Winter Wasteland Tag || Beat Winter Boredom

So around the end of November of let's see, erm, TWO years ago, I was awarded the Winter Wasteland Tag by the amazing Julia over at The Barefoot Gal.   

hold on, let me go check. yep. November 20, 2014. Wow, i'm totally not a procrastinator.  not at all.  nope. what are you looking at?


i know i've been awarded a few other tags and awards since then, that i haven't done, and literally i have this big long list of stuff that i've been awarded/tagged that i've like, never done.  (except for the liebster and sunflower awards.... i did those like 3 times.  wow, autumn.  you are something else.)  but yeah, the main reason i thought i'd just sit up and do this post, is because i had started this when she first tagged me (therefore, i DID get started.  that counts for brownie points.) and i literally never finished it.  i was getting a little headway on it last winter, then forgot again.  and now, this winter, i'm not forgetting.  rather, i'm getting to it and posting it.  how's that for a change? :D

oh yeah, not to mention, it's now officially winter!!!! yay!!! thumbs up for a huge snowstorm on saturday leaving me with no school today!!! yay!!!! wee!!! it doesn't matter that i just had to go and shovel a path so i could leave the confines of my house and even attempt to go to civilization!!! yipee!!! 

okayyyyyyyy.  1) i never use exclamation least not like that 2) i probably sound really ungrateful.  I'M NOT. i was complaining of no snow, and now i have it.  in a big dose.  fun. serious.  now i can go skiing.  dude, i love snow.  3) surprisingly, i'm sort of wishing that i did have school today.  it's okay if you're totally confused on how my brain works.  even my friends don't get how on earth to please me.  BUT the reason i did want school on monday is 'cuz i'd like to meet some human beings.  if only to stare at them.  you know?  after the weekend, i'm always like half excited and half not excited....because being around people is actually sort of nice.  4) this is completely, totally irrelevant.  sorry. 

SO I thought it would be fun to the Winter Wasteland Tag today, and include a lot of (snow) pictures with.  Basically the tag was created to help you fight winter boredom, which I personally think is in amazing idea.  So let's just hop in, shall we?

R U L E S 

So I guess there are no specific list of 'rules' for this tag.  In the official tag post Julia had said you should list 5-15 things you enjoy doing to beat winter boredom and tag 5-10 people to do this. 


1.  Bake cookies 

Umm, yes.  so, like, if you're new, hey there my online name is autumn and i have a baking addiction.  no kidding.  SO.  i love baking, and it's awesome.  therefore.  in the winter when there's a nice little blizzard going on, step inside your cozy little kitchen and bake cookies, mkay?  cookies are just like the standard, but bake anything you want.  a cake would be good too.  or brownies.  OR DONUTS. 

forgive the quality of the photo.  here's a lesson: never make donuts with those little Wilton donut pans unless you have a foolproof recipe.  my "donuts" turned out to be spherical cakes.  not fun.  also chocolate ganache is a bad idea for a glaze.  it'll never harden, and makes a awful, sticky mess when you try to eat the sphere-shaped cakes.  ^_^ that's just my take on it.

2.  Read a book

Yeah, none of you guys have ever thought of this idea before, i'm sure.  actually you all are amazing smart human beings and you've already thought of it, no duh. SO. yes. reading.  FUN. i don't exactly know what to put read a book. once you've finished reading this post. 


So, depending were you live, the climate, and weather conditions, there are a variety of things you could be doing.  if you're not sure what the weather's like, go to  it's usually about right.  (haha, last week before we were hit with the storm, in class we were discussing the topics of snow and shoveling.  my teacher was telling us about this joke about a guy who was late to work and when his boss asked him why he was late he's like, "i was just shoveling 12 inches of mostly cloudy off of my driveway."  dude...that's smart.) ANYWAYS.  back to my lecture.

if where you are living it is rather nice and mild and sunny, go outside and do something.  you could observe the pattern of how grass grows, or you could take pictures, or you could do anything your heart desires.  being outside just makes you (well, for me anyway) feel more alive and i don't know, happy.  HOWEVER, if it is cold and zero degrees, you don't have to go outside.  go and read a book. 
ACTUALLY.  if it's super cold and no snow and it's been consistently cold for the past 1.5 weeks, go SKATING.  some of my friends have a pond, and we like to go skating ("we" meaning i stand at the house and watch while they go skating... but that will change, i'm telling you.) but if you have icy cold weather, take advantage of it and go skating. it's so worth it. (you could always just go to a rink, but i prefer skating on ponds like 100 times more.  after it's checked to be safe, of course .;) 

and to finish, if you have SNOW.  um.  um. go shovel it? haha, jk.  you could go throw snowballs at your friends, OR if it's too dry, definitely go boarding/skiing.  i want to go soon, now that snow has arrived.  it's pretty scary at first, but guys, nothing beats experience :) 

4.  Curl up in front of the fire with a cuppa hot cocoa

mmmmm....yes. this is so delightful.  and i can speak from personal experience, because that's what i've been doing a lot this weekend.  reading a good book or watching that movie you've wanted to see is always a good idea for this.  it's so perfect, and makes a nice picture for instagram or pinterest.  also, it's just so beautifully poetic and lovely ♥ or you could always just curl up and work on homework; that's probably a superb idea too.  just relax. that's a good thing.

5.  Go Shovel Snow.

Granted, you have snow, and it needs shoveled and it's your job.  i know how much we all love shoveling snow.  

it's purely up to you.
personally, i think it's fun once a winter, but no more.

Well, i guess that wraps it up :) now onto the nominees. 

n o m i n e e s


and you guys don't have to do it at all if you don't want's totally up to you :) and if ANY of you guys would love to do this tag pleeeease do it.  i'd love to see your take on this tag!

okayy well....yeah. have an incredible day and i'll talk to ya next time ♥


life and stuff //

hey guys :) how are you all doing? all week long i was trying to think of what i should post, but, typical me, i'm just resorting back to this post.  i find it like 10 million times easier and more fun to write posts like this, and hopefully you guys like it too.

wow.  in just the two weeks since school started after break, i think i've hit that time when, you know,  it's just like, "what is life." but thankfully i'm not dwelling too much on that, considering all the stuff i have to do.  seriously, it's just sort of weird.  WHY do i waste my whole weekend on the computer and feel wasted Sunday evening, and on Monday i realize i have like 1 million things to do? p r i o r i t i e s, autumn.

but yeah, this past week i've just been really thinking, like, about life and stuff.  some of my very close friends might have to move, but i'm praying and hoping that they won't.  that's gonna take a miracle, and honestly, that's one of the reason i dubbed 2016 "year of miracles." God is so good, and He won't let them move, even though it's all just crazy.  there was this one quote i saw on pinterest a while back, and it said something like, "God doesn't see how big our problems are, He's like 'Dude, I've made galaxies.'" XD something like that.  but i just love that quote, i think it's really true.

anddd, well, yeah.  this year i've been so much more involved in keeping myself up to date in what's happening around the world and in politics and stuff.  it's really fascinating, with 2016 elections and stuff.  did any of you guys see the republican debate on the fourteenth? fun, right?  Who do you think is going to win? i loved reading Bethany's posts on how she tried to meet every single candidate who's running for President and her take on should go read them. they're amaazing.
haha, the other day me and one of my friends were talking and i was just rattling away on my opinions and she's just there like, "you have no idea how much i disagree with you." ^_^  yeah, #random

and then there's the democratic debate tonight on NBC YouTube that i'm really hoping to watch but i have to go to school tomorrow and i don't want to get sick from not getting enough sleep and then there's life and i have to make a speech for school  and i need to work on the magazine and eat healthy and so yeah, that might be pretty interesting.

anyways, so yeah.  (do you ever realize how much i say that? "anyways" and "so yeah." whenever i'm writing a blogpost, i literally use those words so much.) so i'm working on a new design that's not quite done yet, but i'm trying to make it a little bit better than the old one.  i didn't really like that one very much.  it just didn't make me feel motivated to spend time on my blog.  so yep. here we are.

oh yeah, and this week like the first flurries came.  well, more like the first snow.  that was pretty exciting.  although, it first gave some snow during the day when i was in school, and so by the time i could get out and go look, all the snow had melted (in like.5 hours.  SERIOUSLY.) so there wasn't any.  but then that evening when it got dark, it started snowing like a fury. which was pretty great, i suppose.  picture this - little kids running *cough* and maybe some not so little humans jumping and screaming over the first snow while yours truly stands there very maturely shaking her head and asking people older than her "how old are you? three?"

but yeah :) it was all fun and a great way to kick of the winter...or so i thought.  the snow all melted and now it's just like the bleak midwinter.  yay....

ANYWAYS.  this post is like super long and hopefully you're not sleeping yet.  have an amazing week and keep smiling ♥

- autumn

10 things to remember in 2016

(all pictures via pinterest)

happy 2016, guys ♥ it's going to be a good one.

check out last year's post that was like this: 10 things to remember in 2015
- autumn

/ 2015 \

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okay, seriously, can we just make it official? i'm never, ever, ever, EVER doing this type of post again.  UGHHHH. 
let me explain.  i probably just spent like one hour trying to format all those links and texts up there ^^^ to look right on the blog.  being a perfectionist is not fun.  like dude, seriously. that was awful. i mean, don't get me wrong, i love doing end of year catch-up posts, but i think next year (Lord willing.  *ahem*) i'm just going to do a post in which i just write out what the year was like. yeah, that sounds sooo much better.

(but like yeah i hope you liked looking through all the old posts of this year)


anyways, yeah, 2015. wow. can i begin to explain this year? i don't think i can.  it was a growing year for me.  no, not just physically.  spiritually and emotionally too. i've learned a lot more about God and what He wants me to do with my life for Him, and learning how to let go of what will drag me down if i try to hold on any longer.  i've learned that the strongest people don't always fight their battles where everyone sees them, but rather when no one sees them. and, basically just learning more about life.  it's been a beautiful year, when i look back.  i mean, okay, maybe the beginning of the year was a little rocky (fine, maybe more like crazy rocky), but even through those storms, i think that if i came out stronger, then that was worth it.  God doesn't always teach His lessons in fields of sunflowers and daffodils (okay that was a weird description); sometimes He teaches them in the trials of life.

and you know how they always say to pick a word or something to center the new year on? well, i haven't exactly decided on a word yet, but i've deemed 2016 to be a year of miracles.  there's a lot of stuff happening in my life that without a miracle, it would be totally impossible for any man to change or do.  so, honestly, i'm looking forward to what God has in store for 2016.  i think it's going to be a miraculous, amazing year.

 what about you?

 - autumn

(p.s. see ya next year!)