29 August, 2014

Happy New Year!! Or not....

Hello ya'll :) ( I love accents if you don't know already. ) So, I'm sorry for not posting in, well, almost 14 days. Like, what??? Yes, yes, very naughty...well, this is kind of how it went. The last one - to - two weeks before school started I had a very crammed schedule because I wanted to "Live in the moment" (Note heavy sarcasm) Well, that's what I said anyways. I basically wanted to do a whole lot of things before summer ended so I could have sweet summer memories. Arghh, I almost had alliteration there: Sweet, Summer, Memories. So I tried doing a lot of things and staying out pretty late so by the time I got home I was pretty exhausted. "Late" meaning 7:00. Then, something dreadful happened. 

Nope, no one died.

No, not that either......

Or that...

School started. 

*Wipes tears* Yes, I must admit, it was very sad. I've been in school for about a week now, and trying to get back into the flow of things, so it's been kind of busy there. But the first day of school was really fun because after a half day, I went to my friend's house, and they went to do a surprise cleaning for our friends who were on vacation and were coming back soon. We cleaned their house up a little for them, which was pretty amazing, knowing that you're helping someone out. And on the way back, it was sooo much fun. On the way up there, I had been in a pretty goofy mood, and I was kind of like teasing my friend a little here and there. But on the way back, the others kind of got into the mood too (there were like seven of us) and it was pretty fun. So to sum it up, I basically got nicknamed Lobster, and they made a poem about me. And not a nice one at that. But they did it pretty good-naturedly (is that a word? Because if not, I use it all the time)  so, it was all good.

So what have you all been doing lately? I've been going through a devo book, Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild, and it has been so AMAZING. It's really helped me a lot, and I highly recommend it. 
So yeah, and the meaning of the post title: In one of my classes, my teacher has started off by saying, "Happy New Year!" And I thought it was pretty funny, so yeah....

OK, thanks for reading my ranting and God Bless!
both pictures via Pinterest

14 August, 2014


Hey everyone! A LONG, long time ago I did a trilogy of posts called "This is me" ( #1 #2 #3) and it was basically just a whole bunch of pictures of Pinterest, you know the #thatswhoiam pictures? It was those. So I thought it might be a good idea to do a post like that again, just so you can know some more "fun" facts about me. Well, not fun, I don't know, is it fun? Like why is it called "fun facts" ; are they interesting to do or something? I dunno.... hmm... Well, who cares, I hope you like this post!

Friendly sarcastic :)

Hope you enjoyed this rather long post :) God bless <3
P.S. Any post ideas?
P.P.S. Should I do another one of these posts?