heyy guys :) today i thought i would just write up a post on things that i've been up to recently (accompanied by a gajillion random pictures) since, literally, it's the perfect weather right now.  this whole past week the sun literally hasn't broken through once, and it's just been cold, wet, rainy, and windy weather basically this whole week.  not the most fun, i mean really, like a glimpse of the sun might've been nice, but yeah well.

today was no exception, i mean, the wind's been howling all morning, i baked some chocolate chip cookies and used brown sugar to see if they would get chewy, and lazed around watching Kitchen Conundrums by Thomas Joseph.  Oh yeah, and i got a copy of The Book Thief from the library.  So, not a whole lot of interesting things, but, some post is better than no post. =)

school-wise, we have a science fair coming up eventually, and we have to start preparing for that with investigation plans and the whatnot, so that's pretty stressful.   i'm also working on a research paper about the foundation of photography, so, those are the long term assignments i have, but we still have smaller deadlines, so with those and regular school work, it's works me out.  but, in a way, that's okay i guess.  this post by olivia really inspired me; you should really read it if you haven't. ^_^ at school, in one of my classes, we have this really awesome teacher who's really into having discussions with us and stuff, and it's really great.   but a couple times, we'd talk about school, and there's this one girl who's quite emphatic about her opinions, and she's just there like, "I hate school."  That got me thinking.
I mean, think about it.  Sure, school's a real pain sometimes and more often than not, I'm sitting in class daydreaming about anything except what i should be focused on.  but in reality, school is actually a privilege that i have the honor of having.  like, dude, that's pretty amazing. education is something that other parts of the world don't have as freely as i do right now.  i should be thankful, but quite honestly, that's one of the hardest things for me to do sometimes.

another thing i've been doing recently before going to bed is listening to a sermon or two joel osteen.  his messages are like really, really positive and uplifting, and they really encourage me for the next day.  what i love about his messages is that they are inspirational, but he also talks about God and how through HIM we can have peace and joy and happiness. on our own, it's not something we can have naturally, but because of Who is on the throne, we can live life happy and positive.

ugh, it's still raining outside.  i really should just make some popcorn and watch a movie or something.   yesterday i was at school till like 8 o clock since we had a fundraiser and i had to help.  and i got sick in the process of this week.  *drops shoulders*
honestly, i'm not quite sure what this post is going to be like.  probably very jumbled and all over the place.  well, sorry in advance.

 these brownies were a batch i made when i was really craving some brownies.  i just wanted a batch of perfect, delicious brownies, yanno? every girl needs some.  so i googled "best brownie recipe", and found a recipe and made it.  they turned out OK, but really cakey.  Not my favorite, I much more prefer a fudgy and dense brownie, so these weren't my faves, but yeah well.

so yeah.  i don't know. i made pumpkin cake yesterday at my friend's house.  and then i had to go to school, so i don't know how they turned out.  hehe :) 
anyways, so i think i'm rambling.  if you even read this far, props to you ^_^ 
thanks for reading and have a great week ♥ life is beautiful, you just have to find the beauty.

Healthy-ish Iced Cappuccino | easy recipe


hey guys :) how are you doing?

so a couple weeks ago, at school, i was in home ec., and we were making iced cappuccino.  honestly, it wasn't that bad, especially for me, since i love all things sweet. well, not anything, but yeah.  so we just went ahead and dumped coffee, milk, and hot cocoa mix into our mugs, and i don't know.  i didn't even know that i was this worried about eating healthy, cuz when we opened up the hot cocoa mixes i was just like so sad that we would be putting something so unhealthy into our drinks.

wow, autumn.

i mean, yeah.  but, i guess that's kind of good? i mean, me being worried about how unhealthy this cappuccino is before drinking it is  kind of, um, well, fantastic.  no kidding guys.
but anyways, so after that monumental class i hurried on home and ransacked the kitchen, trying to figure out where anything is, and then threw together my idea of a "healthy" iced cappuccino.  tee hee.
anyways, so i really wouldn't call this recipe like super duper healthy or anything...i mean, c'mon, it's just a cappuccino recipe, and a cappuccino is a drink that's more dessert-y, than, like, water. okay, so hopefully you got that, but if not, that's okay.

what i was trying to say in a nutshell -  i just love making food and this is a recipe for something that the race of humans have dubbed as "iced cappuccino" so maybe you should make it and eat yummy food, kk?

I N G R E D I  E N T S
1/2 c. strong coffee
1/2 c. milk 
1 Envelope of Hot Cocoa Mix OR  3 Tbsp of Mix. (I couldn't find any at the store that were healthy, so I just mixed 1/2 c. cocoa powder w/ 1/2 c. xylitol {a natural sweetening substitute...you can use any other sugar you wish} and it tasted just great.)
Ice Cubes
Whipped Cream (optional)

Put the Hot Cocoa mix in your mug.  Add the coffee to it, and then mix.  Add the milk, and then fill the mug the rest of the way up with ice cubes.  Top with whipped cream if you want.

Firstly, you're going to want to make your strong coffee if you don't have any on hand. 

Then, you're going to take your hot cocoa and if you're using an envelope just dump it all into your mug, or if you're using a homemade mix like I did, just measure out 3 Tbsp. and put that in your mug.

Then you're going to mix in the coffee with your hot cocoa mix and stir that till mixed.

Immediately add your milk and there's the basic cappuccino for you :) But we're not just gonna leave it at this, i mean, really. 

Now to make this thing chill and cool (no pun intended) we're going to add ice cubes till the drink reaches the top of the mug.  This really makes the drink "iced". 

And then the BEST part.  whipped cream.  ♥ Go crazy, it's up to you ^-^

so, did you guys like this post? i've only done one other "recipe" post on this blog before, and that was my meadow tea recipe.  but honestly, you guys know my obsession with healthy baking, and i love making stuff.  like a lot.  so, do you guys even like posts like these? where i show food? cuz i had another idea in mind for later on, like something for a healthy frappuccino...but I want to know if you guys even like these types of posts before just going on a streak of them...so yeah.  what do you think?

okay, so how's school going for you all? i think i'm getting used to the routine of it, but honestly, SO. MUCH. WORK.  ughhh... =) anyways, so.... i think that's it.  have an amazing day because today's a great reason to be happy, right?
(and the weatherrrrrr...i mean, guys, it's AUTUMN.)

y o u - a guest post


(picture creds mine) 

they told me they weren't ready.
peaches take time, time to grow. time to ripen.
they told me that i would find them bitter.

but i took one anyway.
    i stole it, and took it outside into the sun that had sweetened it, and the juice ran between my fingers.

it was lovely.

so when i met you, they told me you weren't ready.
people take time, time to grow. time to ripen.
they told me i would find you bitter.

but i smiled at you anyway.
       i stole your name, whispered it to you when you least expected it, and i realized that you knew mine too.

it was lovely.

you were just what i needed you to be. ♥


a huge thank you to the wonderful adelaide for guest posting and writing this gorgeous poem ♥ check her blog out right now, guys, if you haven't already (i mean, how could you not??) it's linked here ^_^  she's one of the sweetest, kindest, poetic bloggers out there...so definitely go check her out. 
anyways, i hope you guys loved this post and make sure to live a life worth living, okay?