Getting caught in a mouse trap is NOT fun

10 July 2013

No way.

 I was innocently walking, and all of a sudden I feel a sudden pull at my feet. I glance down in horror, and, my guess was right, a mouse trap. "Help!!!" I yank the trap off and...

Don't worry , it's not the kind where it snaps back at you. It's the sticky kind. It's usually black, and is super-sticky. (For the mice.) So when you get caught in one, it's pretty difficult getting it out.  So I 
yanked it off. The best way to get rid of the stickiness is to apply oil then let it soak for a little then gently wipe the oil off then wash your foot.So that's what I did, and it got most of it off. (Thankfully)
(That picture aggravates me >>>) hahaha
Anyways, do not try to get caught in a mouse trap. It's disgusting. (It's meant for the mice!!! Not you!!!) I mean, seriously, the stickiness gets the dirt stuck to it and you have to brush that off, then apply the oil. Yuck.

Anyways, Ive got to go. FINAL REMINDER: Don't get stuck in a mouse trap!! ;)



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