15 October, 2014

♦ Just a Bunch of Pictures & Quick Trip to the Library ♦


So basically these were just a few pictures I've taken over the year [s] :) Obviously, because some were like taken in the spring, and it's obviously not spring anymore :( *Glances outside at the cold, chilly night* But- Fall is amazing too :D

So - now for my library trip:) It was super cold and foggy and rainy this past Monday, and definitely October. So after school, guess where I went? THE LIBRARY!!! Hip hip hooray!!! Orrr not......Yeah, about that :)

Well, see, I had to get a classic book for a school project and so I went to the library. I asked the librarian if they had the classics somewhere, and her somewhat disappointing answer was, "They're scattered throughout the library." UGHHHH..... How was I supposed to go through the entire library to find one. classic. book. So, I went to one of the library computers and searched up "classic" in the genre thingy, and there were like 110 results. Really? I was pretty much on the verge of despair. So I went to the non-fiction section and literally spent half-an-hour traveling back and forth from there to the computer every five minutes. Hmm..... So finally, I remembered a book I had got there last year, so I looked it up on the computer card catalog, and YESSSS!!!!! It was there! So I went and found it, and right beside it was another that one looked pretty interesting. So I picked it up as well. So, as I was getting ready to check out my stuff, I went to the fiction/juvenile fiction (I honestly don't even know what it was :) section and picked up some pretty interesting books as well. So on the way home I decided to spruce this post up a bit (because, in all honesty, who likes looking at a bunch of weird photos  taken by me? XD ) So I took some pictures of my books and thought I'd show you and if you've read any of these books, let me know if they're good or not! Also, what genres do you guys like reading? I LOVEEE Mystery and Comedy and Drama and just about anything that'll tide me over and leave me speechless :D

Oh- and if you're wondering if I got a classic, yes, I finally found THREE classics by E.B. White (He wrote classic right ? RIGHT? RIGHT? If you know, pleeeease tell me. Cuz I'm almost positive he did.... and he better have because I need it for school! ;) in the fiction section. Like, WHAT? So I ended putting the two books I had found in the Non-fic section away... I literally put away half-an-hour's worth of work. *sigh* :) Yeah,well... And wow I rambled quite a bit :)

 Book #1 : Stuart Little. So, this is the book I found as a classic. I think I'm going to use it and it looked pretty interesting. I knew it was fairly popular, so have any of you guys read it?

 Book #2 : Escape into the Night. This book is part of the "The Riverboat Adventures" series. I actually read the whole series like years ago, so I think it'll be be fun to re-read. I think I actually enjoyed it, so yeah..... And I know the pictures turned out pretty bad for this one so, sorry :)

 Book #3 : Behind Enemy Lines. Personally, I don't know if this is a popular series, but my library has the whole collection (seriously, guys, there's like forty-two!). I'm on book 13, and I really love this series. I saw the first movie on it, (the movies not on the kids ones though) and it's EXHILARATING.  lol, I always loved big words. But, really, I do like these books. And my library only has the series for the Left Behind >The Kids< series, so, I'll just finish this series and then look around for the older version. Quick background : There's the kids series and the adult series (I think.... not 100% sure) Anybody else know?

 Book #4 : Mystery of the 99 Steps + The Clue in the Crossword Cipher. So my library has some Nancy Drew books that are two in one. HOW AMAZING IS THAT????? Pretty amazing. I've always loved Nancy Drew, and since it's mystery, it's one of my favorite reads :) Absolutely can't wait to read this sometime! I actually think I read the first book years ago, but I'll just re-read it because it's that interesting :)

Book #5 : A Surprise for Caroline. Just love my American Girl books, right? hehe... actually I have another blog >>> CLICKYYY HEREEE <<<<  on which I want to do a review of this book since I've never read an AG book (save one?) so I thought it would be fun to get one and do a review on it on that blog, since that blog is more dedicated to dolls anyways :) 


OK, so that wraps up this post. Thank you so much for reading, and, and, and.... Stuart Little is a classic, right? lol, no, actually I don't really care, if it's not, yeah well, it's not the end of the world; but I would like if it would be a classic :) So what have you been up to lately? What genres do you like reading? Bookworm or no? (If not, WHYYYYYYYYYY?????????)

And by the way, anyone else already excited for Christmas? It's only 3 MONTHS AWAY! Or two, I don't know, are we counting October too? Yeah well, in either case, it's so soon! YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!! hehe... well have a wonderful, richly blessed week :) 

Thanks for reading and God bless <3

08 October, 2014

Pinterest Fall Inspiration || I Would Wear That

Hullo peoples..... How art thou doing? Yeah... that didn't work... Hmm... XD Anyways, today I was surfing Pinterest and collected a couple (or lot) of outfit ideas that I thought I'd share with you. As a Christian, I try to dress modestly, and sometimes during the summer it's rather hard to walk into a big store and find a lot of clothes that would never fit my modesty standards. But come autumn, as the weather turns a little chilly, stores start to bring in clothes that are cute, yet modest, which is uh-mazing :) Like literally guys, Black Friday is the highlight of my entire fall ;) (Well, maybe.....) Also, in a lot of these pictures, the outfit  has a pair of jeans or leggings... for the most part during the fall, I tend to wear jeans. Actually, make that the entire fall I wear jeans... I honestly don't know why some people don't like jeans.... =D Woah- woah, wait what did I say? I LIVE IN SWEATPANTS ;D
 But in some of the pics, the bottoms are perty tight, so I would try to go for a looser fit in that case... just sayin :) Anyways, I hope you like this post and comment down below saying what you like to wear in the fall/winter time... ya know, just so we can have one big happy conversation about clothes ;) 

So I hope you guys liked this post and don't forget to tell me which outfit was your favorite and what you would wear during the fall time :) Thanks for reading and God Bless <3