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Hope you all had an amazing weekend...Memorial Day Weekend.  Memorial Day signals the start of summer for me, and I'm honestly so happy right now.  It's finally summer.  ♥ I can't wait.

Hope you have a great day/night wherever you are and I'll see you next time :)

- Autumn


From Gettysburg to Hardee's

Hey guys :) I wasn't too sure on what to post today, so I thought I'd share some pictures.  I like to take pictures of basically whatever I'm doing, especially things that are memorable.  Did you see that ice cream cone? I never truly realized how photogenic cute ice cream cones can actually be. ^-^ But really.

So..I don't know.  School lets out this week, which is super, super exciting.  Summer's right around the corner, so I can finally buckle down and start on that bucket list I posted about in March.  It's looking pretty invincible right now, and some of the stuff I'm not sure if I'm really going to be able to do.  Like reading the Bible from cover to cover? Yeah, that'd be really awesome if I could, but usually things get pretty busy in the summer, so I'm going to start with the New Testament, and then if I can,  start with the Old Testament.  Both are great, but I think that the NT will be easier to start off with.  Other things like watching a meteor'm not too sure about that one.  But still, I'm hoping to get the majority finished and hopefully by late August I can post my recap saying I did most of them ^‿^ 

Also recently I've been practicing softball more, since I'm doing it for the last little bit of school.  And boy is it frustrating.  Like really, who ever came up with the idea of hitting a little round object with a piece of metal more similar to a stick and getting points with how many times you hit the ball?  *cough* And losing points when you miss? It's quite possible one of the most annoying games out there.  But then again, it's probably one of the greatest too.  ツ

Oh yeah, and did you notice that picture of the lollipop up there ^^? Well, it's actually one of those lollipops that either taste like bacon, popcorn, or pizza.  And my ever-so-sweet friend kindly volunteered one of her sister's lollipops to me, telling me that it would either taste like bacon, popcorn, or pizza, and that I would probably detest it.  Well, turns out she was right.  they. taste.  absolutely.  horrible. Mine tasted like year-old pizza. 

 GETTYSBURG PICTURES (just some pictures of Gettysburg)

 this was particularly touching. 

 The Dwight Eisenhower house...pretty interesting :) It was kept exactly the same and just maintained since their deaths.  

 These rooms aren't all that bad...  I guess.  Just a little overdone.

 So apparently this was considered like how the modern kitchens were supposed to look like.  Oh extremely modern...It just looks a tad bit bland...

I hope you guys liked this photo-filled post and I'll see you next time!

- Autumn