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10 October 2017

It's October.  And yes, it's currently 81°F outside.  Yesterday in P.E. I was melting from the heat.  (And no lie, the gym floor was so WET from all the humidity that kids were falling all over the place and one guy split his chin open.  okay.  'nuff horrible news)

But despite the fact that so far this fall it's seemed more like summer than fall, this time of the year is one of the prettiest and aesthetic times of the year, and I thought I'd write a post about all the little things I love about....wait for it....autumn.  That's right. 

+ style ok I'm not sure what better way to explain this than to grab some pictures of what I mean I JUST LOVE AUTUMN AND ALL THE CUTE CLOTHES flannels jeans flannels jeans flannels jeans flannels jeans flannels jeans

Image result for fall style



Image result for fall style


+ colored leaves My history teacher (who's from Vermont) was telling us the other day, "People come from all over to the New England area in the fall...why? To see....leaves...?" 


+ warm drinks 
+ crisp morning air

+ the one time in the year i go to Starbucks Because Starbucks is very far away from me & so I can't drive over there on my daily morning run to grab a pumpkin spice latte (not that I drive, in that case, but, um....) SO I like to go to Starbucks in the fall usually and sit in the Barnes & Nobles bookstore.  It's like a mini paradise. 

+ pumpkins
+ tall boots

+ hayrides I'm planning one with some of my friends & SO EXCITING,Y'ALL.  Would recommend it highly if you get the chance. 

+ fuzzy socks
+ wood stoves + crackling fires I'm literally so pumped to start the wood stove again YAY
+ rainy days 

+ NaNoWriMo  or even if you don't do NaNo, it's probably the easiest season to get inspired to write in.  *all the heart eyes*

+ pumpkin & pecan pies, apples, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, squash....all the food.  Because, let's face it, fall = harvest season = abundant food.  THANK YOU JESUS.

+ fall festivals 

SO what about you? What are some things you love about fall *cough* or AUTUMN?!?!?! When I picked Autumn for my online name, I never thought about what it meant, really.  And then as time went on I'm like, "HEY! That's cool! But why didn't I choose summer tbh" xD 

Does it feel like fall where you are? (Definitely not here :P) How's life, y'all? Shoot me a comment and we'll chat! 



    1. it literally snowed yesterday in colorado what are you talking about it totally feels like fall. 2. i wear jeans and flannels all year u feel *dies laughing* 3. your history teacher oh my goodness. so true. 4. yes to everything 5. STARBUCKS IS TOTALLY LIKE A ONCE A YEAR THING FOR ME TOO THOUGH it's more like why spend so much money on all that rather than distance oops 6. AND YES TO THE REST OF THE THINGS. 7. also i love nano but i forgot all about it until like a week ago when jordy messaged me on instagram and was like HEY ARE YOU DOING NANO and i was like welp, i guess not because it slipped my mind. i'm a smol busy baby.

    ANYWAY. I MISSED YOU. I LOVE YOU. I'M SORT OF BACK. LAUGHIES. x love your posts always.

      1) WHAT no way. See, this is why Colorado is one of the most beautiful states. like, snow in fall? I'M SURE IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL 2)hhaaaaaaahhhha sameeeee though. well, except in summer because then it's usually too hot but yeah 3) LOL YES SO TRUE Starbucks can be kind of overrated? Maybe? I don't know xD But you're right it's way too expensive anyway

      HAHA life is insane xD But I bet that if you ever did NaNo it would be amazing because your words in general are straight fire soo.....

  2. this post really got me in the mood for autumn!

  3. OH it totally doesn’t feel like autumn down here in the South.Everyone is still wearing t shirts and shorts, and flip flops. Those that try to wear beanies and scarves and boots always regret it, it’s still so warm.

    I LOVE the colors, but that’s an obvious one. And the feels in the air (when it does get chilly). I love being on the farm, just walking around in the fresh air, the leaves crunching underfoot, just.... everything about the vibes of autumn is LOVELY. I just LOVE October.

    *happy sigh*

    Jazzy ~

    1. Oh wow that's literally how it was here a few weeks back! It was SO WARM. Thankfully it's cooled down, so it feels a lot more like fall now.

      ahhh yes all the autumn vibes <3 BEING ON THE FARM HOLLA that's the best 10/10. October is a lovely month yes :))

      *sighs in delight*

  4. I LOVE ALL THESE THINGS ABOUT FALL TOOOOO <333 I hope you get some more of that crisp morning air in your neck of the woods! :) We're finally getting some chilly weather here and it's awesome.

    rock on,

    1. Haha, thanks :) It's been cooling down a lot though, so YAY FALL HERE WE COME.

  5. This post got me into the fall mood so much! I love fall so much!

  6. This is such a lovely aesthetic <3

  7. This whole post makes me love autumn even more!

    ...buuut we don't have the whole "autumn leaves" aesthetic here in Australia (not where I am, anyway - some other bits do). ;( And it definitely doesn't feel like autumn here because we're heading for summer.

    *Googles what 81F is in Celsius* WHAT.
    summers here regularly reach... *awkward maths* *gives up and turns to Google* ... 100F. *dies*

    I'll have to visit America one autumn!! ;D
    Jem Jones

    1. Haha, I'm so glad!

      Ohhh I see. Hey, at least with the internet you know what it's like :)) (the power of the 21st century lol) Summer is hands down my favorite season though SO YAY FOR YOU :D

      Yeahhhh......OMG. That's...quite warm xD MAN. How do y'all survive? Haha, just kidding. Sometimes it reaches 100 here in the peak of summer, so I know you feel. But I'd still prefer the warm over the cold lol

      YES YOU HAVE TO. Especially the New England area :))

  8. Fall is just such a lovely time. Everything about it seems right. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the season. And yes to fuzzy socks and pies.

    1. You too, V! Enjoy your fall, my friend :)

  9. Flannels, yes! And clothing in general. I'm jealous of your woodstove. We've never had a live fire in ours since I can remember. I'll go on walks in the crisp air and pause wherever a neighbor's woodsmoke drifts down. Do you think it'd be weird to ask if I could come in and just sit by their fire? I wish I could.

    1. My friends were the ones who had a woodstove for a long, long time, and I spent as much time at their place as I could. But we moved last year, and our new house has a woodstove, which I am very grateful for xD I'm all for using it, but my parents are still a little apprehensive of it, so I know how you feel :))

      YOU SHOULD!! Make some new friends while you're at it too xD

  10. Fall is literally the season of my soul. <3 Sitting in a Barnes and Noble with a latte or a tea sounds like just about the best thing ever. I seriously could snuggle up in a cafe for hours on end, it's so inspiring and very Fall! I would love to go to the New England area some day; here in FL we don't really get seasons like other parts of the U.S. so it's a bummer sometimes. I'd love to see the leaves change on the trees. :D Happy Fall!

    1. I can totally see that in you, Erin :) IT IS OMG THE AESTHETIC THOUGH. Everything about coffee and cafes totally remind me of autumn. Aw, that is a bummer! You should totally come up and visit sometime. The leaves are INCREDIBLE. Have a great autumn, Erin <3

  11. AHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Autumn is my favorite season. I just love all the colors and the sweaters and basically all the reasons you just listed, haha. The only thing I don't like about autumn is that I have to spend several hours raking all of the leaves off our ground and the fact that winter is coming. Ew. -.-

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

  12. Everything about this post makes me feel happy, I fortunately live in London, so there are literally Starbucks branches everywhere. I love Fall!

    - Edie
    Edie writes things


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