City Girl

Wow, I have really not posted this in a long time. Basically it is just a story that I write on here about a girl who lives on the streets. One day her friend, Martha, goes missing.  She tries tracking her, and finds herself at a deserted, old barn. She finds a boy, about her own age, and together they start 
hunting for Martha. But it takes them to great lengths they did not expect.

\\L A S T     T I M E//

            Just as I got up to leave I turned around to throw one last glance at the woman, but to my utter shock she had risen up too and we were face to face. We both gasped simultaneously.  I gulped. Note to Self: Never, ever, look back.          

         The latte she was holding sloshed in the cup as she jerked to an abrupt stop as she stared at me. 

 Offering a weak grin, I stuttered, “H-i-i?” 

She just looked at me for another minute or so, which, naturally, felt like an eternity to me. Then all of a sudden, as quickly as she had risen up, she brushed past me and went outside. I turned around, gaping at her retreating figure. I stuffed the rest of my cookie into my mouth and started at a run toward the door. 

 A sudden grip on my shoulder forced me to turn around and I found myself face to face with the snappish clerk who had served me earlier. “Missy, don’t run,” She said. 

 “Yes, ma’am.”

“I expect you won’t do it again?”

“No, ma’am.”
“Good, now git.” As soon as she left go of me, I speed-walked to the door, and with a sigh of relief, I looked around. Where had the woman gone? 

Just then Jake came around the corner, gasping for breath. “Why did you take off so fast?” He snapped. 

“Sorry,” I said. “But you know what? That lady and me just had eye contact.” 

His head swiveled around so quickly, I would’ve laughed had it not been for the seriousness of the situation. “What do you mean?” 

“I was trying to listen in on her phone conversation, when she got up the same time as me and she stared at me.” I rambled incoherently. 

 “OK?  Then what?”  

“Then what? Isn’t that enough of a danger?” I retorted. 

“At least she didn’t do anything to you,” Jake replied. “But yeah, that is serious.” 

I sighed. “What are we going to do, Jake? I feel like my world is shattering into a million little pieces and I can’t do anything about it.  Like I’m helpless.” 

His shoulders slumped a little and his gaze was directed at me. “I know how you feel. But trust me, it’ll get better, just give it some time.” His eyes became distant for a second then returned back to reality.  “Should we grab something to eat since we’re here anyways?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Silently I thought about what Jake had just said.  By the looks of things currently, it didn’t seem like anything was about to get better anytime soon.  

            I quietly followed Jake as he strolled over to the counter.  The same clerk who had served me looked behind Jake, and seeing me, raised an inquisitive eyebrow and turned back to Jake.  Now what do you want?” 

Jake looked a little taken back, but maintained his cool.  “Umm, I guess I’ll take Meal #14, and -?” He turned around to face me and silently mouthed, rude, and raised an eyebrow in the direction of the cashier.
“Oh – yeah – I’ll just take a Chocolate Carmel Shake.”  I said, trying to hold in a smile.

“OK.” Punching a few numbers into the computer in front of her, the clerk looked back up and said, “That’ll be seven dollars.” 

I looked down for my purse, but to my astonishing surprise, it was missing.  Where had I placed it? I frantically searched my memory, but with all that had been going on, I had no recollection of leaving my cross-body anywhere. “Umm... Jake?” I stuttered. 

Both Jake and the clerk were looking at me intently.  Suddenly I felt put on the spot.  “I don’t know where my purse is.” I calmly said. “Do you have any cash?” I asked, directing my question at Jake. 

I heaved a sigh of relief, and relaxed considerably.  I watched the transaction as Jake handed over the card, and my gaze wandered over to the window which was plastered with posters advertising the store.  A sudden movement caught my attention and I curiously scrutinized the window.  Was there a person under the window? I trotted over to the window, and looked out.  And to my great surprise, the lady that I had tried to spy on, the Asian woman, had left (otherwise how would it have appeared there?) her purse and cell phone on the ground below the window. I was positive it was hers, for when we had seen each other face to face, I must’ve made a mental note of her outfit.  I grinned to myself. What an exciting find!  (photo via pinterest)


Did you like this? I really apologize for not posting this in a long, LONG time.  Actually the last time I posted this was in July, so, umm, I have nothing to say.  *sheepish face* And since this isn't actually that awesome of a post, I think I'll catch up on a tag or two later this week.  Thanks for reading and God bless <3  

As of late...

      Well, today I'm going to switch things up a bit. Since I had no idea on what to post today, instead of a usual post where I just write on and on about what's been going on, I decided to put in a list form type of thing.  So I hope you all like this post and tell me your thoughts on it <3  what's been going on in your life lately?

Psalm 46:5

Feeling: Sick. I've been suffering from the common cold all week and it has not been fun.

Wishing: For good times with friends and making memories. For grace and strength and to grow close to God. 

Anticipating: Excited for may friend's sister's (she's also my friend if that makes sense) wedding which will be in two weeks.  I have a job there and I'm kind of freaking out. I'm extremely nervous... Which isn't too surprising for me. ugh....

Preparing: For my Christmas program.  It falls on the day right before my friend's wedding, so I have a feeling that that weekend is going to be a tad busy.  Usually on the program night I get home pretty late, and if I have to arrive early at the wedding, I might just be a little tired.  Plus we have church like right after the wedding, so..... Let's just hope I don't get sick. 

Trusting: That the Lord will set all my paths straight.  I tend to get nervous and anxious over really small things, and I am praying that God would give me clear direction and strength. 

Enjoying: Life. I'm riding along this thing I call life, and although sometimes the way is hard, the view is amazing. 

Printing:  I wrote a book a long time ago, and now that I've started to write a little more, I'm testing out the book I wrote a while ago on a few of my friends.  I want to put it in a folder so it's easier to pass around; hence I need to call someone to ask if they can print it out for me.  #printerproblems  

Regretting:  Spending too much time on Google + this morning.  I literally wasted so much time on it, but what can I say?  It's kind of what you call - addictive. ;)

Singing: Remain by Royal Tailor. I just found it like two weeks ago, and it is really catchy. I found one phrase that stood out to me especially - "And when you're walking through fire, I'll take you to streets of gold." 

Smiling: about how some of my friends and me made these doctor papers.  ^^^ Up there I was talking about that wedding? Well, her sister and me made these "doctor papers".  Basically we typed up these official looking papers and changed our names to look like we went through everything and were really important doctors.  We also gave her an illness (I can't really tell you what it was called, but we just combined her soon-to-be last name with love and "itis" and voila!). It was really funny to show it to all our friends and her family :) her brother dubbed it as "stupid"... well.... ;P

Needing:  To get more blogging done.  And to also change the designs on my blogs.  And practice the violin some more. 

Listening:  To Adventures in Odyssey.  It's a daily audio drama hosted by Focus on the Family.  It's for ages 8-12, but it has some great themes and some funny humor.  Definitely recommend it to people :)

Realizing: That 2015 is going to be here in less than a month.  That's too soon.  It's scarily soon.  But then again, I've also been realizing that I can't do this all on my own and that I need God more than ever. 

Choosing: To trust God regardless of whatever comes my way.

Playing:  My violin.  I found these two really awesome songs that sound pretty amazing :)  It's inspiring to find something that spurs me on to practice the violin more.

Remembering:  All the amazing memories I have made this past summer.  It is truly a blessing to have good friends :)

Wanting:  To be on Christmas break and head over to Barnes and Nobles, buy Starbucks, and read a good book.  And to bake lots and lots of Christmas cookies :)

Laughing: At how  I was going to help my friend do something, and we had to go outside, so she got me a coat and a beanie, and the beanie was one of those that cover your whole face except for your eyes and nose and mouth.  As we were walking out, we met up with her brother.  My friend said , " Who do you think it is?" And he guessed.  It was kind of funny - but now  that I write it has no funniness at all. :)

Thanking: God for His wonderful love and guidance.  And I also would like to thank each and every one of you all for being so sweet :)

Thank you for reading and God bless ♥ 


5 Tips for Healthier Eating

                 OK, OK.... like in all honesty I really don't even know why I'm writing a post like this. I mean this is not a post that I would usually write for multiple reasons : a) It's a list post. A LIST POST. Like a list. a list. list. How does Autumn write a list post? Probably not the best idea ever. b) It's about healthier eating. OK, let's just face the facts. I really don't do all that great at keeping a steady and maintained diet, and so for me doing a list post on eating healthy... well we'll just see where that goes.  and c) The title seems a little drab. Hmm...  Oh well. How many of you all have tried to eat healthier or go on a diet or one of those things?  Hmm? Yeah, a lot of us, huh? I actually tried several times to go on a no-sugar plan for a week or so, but somehow I can't seem to resist puppy-chow. (Is that what you guys call it? You know -  this stuff? ↓) Yeah well, here are five tips that I personally like on how to start eating healthier. And before I even start, let me just say that this whole post, well, you don't even have to take seriously. I just thought it would be a fun post to do so I decided to make it. I'm no health expert or anything. In fact, I bet you I could scarf down a whole bag of Doritos in seven minutes. Well, maybe not. But you get the point? Good? Good.

Puppy Chow Recipe - our family's favorite!

OK. Little note of randomness here. If this doesn't describe me, then I don't know what does. (seriously, though...)

 Chocolate cereal balls.... yum.  But - reality check. That's not gonna benefit me the least little bit in the long run. Uh-uh. No way.   OK. But on the other hand, I'm not exactly the most professional chef in the whole world to make something like this.

Free image: Morning Breakfast is Ready

 So that ↑ would be good. Oh yeah it would be good. And it would be majorly healthy. All good. Except for one teeny problem. I'm not planning on making something like that anytime in the foreseeable future. No way. That is Pinterest worthy, not my-kitchen-worthy.

well, that's kinda the whole reason for this post.  So without further ado: 5 tips for healthy eating. 

1. Tell yourself that this will be a success. 

            Don't try to all of a sudden force upon your system a brand new diet.  Simplify.  Try to find fruits and veggies and sort them by color, freshness, and most important- variety.   If you're going to all of a sudden dump together oatmeal, peaches, and yogurt together in a very un-appetizing way, well, may as well prepare yourself for a not drool worthy meal.   Make it fun.  Set yourself up for a success.  Tell yourself over and over again that you can make this happen.  Love what you eat. 

2. The key? Moderation 

      So, basically what they're saying here is to not ban junk food in a ten minute span of time.  Say I'm scrolling through Pinterest and see all these oh-so-amazing looking healthy dishes.  Well, maybe my first impulse would be to give up chocolate.  OK.  No chocolate for you, young lady, I tell myself.  So the next day I walk into my friend's house and she's splitting her relatively "healthy" chocolate with her siblings and, well, knowing my love of chocolate automatically gives me some.  What am I going to do?  Tell her, "Oh, real sorry, but I decided to give up chocolate."? Umm, no way in the whole world would I do that.  I'd probably pop that piece of chocolate into my mouth and be like, "Yumm! Say, where did you buy this stuff?" #typicalme That afternoon I'd probably be freaking out because I'd be feeling so guilty that I broke my resolution.

    So what I should've done would be to calmly look at those Pinterest dishes and say to myself to reduce my chocolate intake by at least 25%.  That I probably could've done my still eating that piece of chocolate but deciding to not eating the brownie that was in my lunch.  Get what I'm trying to say here? Good. Don't overeat. We all need a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to support and keep a healthy body.  Take a little of each and you should do just fine.  And just keep in mind to think smaller portions.

3.  How you eat vs. Just what you eat

      It's not about just keeping this awesome diet that's going to give you what you're looking for. It's also about what you think about your food. Yup.  Your attitude about what you eat. So don't look at your broccoli with such furious scorn, my friend, believe it or not, it's good for you :)  One tip here is to try to eat with people.  Try to socialize, 'cuz just pigging out in front of the TV or your laptop is probably not the best idea ever.  Second tip here - ask yourself am I really hungry? I think once I saw a hint on Pinterest that said : "To see if you're really hungry, ask yourself if you want an apple.  If the answer is 'yes', you're hungry.  If the answer is 'no', you're not hungry." Another idea is to see if you're actually thirsty or hungry.  There is a difference, ya know?  Try to enjoy your meals.  Eat slowly.  Did you know that it takes a few minutes for your brain to tell your body that it has enough food? So, eat slowly, people.  It actually helps. 

4. Colorful Fruits and Veggies

So first things first in this point.  Before we even get into how good colorful fruits and veggies are for your diet, think about how much more appetizing it makes your meal.  Like, imagine this, a drab meal that is so bland and has no colorfulness whatsoever, and the taste is bleh.  Well, cheer up thinking about a colorful array of yumminess and a taste that is absolutely superb!  And the better fact that it is all healthy for you :)  What a difference, right? Quite astounding, right? 

We provide vivid color like every shade of rainbow which can be used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical products,etc. Our products are extracted from herbs & plants. It's 100% natural.

Anyways, so as I was saying, try to eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies in your daily meals.  The deeply colored ones contain higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  Which is, of course, really good for you.  You should try to get the vitamins you need from fruits and veggies, not pills. They come naturally in fruits and veggies, so that's probably the best place to eat them.  Natural is what everyone loves, not?  But back to the point, different colors will give you different proteins and stuff, so try to make it a goal to eat a variety.  Some good choices will include: kale, mustard greens, corn, carrots, sweet potato, onion, squash, oranges, mangoes, berries, and that's only just a few! 

5. Healthy Fats + Unhealthy Fats

So basically you need this stuff for a lot of things.  Namely to nourish your brain, heart and cells, and those need to be top-notch.  Your heart is one of your important organs.  Healthy fats also sustain your hair, nails, and skin.  :) So you should add to your diet the following: Monounsaturated fats, primarily.  Woahhhhhh.  Big word much? XD basically "monounsaturated" comes from stuff like plant oils (i.e. olive oil), avocados, nuts (i.e. hazelnut), and seeds (i.e. pumpkin). This is the key 'Success' fat in the Mediterranean diet, which is getting known for its health producing effects.   #random   And "polyunsaturated" means stuff like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (Please don't stop reading this post yet 'cuz of all the big words, it'll get better. promise :) which can be found in fatty fish (obviously)  such as salmon, sardines, and herring.  Other sources of this fat would be walnuts, flax seed oils, and unheated sunflower and corn. Saturated fats are in almost all foods in some quantity; some have more and some less. So if this kind of fat is added to diet in moderation and from healthy sources they are sure to compliment and add to your health and healthy lifestyle!! (oh yeah, saturated is stuff like butter (basically any dairy)and coconut)

OK, OK, so what we need to minus from our diets would be trans fats and fried foods (that, btw, are sometimes fried in rancid oil... yuk.. what a way to take off the appetite for tasty foods, huh!?.  ) Basically trans fats would be stuff like baked goods, fried items, vegetable shortenings, crackers, cookies, and candies. (*sniff* many of my favorite stuff).

Whelp, that wraps it up folks.  Whaddya think? Kind of impressed with myself right now for writing this post *dusts off shoulders* Well, thank you for reading this far (??) and tell me below if you like this post. Because that would be nice to know - ya know :)
 Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful day and if you're having a bad day - well - it'll get better, cuz if this is the worst day of your life, tomorrow will be better. (that's what you call memorization off of Pinterest, folks) And God will be with you :) 

WOW... random much? 
but we all know that's how it goes

Thanks for reading and God bless ♥ 


What's your favorite tip for eating healthy?


50 Reasons

 Hey everyone :) So, obviously tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which is so awesome, and kind of scary.  I mean, Thanksgiving is the second to last big holiday before Christmas, and after Christmas is New Years, and we'll be in 2015. Woah - what?  Can't believe this year flew by so fast.  Seems like yesterday I was thinking about March and how amazing it would be to have all the snow melt and we would be in summer.  Unbelievable. But this is one of the most exciting times of the year too, so that's pretty cool too.  Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.  :)

  One of my friends actually raises turkeys and sells them at Thanksgiving, which is pretty awesome.  A couple days ago they started butchering the turkeys and one of her customers came in to get the turkey. It was actually pretty funny, because when they were butchering one of the turkeys it flapped its wings so hard that one of them fell off.  Well, it was hanging on by a piece of skin, so basically it was off.  So they told the customer that they could give her the turkey that flapped its wings off for a discount. She went in, took one look, and started shrieking "Oh my goodness!" Yeah, kind of funny. lol. 

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  But yeah, what do you guys usually do for Thanksgiving? I don't really do that much, it's basically a kick back and relax day, but we'll see about this year. Oh yeah, and when do you guys get vacation? I get off today, so yesssss! Anyways, today for this week's post, in honor of Thanksgiving (is that, like an actual expression? Do people say "In honor of Thanksgiving"? No? OK. *awkward silence*) I decided to do a post where I list fifty things I'm grateful for.  Basically ever since I was little, I've noticed that people like to make each other say stuff they're thankful for around Thanksgiving. Yeah, I guess it makes sense, but it's always kind of hard to think of things you're "thankful" for, so I decided to put my great brain (nope, not being "uppity" there... just finished reading the book The Great Brain.... so that's probably why my mind is kind of...well...being the way it is....) to work and make a list of things I'm happy for. Yeah, some of them are kind of cheesy and said by everyone, but it really does mean something to me, so rest assured I won't be putting something down just for name sake. So basically that's what this post is going to be about and, let's get on with it :) 

  1.  My friends. Both online and in real life. Without them, life would be pretty boring.
  2. Life. Every day is a new day from Jesus and I feel privileged to have the honor of being allowed to live. 
  3. Jesus Christ. He's my Lord and Savior, and I already said that without friends, life would be pretty boring, but without Jesus, life would be hopeless and not just boring, it would be  horrible.
  4. Blogger. Basically if I hadn't started blogging, I probably wouldn't have some of this boldness that I possess today.  When I started I was so freaking shy and I still am pretty timid, actually I'm still very people-conscious, but I'm not as shy, and part of that reason is because people online actually listened to my ramblings and gave their thoughts without criticizing unnecessarily. :D 
  5. Food. Man am I happy for this stuff. 
  6. Friendship. Kinda goes along with the whole friend thing. But I'm happy this exists. 
  7. Bible.  Without this, well, who knows where I'd be? This is where I go to every single day for encouragement. For the stuff I need to survive.  It's God's Holy Word, and this is what my life is based on. 
  8. Pinterest. I've been finding new photo sites, but Pinterest is very helpful. Very often. Pinterest has great inspirational quotes and they always cheer me up, plus, can we talk about all the other amazing pics?
  9. Internet.  Let's not even talk about this. It's an amazing blessing. 
  10. Fuzzy socks. They're super uper warm and I really like them. 
  11. Writing. God has given me the gift of writing, and I'm really happy about that. I write 'cuz I love it, and I really do love it. Writing is a way to express myself in a way that I couldn't in any other way. I love writing and I'm very thankful for it. 
  12. Music. Please. Let's not even get started. It's such a awesome blessing. It's a way to connect with God, and it's also such an encouragement. Recently I just found the playlist for the movie God's Not Dead, and it's been playing non-stop on Spotify. Really loving those songs. 
  13. Cameras. I love taking pictures (like you all would know :) and cameras are so freaking amazing. Whoever invented them I would like to know. They must have been some kind of genius. 
  14. Christmas. It's coming up and whenever it's the holiday season, I get all excited. Can't wait for it!
  15. For time. And in this case, I need to hurry up because I'm only at #15 and I have 45 reasons left to go. 
  16. Family. Love my family so much <3
  17. For pretty fonts. If I'm designing a header or something, these are really amazing. 
  18. Volleyball. I love love this sport so much. It's my sport and even though I'm not professional at it or anything, it's still pretty amazing. 
  19. Computers. They're a really amazing invention, I gotta say.
  20. The mall. I'm gonna face it, I really do like the mall. It's such a nice  place to be, plus if you're smart, you can have a really good time without spending too much money. (*snorts* Right........please note sarcasm)
  21. Violins. I play violin, so I'm glad they made it.
  22. Sunshine. It makes me happy. 
  23. Snow. I like talking about weather apparently..... But I do love freshly fallen snow, it's so awesome :) Probably one of the best aspects of winter.
  24. YouTube. I think we all spend too much time on this website. Huh? Yeah..... But it's a very nice website in all honesty.... (ranking next to Blogger of course:) 
  25. Happiness. Mainly right now because I'm halfway done with this oh-so-FREAKING-long list. But being happy is such a wonderful feeling. Btw, I did a post on it too, if you want to check it out?? :) here  
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26. GIF's. Those little pictures with moving objects in them? You know what I mean? They are literally so hilarious.
27. Weekends. I'm all for the weekend, guys. Mondays are bleh.
28. Summer. Summer is literally the best season. Hands down.
29. Chocolate. Mmm, the delightful sensation of it sliding down your throat. Love it<3
30. The human brain. It's so complicated and awe-striking. It's only the Lord  Jesus Christ who could've ever made something like it. 
31. Sleep. Such a wonderful, beautiful thing that we all adore.
32. Inspiration. I don't know what category this would fall under, but it's such a wonderful feeling when you get a sudden flicker of inspiration that grows and grows till you have a wonderful idea. (basically talking about all of my post ideas here)
33. Nutella. Now I know not everyone can eat this stuff, but it's really sugary and sweet, and even though I know it's not  healthy for me, sometimes I find myself eating it. *guilty face*
34. Pens. I've always loved glittery pens. They're so pretty. And they actually make my handwriting look decent. 
35. Fall. It's the second best season of the year for so many reasons which I'm not going to go into now. 
36. Thanksgiving. It gives one a break from school, which I am all for. Always. 
37. Black Friday. Love this day so much. I don't know, I've always been a night owl and an early bird, so I literally stay awake till 11:59 P.M. and get up 15 minutes later at 12:15 on Black Friday.
38. Good humor. Such a sweet thing when one has it. 
39. Headphones. They make everything sound so much more better and I always feel really secretive wearing them.
40. Subs. Like you know Sub-Way and those little sandwich thingys we call subs? Yeah, they're amazing. Even after you stay awake for five hours making them. Yup. I seriously did guys.
41. Restaurants. I just love going out to eat.
42. Fairy lights. They're super trendy and they're really cute. And I've never owned any of my own.
43. Water. Swimming pools, showers, and the list goes on and on. Plus, water battles. They're one of a kind.
44. Balloons. They make me feel really happy. 
45. Pillows. They're perfect for pillow fights. And that's really random.
46. Life hacks. Like who knew sticking a straw through a strawberry took the little green thingy out! But really, they're pretty amazing. 
47. Shelter. I'm very grateful for this. If I have a roof over my head, I'm so blessed. 
48. . Brownies. Kinda goes along with chocolate, but they're super yummy :)
49. Good conversation. Staying up late with friends and having awesome conversations and being goofy is so awesome. Even otherwise, just talking and being with your besties is so special. 
50. Being thankful. I'm thankful for the ability to be thankful.  


I DID IT!!! Can someone just hand me a container of chewy chocolate chip cookies and pat me on the back?  So there you have it folks - 50 things I'm truly thankful for. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 
Thanks for reading and God bless ♥