Perhaps a story????

22 August 2013

Hola!  I know I'm not supposed to post today, but I couldn't resist the urge. *I ♥ blogging moment*

So anyways, today I was at my friend's house and she was busy doing something so I....

Can you guess?

Sat down with pen and paper. Of course. I love to I wrote this little beginning of a story and fell in love with it. Literally.  So I read it to my friend's younger brother. And he's like, "Ohhhh, you should keep on writing it and make a big book about this long." And he stretches his arms as far they can go and I'm like, "No." 

But I'm going to show it to you and you think and tell me if I should keep writing it. (BTW, her younger brother's like I'm not taking his word for it.) lol

OK here goes...(Oh yeah, I was so excited when I wrote this because I've never really written anything like it before. Like magical..maybe?)..

  Marci Greene pedaled down the lane. The big house stood threateningly against the clear blue sky. She grimaced. Was she really doing this? Withdrawing the keys, she fumbled through them till she found the right one. The silver key.

 Sliding the key on the keyhole, she turned the knob. The door creaked open as Marci gave a slight push. As the door opened, Marci gasped in astonishment. Dust had settled everywhere. An ancient chandelier hung from the ceiling. Cobwebs draped the room. Marci could make out that the walls had once been painted a deep mahogany. She looked around the room, then she saw what she was looking for.

 On the table in the center of the room, a ancient lamp hung over the object she had hunted for. The Bible. It wasn't any Bible. It was the heirloom Bible. Passed down the generations in her family. And Marci had finally found what was rightfully hers. 

 Marci paged through the Bible carefully. The story behind finding the Bible was a long sad story....

 So what did you think? Is it good enough to continue? Tell me....

But still, I might not even write it. I have like 10 books on hold, and the one I'm working at like a maniac because I want to get it published...(oh great! all the bother...)  But yeahhhhhhh

talk to you all later....




  1. Oooohhh, it sounds good:) Is City Girl a novel? What are the others called? Which one are you getting published??

    1. Thanks!

      I suppose it is!

      Uh...I did posts on and here and here!

      I'll explain in a post...

      Hope that helped! ♥ Autumn

  2. :)


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