Summer Bucket List Tag

Hey :)

  Yeah, so obviously it's not summer yet.  The snow's all melted, but there's still plenty of cold air left.  Too much for comfort.  So I wanted to - you know - kinda do a summer-y post, to cheer me up, and maybe you too.  Natalia over at All These Little Things  (definitely go check her out if you haven't already) made up this tag, and since it's all about summer, well, I decided to give it a go.  Since probably for every single summer the past couple of years I've wanted to do all this great stuff in the summer and never got around to doing anything, I thought it would be a good idea to put it all into one pile and then sort it out from there.  

 So I present to you - Summer Bucket List Tag =)

and is that GIF not the best thing ever???

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||   Write 15 things that you want to do this summer (if you can't think of 15 that's ok) and publish it in a post.

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||   Nominate 4 other people to do the tag.


Personally I think this would really fun, because I'm huge converse fan and I've never had a pair of white converse. White shoes tend to show dirt a lot more, but they also go with pretty much any outfit, so there are pros and cons I guess.  (xD Did you notice that? Pros and Cons? Converse ;P)

YES. YES. YES.  How was this not on my bucket list before?  I think I did this a long time ago, like five years ago, so I don't remember much, just screaming and excitement.  But I definitely want to try this out this summer, and document the whole thing.  Now that would be fun.

So these two kind of go together, but not really.  I've never slept a full night out under the stars, and I think that would be awesome.  I mean, wouldn't that just be epic?  And a meteor shower would be pretty amazing too, I think.  The sky is beautiful, and to watch a meteor shower would just be mind blowing.

Basically I would be ready to have an unforgettable adventure any time of the year, but summertime is probably the best time of the year, since the sun's apt to be out and the weather would most likely be warm.  I CAN'T WAIT.

So, I guess you could say I've always been a pretty big garden person.  Or a picky garden person.  I love having gardens and growing things, but my gardens usually aren't overflowing with flowers.  Most likely weeds and spinach.

But since gardening is a summer thing, I can't wait to do that this summer.  And hopefully this year I'll be able to keep it weed free.  Yeah, maybe.  Last fall/end of summer I did a kind of catch up on my life type of post where I posted a few pictures of my garden... Remember? (link here)

Oh yeah, this would be great.  I think I did this a long time ago, at a VBS or something, but tie-dying shirts is definitely something I would love to do.  It's just so summery.

There's this show called Cake Boss that follows the lives of the people that work at this bakery, and they make all sorts of crazy cakes.  From sharks to cars, they make literally everything into cakes.  Which is pretty amazing.  I think it would be pretty fun to try my hand at it sometime, just to see if I'm any good at cake decorating.  And if I'm not, hey, it'll taste all the same once I eat it =)

It's just a summer thing, you know? It's fun.

Last summer I had a lot of good times, and though I did get to snap some of those moments with my camera, I want to make a summer scrapbook type of thing this year.  And have little captions with what's going on beside the pictures.... Just for memory's sake.  It'd be really fun to look back through later and remember everything if you ask me.

I've started on this attempt many times, but I've always stopped sometime around Exodus and Romans.  So I'm really hoping to just buckle down and finish it at least once this summer.  That would be amazing ♥

Wouldn't this be so fun? Last summer I was at my friend's place and we found a balloon that had floated onto their property and had this note to visit this Facebook page to find more information about something and bla bla..... Whatever.  But you know, to write something inspirational and let it go would be pretty awesome....

Oh yes. This would be amazing.  I've done this before - been caught in a flash storm and it's honestly one of the best feelings in the world let me tell you.  And I'm talking about June - August storms here.... I'm hoping I get the chance to experience this this summer, and I really can't wait for that sensation again. ♥  Oh yeah, and I did a post on flash storms like a looong time ago, so if you'd want to check that out, it'd be great, you know =P (link here)

Hmm, and I guess I'd nominate anyone that wants to do this, but if I have to choose four here they are:


I hope you guys liked this post and have a great week =)

||  Oh yeah, and I think I might do a follow-up of this post in like maybe August.  Just to see if I got any of these done or if I got something else on my bucket list done.  So yeah :)


inspired #03

A robust life doesn't sprout from romantic novels, video games, gossiping, or hibernating in a safe cocoon. It grows from thoughtful options about where to put your energy. It comes by carefully choosing what you think about, what you watch, and where to go. It begins with considering what you want to do with the hours you have to spend on earth." ~Judy Ford, Single

 all photos are from pinterest + i hope you are inspired.
- autumn


travel far + wide

Hey :) If you're anything like me, you've given a thought at least once or twice to traveling.  Traveling being heading over to the next county to visit your grandparents, or traveling being flying overseas to have a grand ol' adventure.  Whichever it is, I know that I've dreamed of traveling.  Many a time. How amazing would it be to see the aurora borealis? Or shop in Paris?  But no matter where it is, the earth is filled with places I've never visited or seen. And I would love to visit them. Which is why today I just wrote up a post with a few places I would love to be.  They're not all necessarily different countries...but still places I would go in a heartbeat ♥

the beach

So the weather is technically warming up here, but it's still not summer, and, um, hello, huge summer fan here.  Going to the beach any time of the year would be pretty awesome, and right about now that would be perfect.  Sadly though....current times are not allowing me for that.  Shucks.  
Yeah well, summer couldn't come any sooner.... #summerlove

paris, france

Umm...yes. I've not always wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower or visit France, but recently I've been wanting to a lot more.  And for that matter - I've been growing this desire to travel in general.  But anyways, I personally think Paris would be an amazing place to visit.  It's a pretty popular city, and I'm sure there would a lot of people, but the experience in general is what I think would be awesome.  I mean, really, isn't "shopped in Paris" a pretty cool bragging right? xD


Isn't that picture so awesome ^^?  I love all the saturation in the background.

Yep. The Big Apple.  New York City.  Kind of overrated, and not saying that I haven't been there before, but I think spending a day there for yourself would be great.  All the attractions and places to go and the feeling of being in a big city is appealing to me personally.  In general, I like rural areas better, quieter and calmer, but I also think that cities are nice places to be every so often.  New York City has so many aspects to it, and I think that would be pretty amazing to spend a few days just roaming around......It's about finding the beauty in a loud and overwhelming environment if you ask me.


So yep.  There are three places that are on my to-go list.  What about you?  Do you tend to like traveling or staying at home better?  Staying home is sweet too...especially with a good book ;) 

- autumn

Snow Days | First Video

So last week, I had plenty of delays and even one cancellation due to school.  *pumps fist* So I had a pretty good time last week, and I got to filming.


I've always loved taking photos, and I find a special beauty in them.  I've gone through quite a few cameras, (mainly because apparently younger me didn't realize that setting a camera on a tripod and letting it fall on it's lens will damage it) and I've loved snapping away at it  whenever I got a chance.  Nature photography has always had a special place in my heart.  So when I thought about taking videos...I was a little iffy.  But way back before I even started blogging, I got inspired by the doll community on YouTube.  They would make these things called stop motions, and in them, it seemed that the dolls could actually move by themselves.  When I learned how to do this, I straightway tried doing it myself, and well, the end result wasn't the greatest.   But I really loved doing them, so I kept at it.  And now, even though I rarely do them anymore, I still really love making videos.  That's why I kept saving clips that I shot throughout the winter and wanted to compile them into a small video.  Which is what I did today, and I thought I'd show it to you.

You know, in honor of Daylight Savings or whatever that is.  As long as we're closer to summer, I'm cool with it.

So yeah, I'm kinda a little nervous and jittery about this, but here it goes.  I really hope you guys like it, and I would always appreciate feedback =)

I hope you enjoyed watching this film, and do leave your thoughts on it in the comments. :)

Have a wonderful, wonderful day ♥
- autumn