2 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: thejourneyco shop + upcoming Q&A!

01 June 2018


What day is it, you ask?

ok sorry for the all caps but i'm a little excited, y'know?

SO...I have a little story for you.

Earlier this year, right at the beginning, to be exact, I had an idea pop into my brain.  Start an online business.  

At that point in my life, I was just feeling a little...meh.  So when I got this idea, I was like, "Hey, I've been doing this blogging thing for a while now, why not actually expand and try to start a business?" I had no idea how to go about it, what I'd do, or if it would even work.  (Still actually not sure if it's going to work, but that's fine ;) I mulled the idea around in my brain for a good few weeks, sketched out designs, and thought.  A lot.  I went through several different business ideas, but all of them were a little too time-consuming, complicated, or plain down just-wouldn't-work-at-this-time-of-my-life.

I kept the idea around for a while, when one day I stumbled across a YouTube video that talked about some business platform and bla bla bla.  I clicked on the link, shut off the computer, and went to bed.  The next day I went back to look at it with a fresh mind and ideas started forming.  What if...? What if...? What if...?

I messed around with the platform I decided to use, and discovered the world of designing your own apparel/decor/stationary/etc.  Let me just say, it's a pretty awesome world.

Fast forward to today, I'm telling you guys about this venture/idea I had and am now pursuing.  Is it completely set up and ready to go? No, not yet.  It's still quite a bit of a work-in-progress (sadly).  The online store isn't up yet, but I decided to tell y'all about it in advance, just because things are coming together and...well, I REALLY WANTED TO TELL YOU. 

I'm hoping to officially launch the shop in a few weeks, give or take some.  But, that's still tentative. 

As for the title, well, you saw it from the title of this post: thejourneyco.  Why the name? This year I've understood and realized more than ever how much of a journey life is.  We all are on a unique journey, and it's a story.  The story of our lives.  Honestly, life is such a journey, and I wanted to just capture that in the name, so therefore...thejourneyco.

There's a lot of things that I'm still finalizing and getting through (man...setting up an online shop is T-O-U-G-H. But I can't even begin on how excited I am and how fun it's been. :)

SO, I figured since you all might be a little curious about this whole proposition and idea, I CAME UP WITH ANOTHER IDEA.  (well, kinda, I mean this idea has been in the works for a long time

A few posts ago, I mentioned I might do a Q&A this summer. and I'm GOING FOR IT.  If you have any burning questions you want to ask me about the shop or just in general about blogging/life, go ahead and leave them down below!! I'm thinking of filming the Q&A and starting a YouTube channel this summer, so that could also very possibly be a real thing.  SO ASK AWAY, FRENS!

I hope you guys liked this post! IT'S A TON OF EXCITING STUFF THAT'S HAPPENING and I couldn't be more excited.  (also, I mean, I'm just overall stoked about starting a YouTube channel.  It's only been my dream forever pffft :D) ALSO: random, I finally fixed the font on my blog so I can use bold and italics!! YEAHHHHH

SO how's your life going?  Are you going to ask any questions for the Q&A? YOU SHOULD.  What's something you'd like to see in an online shop? 



  1. That's so exciting; congratulations!

    Here are a couple of questions: 1. What's your go-to remedy for when you don't feel like creating? 2. What are a couple of ways that blogging has improved your life?


  2. EEEEEP, I AM LITERALLY SO PUMPED FOR THIS!! I am so happy for you and for aspiring to fulfill your dreams. <3 I started my own online business last year and I'm not going to lie, I lost a lot of motivation for it. So, maybe you could talk a little bit about the preparation that has gone into creating your business in your video? Also; super excited for your YouTube! I will definitely be the first to subscribe. ;)

    Other questions:
    - how did you get into blogging?
    - do you like pizza?
    - where is your dream place to live (real or fictional)?
    - can you spell "Mississippi" while holding your tongue?

    I am so happy and proud of you- keep up the great work!

    xx Kenzie | www.paperpizzablog.com

  3. This sounds neat! Here are my questions...
    1. What made you decide to start a blog?
    2. What three things have you learned from your blogging experience?
    3. What is the main goal for starting your online business?
    4. Dogs or cats?
    5. Favorite dessert?

  4. Wow, very cool!! What will your online store sell? Looking forward to seeing it launch!!

  5. Wow, that is so awesome! I'm so excited for you, and looking forward to checking out your products. :) Also, I admire you for telling us about it while it's still in the process. :) And wow, a youtube channel too?! You're going places, girl. :D

    So, questions:
    - what's something you wish you had the courage to do?
    - what's your go-to Bible promise?
    - what do you do to beat procrastination/stay motivated?

  6. YAY THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! I'm thinking about starting a business over the summer as well, but I haven't really started working on it a lot yet.

    My questions:
    -where do you get the most inspiration from?
    -what is your favorite color?
    -what is your favorite part of your day?

  7. JFLSIEFNSIFJSLE!! YOUR STARTING A SHOP!! I CAN NOT WAIT TO PROMOTE IT BECAUSE I WILL BUY AND SUPPORT OF COURSE. I am really so excited for you! One day I hope I will be able to make a workout clothing line with cute tees.

    QUESTIONNNNNNSSSSS! (I have to much energy this morning.)
    1// Do you shape your brows? I have this question because I have been thinking a lot about my eye brows recently. (idk why.)
    2// Summer adventures?
    3// BE MY BLOG BABE? ily!


    I'm just so pumped for everything ugh you are killing the game my friend. <3


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