live free.


Shoot for the moon-if you miss, you still fall among the stars. Nilgiri mountains 

i looked up at the big, big starry sky
one simple silent night
underneath a canopy of glitter 
i breathed a prayer.
a simple silent prayer
that was meant for the only One 
i gazed in awe at the bright moon
one constant, shining moon
and this sensation of awe crept upon me 
i thought about it. 

if i, a mere mortal, could be loved by a everlasting Creator
what chances and amazing things could happen if i would choose them
instead of dwelling on the past
to focus on the future 
to believe in myself
instead of having a negative attitude
to know that only small minds talk about people
to see the silver lining in each overbearing cloud 
instead of downing myself for everyone else
to choose to be happy when things go wrong
to enjoy my life, whatever may happen
instead of living in a fear of what others may think
to know that i wasn't created to be average 
to believe that i am a daughter of the one true King.

and then i thought, why not?  


moonlight drowns out all but the brightest of stars
- J.R.R. Tolkien


for what it's worth: it's never to late to be whoever you want to be. i hope you live a life you're proud of, and if you're not, i hope you have the strength to start over. 
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

hehe...hi.  have a good day ♥

the little things | #2


a while back, i did another post like this one, called the little things.  this post is kind of a spin-off from that post, so if you want to, you can check that one out too.

there could be a thousand things that happen to us in a single day, and, sure, give or take a few, half of those things could have went downhill. and if you focus on those 500, woow.  Talk about a day that sucked.

But then again, think about that other 500.  Maybe they were all small, little things that made no difference to you, but think again.  what were they? maybe those flowers on your back porch started blooming and their beauty gives the whole place a cheery vibe.  maybe your friend got you that book you've been eyeing for a while.  or, maybe it wasn't even that elaborate.  maybe you and your bestie just had a good long chat after a long long time. maybe this morning you got the chance to be outside as the sun made its appearance, illuminating the world with fire.

and maybe, just maybe, that made you feel a little more alive?

i don't know about you, but this past week when i was leaving in the morning every day, i tried to take at least a second or two to look up at the sky to admire the work my Creator.  the sun was just creeping up from down under, and it was amazing.  and i know that i use the words amazing and awesome a lot, but to put them in context and use them, i'm pretty sure i could use them to describe the incredible sunrise(s).  with nature alive around me, it stirred something within me.  and to be totally honest, i loved that feeling.  the sensation of seeing beauty in the things around me and and for taking the time to acknowledge the small things.  whichhhh brings me back to the point of this post.

i thought i'd do something like i did in the last post like this: a list of things that have meant a lot to me lately.
and of course one of the main inspirations for this was definitely Adelaide :) her Love Overflowing series was totally something that inspired this mini series, so a huge shout out to her ^_^

wait is that considered stealing.  i hope not. 

  • colorful outfits - okay, firstly, this makes me feel so SO pinteresty.  (yeah, that's not a word apparently.) and not gonna lie, most weekends, i'm in sweats scrolling pinterest for hours. but those days that i actually get the initiative to get up and put something remotely presentable on and it turns out to be somewhat "cute" are pretty great, not?
  • summer - *sarcastically smiles* um. um. DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS ONE? summer is just amazing, okay, never try to tell me otherwise cuz i won't listen i'm sorry.  seriously.
  • sunsets + sunrises -  ha, look at that, i used a plus sign and a minus sign in the same phrase.  but yeah, this summer (and it's usually summer that sunrises and sunsets are the gorgeous-est.  i mean in the winter, it's beautiful too, but really, it just comes with a whole new meaning in the summertime.  one more reason to love it, aye?) i was really struck with the beauty of the morning and evening.  God's creation just seems so much more alive around me and it's just...just...too good for words ♥
  • friends - okay, this list is gonna be super cliche, but they're all things that i've really been loving this summer.  honestly, i've really found the meaning of true, deep friendships.  i've made friends, strengthened the friendships i already had, and yeah.  it's been super awesome.  plus, i've made some sweet memories with the ones i made.  LIKE SERIOUSLY WE DID A PHOTOSHOOT IS THAT NOT SO PINTERESTY.  ugh that's still not a word. 

  • running barefoot & feeling free - YES.  YES.  YES.  i don't even know how to explain, it's just so good, you know?
  • eating lots of fresh fruit in the summer - okay yes, this post has a lot of "summer" things in it, but that's okay, because it's summer :) (not for very long though.) the past few months i was able to go to this farm and help out sometimes, and i've gotta say that was an amazing experience.  like a LOT.  the friends i made there, memories i made there, doing things i couldn't have done before, and so many different things.  it was uh-maaaaazing.  and, part of that was eating fruit.  and veggies.  every day, in and out.  and it was delicious ♥
  • being happy - guys, believe it or not, life is beautiful in one way or another.  some days do go pretty bad, but there's still something beautiful in it.  and i know that even i don't always see that silver lining, but there's always something to look forward too.  even the darkest hour is only 60 minutes.  take time to be happy, because otherwise, life is sorta dull.  God is good, no matter what, so why focus on the negative when the positive is right beside you?
+++  *laughs* this post is long enough, though i probably could've kept going on if i wanted to.  i think i'll do another one in the fall maybe...for each season? i don't know...  
 and there's this one quote thingy i found on pinterest that kind of inspired this post. >>>>

okay well, i hope you guys liked this post and i'll see ya next week =)

- autumn 

heyyyyy || lately


hello people of the internet world ^_^

how are you doing?

good.  that's awesome.

SOOOOOO...I have so much I want to write but I have no idea where to start.  Hum.  Well....I guess, I could start off with the obvious.  #1 I haven't posted in almost a month, AND I also got a new design ^_^ Design courtesy of me, of course.  I guess you could say I've been MIA because I was trying to get the design up and going, and ran headlong into maddening issues.  Such as that tricky navigation bar up there.  UGHHHH.  Seriously.  why can't it just be sweet and work for me? yeah well...thankfully there have been so many amazing people who helped me figure out the kinks of my design, and I think one of the main people was Emily, so definitely go over to her blog and check it out.  She's so sweet.  But anyways, what do you think of the new design? Yay or nay? Is it better than the last one? I personally don't even know, I like it, but it's not exactly popping with neon colors and saturation and brightness. It's still not quite done, there's a few things needing to be tweaked yet,but what do you all think of it so far?
honesty's the best policy. PLEASSEEEEEE. ^_^
Actually though, this would've been a good design to put up in March.  All the green going on and whatnot.

So...on other news.  Umm... You know that food blog I was talking about in my last post? Chocolate Covered Katie? Well, I was literally obsessed with her blog (and still am :) and I started baking like crazy, and I've come to really, really love it.  It's like a stress-reliever.  It used to be something, that, yeah, it's great and  whatever, but I usually ended up burning every. single. little. thing. aka. cookie.  So I'm still trying to master that, but I've really come to love it.  And healthy baking is so my thing.  Okay, really, what gets better than Chocolate + Healthy + Yummy? HUH? =) haha, anyways.  that's that.  and I have a ton of photos to show you guys. i've been baking non-stop over the weekends, and yeah, i've burnt my baked oatmeal to a crisp. LITERALLY. but i've also whipped up some pretty (if i can say so) not-so-bad-tasting desserts.  that were relatively healthy too.  hehe, though, i've got this one friend i'm emailing, and she absolutely despises me [in a good way] for trying to eat more healthy.  her motto is that she's okay right now and so - so what? poor girl...XD But I guess I was a pretty tyrant friend when it came to lunches. i'd literally point out every single little thing that was unhealthy in her lunch and give her a lecture on healthy eating.
i guess i kind of get where she's coming from. knowing me...yeah, i do get where she's coming from.
at least she acknowledged that the pictures i sent her were good.  photography comes in handy sometimes.

but seriously. it's not all fun and sweet. (pun not intended) Earlier today I was attempting to make a double layer mint chocolate chip cake. haha. guess how that went? well, it's in the fridge right now, the icing is hardening, but honestly, it was so freaking difficult.  First I baked the two cakes and made the mint frosting for the middle, and then after taking them out I let them cool for like 15 minutes before throwing the frosting in the middle.  A little too late, Autumn realizes that the frosting is mainly composed of butter, and therefore the butter is melting on the still-somewhat-warm cakes.  She hurriedly runs to stick it in the freezer, and then goes on to make a chocolate frosting for the top and rest of the cake.  She feels pretty confident now.  Ten minutes later, she goes to take out the cake from the freezer, and plop! well, there went the whole top of the cake. UGHHHHHHHH THE STRUGGLE IS REAL, PEOPLE.                            

Anyways, so, yeah.  How are you all doing? I can barely believe that summer is basically over.  And I really haven't done anything on my summer bucket list done either.  Yeah well.  Honestly though, in July some of my friends were wearing jackets in the early morning because it was that chilly.  I thought it was summer? I'm just a little annoyed at that, and the fact that school starts in TWO WEEKS for me.  *breaks down* I'm so SO not ready for school.

Last week was so summer-ish.  I literally went swimming like four times, and it felt so good.  Just being with people you can trust, laughing over the silly things, and making good memories.  That was so beautiful.  "We live for moments like this." I was at my friend's place, and some of our other friends were there.  It was just pretty crazy, but all in all, a wonderful, blessed time.

oh wow, i never really realized how much i missed blogging.  like right now, i can just sit down and write.  write to you guys.  and that's so awesome.  we're all friends.  i think my favorite types of posts to write are like these.  just bombing the post with tons of pictures and writing randomly about whatever pops into my head. ^_^

 my breakfast this morning.  five minute chocolate oatmeal, MMM.

okay, so yeah.  this post was probably long enough, but i seriously plan on getting back to blogging more often.  i want to get this design totally finished by the time i get back to school and get a few new posts planned out. so please excuse all the mess you might see on this blog :) do you guys have any ideas for future posts?
thank you so much for reading and you all are the best.  ^_^

- autumn

oh and look! pinterest has some words of inspiration. what a shocker.