#TeamPancake vs #TeamWaffle | tag

HELLO amazing people.  Today I'm dong something that you probably have no idea what it's about.

like, actually, not.

So, I'm sure that all you guys have heard about the great war that is sweeping the blogging community and is definitely going down in history:  The Team Pancake vs. Team Waffle War.  It started out as a casual tweet by Olivia, and has definitely exploded into a full-scale war.  
 So thanks to the wonderful Sophia and Grace for tagging me, I can now do a post on my view of this very, very, very legendary battle.  (Like seriously, both sides are so staunch in fighting for what they believe in.  This is so awesome.)

   please excuse the awful quality of that picture.  ^^ it hurts my eyes even. 

And since this is definitely the most unimportant part of the post...


Waffles are so SO so good, and definitely better than pancakes, I'd say.  But not to say that pancakes aren't good.  They're definitely delicious, and I can probably whip up a wayy better batch of pancakes than waffles, BUT.  Waffles don't get soggy; if pancakes get drenched in syrup, they're limp (which is not fun eating).  Waffles look a lot more aesthetic than pancakes.  Plus, can we just say, that if you can make a killer waffle, that is just way better than a pancake.  MMM.  

  < RULES >

  1. Thank/link the person who tagged you. (b/c it's always great to be polite)
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Tag 5 people. (b/c we want to spread the happiness!)
  4. Include your favorite waffle/pancake recipe! (optional!)

So a big THANK YOU to the incredible Sophia and Grace for tagging me to do this! Their blogs are so awesome, so DEFINITELY go check them out. Grace is on Team Waffle (YESS WAFFLES FOR THE WIN), and Sophia needs a little lot more convincing. xD


  1. Describe your ideal pancake/waffle in three words. Fluffy, Healthy (that's always a plus), Light
  2. If you could eat pancakes/waffles with anyone in the world, living or dead, fictional or real, who would you want to eat with? Honestly, I'd probably just love to eat waffles with like people I know and love (Blogger friends would be great.) and have a great time with.
  3. Top three condiments to put on your pancakes/waffles? This one is really hard. I usually just stick with real maple syrup. (the gallon jar of maple syrup i have sitting in the pantry proves that the real maple syrup is the REAL DEAL, folks.) But if I had to choose two more, probably ice cream (waffles for dessert is totally acceptable) and peanut butter. ♥
  4. Describe why you think why pancakes/waffles are better than the other option. Alrighty, let's get started with this. *clears throat* perfect waffles taste way better than perfect pancakes. Waffles have this light crispiness on the outside, and when you bite down, there's like a light tenderness and crispiness together...SO good. And Belgian waffles are hands down the best breakfast food ever. And I can take better pictures of waffles, so.
  5. If you could make your pancakes/waffles into any shape or size, how would you make them? Umm....I don't really know. I think waffles are really cute in their little circular shape. So I guess I wouldn't change them? But maybe if I felt really inspired I would like make waffles in the letters "waffles." Maybe.

And since like most of the people that I would've tagged have basically done this (that I know of), I tag YOU to do this if you haven't already. I would really love to see all your answers if you haven't done it, so consider yourself tagged if you haven't done this yet. 

Also I don't really have a favorite waffle recipe. Most times I google "best waffle recipe" and try to get the one that looks best. hahaha.


Anyways, so I guess that's it for this post! Are you on #TeamWaffle or #TeamPancake? And WHY?

Have an incredible week and keep smiling =)


Washington, D.C. + Recently

Helllooo! Today I am here with just a bunch of random things that I've been doing lately...because, right now, I've sunken into a state of study/finals/whatislife and I figured this post > no post.

also FINALS.  ughhh.  i guess it's okay though, because that means Summer is right around the bend, and in a sense, I CAN'T WAIT, and in another way, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to face it.  If everything could've stayed the same, then it would have been so much more easier, but, it hasn't, and I don't know why.  but you got enough that in my last post.  *ahem*

MOVING ON.   Recently, some of my friends (more like a whole bunch of human beings and I was one of them) and me took a bus and went to tour the capital of the United States -- Washington, D.C.  Um, and I use the term "tour" very, VERY lightly...it was not a tour, it was a trip in which you learn to know every nook and cranny of the bus and sleep and do crazy things and take the dumbest selfies/photoshoots and eventually sleep like a rock ON THE BUS.  Key words: ON THE BUS. I repeat: On. The.Bus.   arrrggghhhh.....so in all actuality, half the trip was a bus trip. yay.
 So let me back up: this thing was planned for a long time, and we weren't really planning on changing the date if it was super rainy.  WHY PEOPLE WHY.  They were just really annoyingly wet and damp days, with scattered drizzling and overcast skies.  Anyway, of course you couldn't notice any of this when you get up in a totally different state at an unearthly hour to get ready.  *ahem* So we got on the bus, and the intitial excitement of going on a road trip and bla bla was pretty great.  Sort of.  Because fifteen minutes later: "ARE WE ALMOST THERE YET???"
 Eventually, after a long time, we finally arrived.  *insert squealing* Though, I probably should mention, we did stop in at the  Lincoln Memorial when we finally got to D.C. before lunch.  But it was raining, so we really didn't get to do much. Snapped a few pictures, looked around, and tried Pinterest copy-cat poses.  Quite interesting.  We were also going to head into a few museums then, but the lines were extremely long so we skipped that.  (We also skipped like a bunch of walking tours too earlier.) After lunch, we did one fun thing....we visited the National Air and Space Museum.  And quite honestly, that was really, really fun.  History is something I love learning about, and all those airplanes were pretty cool.  THE BLACKBIRD ♥ (that's like the only airplane ever that I genuinely like :)

Dinner was Chinese and then we headed home, which was a very fun experience.  ha.  Let me just say that the bus ride home was filled with lots of laughter, silliness, singing (which actually went good), and lots of good energy. Honestly, nothing compares with being with a whole bunch of people you know and singing out in the middle of the night in a bus on the highway..... So -- ultimately, even though we didn't get do a lot of what we had planned, it went amazing! (GOD IS GOOD.) And....here are MORE pictures.

  ^^^ The Arlington National Cemetery 

 Iwo Jima

 Lincoln Memorial (it's really annoying because I can't show you half the pictures I took since they have people I know on them :-) 
 Washington Monument

  ^^^^^That was a super cool old time 1920s WWI fighter airplane.  LIKE MODERN YO. 

 ^^^^The Enola Gay (I think, maybe WWII?? I might be wrong on that one.) 

 THE BLACKBIRD ♥ DOES IT NOT LOOK SO FREAKING COOL GUYS. stealth, night, secret missions, incredible photo capabilities.... EEEEEEK.

I also got to try my hand at churning ice cream too for the first time.  I've made homemade ice cream before  in a ice cream maker, but we actually decided to make ice cream with a thing where you manually churn it by turning the handle around and around.  EXHAUSTING.  And guess what? It was a dud.  The ice cream never thickened, and it was a fail :-( xD But oh well, now I think I can cross that off my bucket list. 

So what have you guys been up to lately? I feel like I've lost connection with the blogging world, so hopefully this summer I can do more upkeep on this blog (Hint: AUTUMN, YOU COULD FINISH THE dESIGN.)  What are you going to do this summer?  Does it feel like summer? (We just got a frost last night, so, um, yeah.  That was unexpected.)

have a wonderful day and keep smiling =)

find rest

world spinning
thoughts racing
why, God, why?
isn't that what everyone asks -- why?
i believed for miracles
and i know my pathetic faith 
was and is no match for Your endless might.
but right now
it's hard to see the end.
it's hard to see where this is going to go.
when the future is so unknown
and all my life feels as if it were nothing
God, i need You.
oh i need You so so much
return God. return to your servant.

my eyes and my head tell me one thing
reality agrees with them.
but is that really how it's going to end?
was everything hoped for...a dream?
it can't be, it can't be, Father.
this can't be the way it ends.
how am i supposed to go on?

God, my life is nothing without you.
and after these tears roll away,
and after my eyes blur over your Word.
God, You only remain.  You only are still there.
your love, God.   your boundless, faithful love.
why?  i don't deserve it.  not after the way i keep
going back to what i see by sight and not by faith. 
not after all that i do to You.
but that's who you are.  a good, good Father.
it's so hard.  and You know that better than anyone.
yet, it was only because of You that i was so blessed.
and now when my heart
fails, and i can't understand,
help me to trust your timing.
and that regardless of what happened
what's happening, and what's going to happen
to realize that the only reason i'm here
is because of You, God. 
Father, help me to trust You
and increase my faith. 

find rest, my soul, put your hope in God.  He only is our refuge and strength. 


spring | a video

heyyy guys! how are you all doing? GUYS I CAN'T BELIEVE THE WEATHER THESE DAYS.

this whole weekend it's been so fantastic, and monday it was like to be like eighty degrees :) EEEEEKKK ♥ i'm so happy right now, guys.
i made a video.
if you guys remember from a long LONG time back, i made a video about winter.  That video wasn't that great, but it was a start. The second video i posted on here was at the end of last summer (oh wow.  i just thought about it.  the end of last summer.  summer's almost here for THIS year.  whaaaatt.) i made a back to school diy notebook inspiration video or something like that.

  I've always loved making videos, and i'm DEFINITELY not that good at it, but it's something i enjoy.  so anyway....last year for spring i just did a post where i slapped a whole bunch of cute spring photos together and threw a few quotes in and boom made a spring post.  but for this year, i wanted to do something more, creative.  so for like the last whole week i've tried compiling clips i took of flowers, grass, grass, grass, and clover meadows (OH MY WORD think about that.  if you say grass like a lot of times it sounds really weird.  WEIRD.) and today i threw them together in my um, interestingly uniquely somewhat lousy  amazing video editor and i'm presenting it to you.  haha, i uploaded it to youtube and i embedded it into this post, but i wanted to try to stabilize the shaky shots with the feature on the youtube video editor first, but it's literally the WORST THING EVER.  it makes the entire video look like it was shot by a robot.  UGH.  whatever.... :P

ASDKFJDSFKDS. SO YUP. HERE IT IS  MAKE SURE YOU GO IN HD (cuz otherwise the quality sucks)

the moment of truth is here.


so what did you think? HOW SHOULD I IMPROVE? what was your favorite part? least favorite? HONEST NOW, guys.  too shaky? (blame youtube for that one.) 

so, what's up with you guys?  does the weather feel like SPRING yet for you guys? I'm like so freaking blessed with all this amazing weather....♥ ..

Alright, so i think that's it for this post.  have an amazing life and keep smiling :) 

- autumn