming up later this month, so stay tuned for that.  IT'S VERY FUN.  :D

Tell me about you! Has summer started for you yet? I'm seriously excited for this summer.  ALL THE HAPPINESS AND HOPE COMES WITH SUMMER.  What do you think about a Q&A? Yay or nay? And have you ever been to Popeyes? (honestly what a name though xD) How's your life been lately?



  1. I'm so excited for summer!!! And with spring, everything is so pretty! Like I think the buds on the trees turned to leaves in one day! I love the smell of fresh cut grass and spring in general. :D

    I'm graduating this year and yes, I don't know what I want to do.... I just keep praying for God to lead me and guide me. I know He will open and close the right doors, but I'm trying to learn to step out and actually try to open doors. If that makes sense! :)

    Have a GREAT vacation!!!! And I really like that last picture of the dandelions!

    1. I agree so much! Spring makes everything so beautiful and ready for summer. YESSS one of my favorite smells of all time has to be freshly cut grass. IT'S SO SUMMERY AND AMAZING.

      Congrats on graduating, Brooklyne! I know it's such an uncertain time of life, but it's still exciting that you're graduating! I understand what you mean. As long as we make sure we do what God wants, that's what counts!

      Thanks for reading <3

  2. LOVED THIS POST <3 And those pictures are GORGEOUS!! *heart eyes*

    YES!! SUMMER HAS STARTED!!! *cheers* Summers my favorite! And yes, please do a Q&A!! That would be so much fun!
    Popeyes is AWESOME!! You'll love it!

    What's been happening in my life? Well, lets see. I finished school and I graduate in June, I get my braces off in a few weeks, I'll be turning 18 soon and I can get my drivers license, and I've been hired for my FIRST job and I start at the beginning of August! I have big times coming up!!!!

    I hope you have a lovely vacation and I cant wait for the announcement!!

    maddy || little bit of sunshine

    1. EEEEP thank you so much, maddy <3

      Yes same! Summer is my all time favorite season. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a Q&A after my special announcement :)

      Yesss congrats on finishing school! That's a huge accomplishment. Getting braces off is so much fun! I got mine off a little over a year ago, and it's SO MUCH NICER. Oooh wow sounds like you're doing a lot, Maddy! That's so exciting though. I hope you love your new job!

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Hey!
    I just found your blog and thought I'd stop by. I'm glad life is treating you well lately, and that announcement...can't wait!!! =)
    I'm headed down south for sun and warm weather soon, so that's exciting and a great kick-off to summer. <3

    1. Haha, hey there! Glad you stopped by. Oooh sounds lovely! Vacations are always so much fun :) Thanks for reading!

  4. I always get sentimental when schools gets out, except for this semester. Im just so busy that I havent even had time to process it all. life is crazy.

    1. oooh wow. That's crazy :) Life is a crazy journey, yes. Keep pressing on!

  5. Yay, enjoy your spring, and all the summer and holiday plans you have! I enjoy reading your recap posts and thoughts on life and God. :) Wow, I'm intrigued about the special project! it sounds exciting. :) And yes, I think a Q&A would be great! xx

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Are you going into winter now? Haha, it's interesting how it's flipped on different sides of the world.

      Thanks for reading!! I'm super excited about the project, yes. EEEP thanks! I think I'll do one this summer. AKLFJALKFJAFKL

  6. Ahhh loved this post!! School lets out in lime two weeks and I'm so excited about it!!

  7. Yay! I just finished my school (earlier today, actually), which is super exciting! I'm ready for the summer, but not for the heat, haha! I much prefer the cold, but I also like the sun (which doesn't come around often in the winter, it's so often cloudy)


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