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07 November 2016

heyyy guys.  it is i. today i thought that i'd just write down some stuff that i've been doing lately, because i need to write a post AND BLOGGER'S BLOCK IS LIVE AND UP RIGHT NOW.  so, yeah. when all else fails, talk about life!

er...something like that.

but i'm going to try to keep this post short and to the point, because GAHHH i feel like i have a million things to do right now.  AND THEY ALL NEED DONE.  like oh wait i should go work on that mt. everest of homework.  but no i need to do nano because i'm falling behind.  HEY I ALSO LIKE NEED TO EAT.
so, obviously, i've been a bit busy but here goes nothing.

feeling: a lot of things.  1) HOW in the world is the election tomorrow? like excuse me i think i'm going to go cry or something.  I just cannot believe that the election is tomorrow and like we're going to have a new president and wwwwooah how much this country needs the help of God like oh.  my.  goodness.  i just can't even wow like help adfjkjfdkljfdsklfjakfd WUT IS HAPPENING.

 2) it's fall.  IT'S FALL. actually, wait, let me go correct myself.  Thanksgiving (yeah...that lovely holiday that's wayyyy off in the distance like it's totally not even going to be here for so long yet hahahahaha) IS IN 2 WEEKS.  aha.  ha.  ha.   can someone please, please explain to me how on earth the holiday season is coming up so soon, and while you're at it WHY IS IT NOVEMBER ALREADY.  where did the time go????

3) bored. lolol okay so i had started writing a life update post a few weeks ago, but i never felt like finishing it (until today!!), and back then i had written that i was bored because apparently i did not realize all the work that november would bring.  lol.  oh, autumn. 

4) stressed/busy/what on earth/GOD HELP ME. basically, y'all, my family is moving.  not super far or anything, but we're moving.  and if you've read my blog for the past few months, you'd know that i had written about this wayyy back in the summer.  i was all like "yayy we're moving super exciting can't wait bla bla bla" hahahahahahaha. 

basically, it didn't happen.

there were so, so many delays, difficulties, and just things that were not working out at all.  so we didn't.  and even though every single day i prayed about, in a sense it was pushed to the back burner in August and September.  well, it's happening now.  and i'm not like just saying that because it's legit happening within the next few weeks. and wow.  stress.

there is so much that needs to be done with the new place.  literally fixing so much up in it. and we go there a lot, obviously, because um, we kinda need to be there! so we've been doing so much driving and stuff.  and yeah -- basically all that goes along with that.  and add to that the fact that I'm doing nano (i just think it's weird because every other november when i thought i should do it i didn't because NO i'm just so busy!! sorry not this time.  but HAHA this year i'm literally BUSY and i decided to do it.  go me.) but really though, it's not too bad i guess.  (what am i saying)  i'm not putting all my energy into nano right now, because i know that life things are more important right now, but i'm trying to just get words out in the mornings or whenever i have time.

add to that that i have a violin concert coming up in two weeks.  my teacher gave me like double the amount of songs i usually play, so hello i should be practicing.  do i have time? dude no. i'm part of a writer's critique group that i need to get a story written for? did i write it yet? lol no. i have so much blog work and internet stuff that needs done.  i don't have it done yet.  

oh and we must not forget about school.  ha. ha. ah.  i'm supposed to be writing an essay about chocolate. even that's not giving me an incentive.  ADKFJS:LFK

reading: haven't read any books recently, just because i don't want anything to influence me too much during nano, but the last book i read a few months ago was The Rivers of Judah by Catherine Farnes for like, the third time? It's amazing.

baking:  I HAD TO PUT THIS IN HERE. haha.  if you've been reading my blog for a while, you might know about my slight baking obsession.  obviously i haven't had the time to do a lot of baking, (speaking of which i should probably pack the baking stuff. HM.), but a few days ago my mom decided to make a cake.  i was just like "okayyy we're moving so i don't think we should bake cakes but i'm definitely not going to argue" so she made a cake.  AND I AM NOT KIDDING YOU IT IS THE BEST THING EVER.  like oh.  my.  goodness.  I am so trying that recipe again once we move.  it was so, so good.  perfect.  like maybe in the future i'll even post it on here because that cake was the bomb.

wishing: to be closer to God.  like, i just want to keep having that steady relationship with Him even in busy times.  i've been learning and trying to only fear God and not looking to the left and right.  i need Him.  a lot.

writing: well, this is going to be ground breaking, but NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

not even kidding, man.

trusting: God for this journey called life? yeah.

enjoying:  mmm.  good question.  i don't really know, to be honest.  i guess i just need to enjoy the small moments with Jesus more.  

realizing:  that although i wished some things in my life were different, God is still good.  it's hard sometimes.  yeah, it's really hard.  sometimes tears come.  by the bucket loads.  but God is still there.  He's blessing me right now in this way that I can't see, and in the meantime He's giving me other things to keep my focused on.  that old hymn called "trust and obey" pretty much nailed it.  There's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey. GOD ♥


Well, that's a wrap for now, folks! I hope you liked this post and thanks for reading.  It was a little disorientated and all i know, but i literally just sat down at my laptop and wrote it.  i just needed to get everything that's been happening lately.  it's crazy, but i'm thankful that God is still God.

so.  voilà

tell me what's been happening in your life! how has life been going? anything exciting? are you doing nano? HOW'S THAT GOING FOR YA. (*cough* some people write 11k in one day and all that good stuff.  how in the actual world do they do that even i'd like to know. xD) How's school been going?

have a great day/evening and i'll talk to y'all next time!


  1. Okay... this is probably my favorite life updates post ever!! It's also interesting, since I can relate to almost all of these, since they're basically my life right now as well.
    Keep up the good work, and we'll remember together that God is God- always- since I needed that reminder today too. <33

    1. aaah i'm so glad, emily! OH REALLY??? That's so cool. What have you been up to lately?
      oh, yes. That is so true. God is God and I think that I need to acknowledge that fact more in my life. We moved yesterday, so it's been going pretty good!


    you can do it

    (btw I know I'm insane I don't know how I wrote that hahaha)


      haha yeah you are idk how you did that. (jk)

  3. Oh my gosh, this is the funniest thing ever. :') BLOGGER's BLOCK IS ME. Not that the pile of assessments helps. :( Will you pull a Jo and skip Blogger for a few days? I had to for exams, it was so sad.

    I wish I had your baking skills. The only dessert I can make successfully is panna cotta, which is totally random. Gelatin is fun to work with. ;)

    1. ahaha, i'm so glad it made you laugh, jo ;) OH DUDE. Muahahaha, I just might have to at this rate. LYFEEEE. I hope exams went well for ya!

      lol my baking skills? i'd beg to differ :) i love baking, but that doesn't mean it always turns out right :) GELATIN IS THE BOMB.

  4. I loved this post, and just how open you are about what God is teaching, and what you want to be learning from Him. <3 So so good! I can't wait to see a post on that cake, btw!!! Also post move pictures of the new house?! :D

    1. AAW Hannah you are so sweet and you made my day <3
      haha, okay! i need to do that sometime. IT WAS SO GOOD. Oooh, thanks for the idea!! I'm thinking about doing a room makeover/tour?!?

  5. I understand the blogger's block :0
    Great life update, very fun to read! It seems like you're really busy..
    Awesome post!

    1. Haha, glad you can relate, Jollygirl! I've got a post coming up this week though :)
      Yes, we were and still are pretty busy, but hey. It's a good life with God.


  6. It's nice to hear what's going on for you right now. :) I relate to the crazy busyness and having so much on at once.. I hope it all goes well for you with the move and everything. Good on you for doing NaNo despite everything! I'm not sure I knew you played violin before, but anyway now I do, and I totally get what you mean there as well, because I have to play (violin and piano) in a concert this weekend, and I'm not the slightest bit ready. Anyway, I hope your concert goes well too! :)

    I haven't heard of that book you mentioned, but I'll check it out, because it sounds good! And yes to baking! I'll be looking forward to that recipe if you post it on here sometime.

    I also really appreciated your thoughts about getting closer to God during the busy times, and remembering that He's still God and He's still good. I need to be so much closer to Him too.. Thanks for the reminder. xx

    1. HEY JESSICA How are you doing? I always love your comments. Thank you so much!! We moved last week, and it's going pretty well so far. I wouldn't say settled, but it'll get there eventually. xD Yes i do!! I've been playing for a while now, and I haven't always enjoyed it, but I'm learning to. AAH my concert was this past weekend, and it went well. I didn't mess up thankfully! YOU ARE GOING TO DO SO GOOD I KNOW IT. And you play violin too?? So awesome!

      Yeah, I like all of Farnes books, but I haven't been able to read a lot of them. *sniff*
      God is still good through it all, amen. I just want to keep Him my #1 priority. xx

  7. "feeling: a lot of things." ⬅️ Honestly same. This post was so funny!!

    1. Haha, I'm so glad you relate! Thank you for reading :)

  8. BAKING. I would honestly burn water given half the chance - a blind monkey makes better food than I do.

    PS - Just thought I'd let you know, I've created a NEW tag on my blog and tagged you for it, if you want to have a peek at that?

      I have faith in you :)

      I'd love to check it out! Thanks for tagging me :)

  9. An essay about chocolate? Sound amazing! Why isn't my school that fun? XD


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